Designing The Perfect Kitchen For Heston

Home-Based-Business Renowned the world over for his weird and wonderful concoctions, unusual approach to cooking and theatrical presentation, Heston Blumenthal is a charismatic culinary genius. So, designing the perfect Kitchens UK kitchen for this maverick chef would require a .pletely different kind of approach and planning. Aside from being one of the UKs most highly regarded chefs, Heston is a well-known TV celebrity, thanks to his series Hestons Feasts, during which he dazzled his audience with such wonders as four and twenty blackbirds flying out of a pie and fruit made of meat. Heston truly does enjoy making food into an art form and must spend countless hours reading old recipe book rediscovering eccentric ways to prepare and present food that have been lost in the mists of time. The first and most obvious thing needed in Hestons kitchen would be book storage. His kitchen installation would need a big cookery book shelf to make his no doubt vast collection accessible, so at the drop of a hat he could think what was that recipe for mock turtle soup again? and be able to find it with ease. Hes also well known for his scientific approach to food preparation and uses liquid nitrogen to make his now famous bacon flavoured ice cream, so hed need some kind of hi-tech storage solution for this. Such a thing probably hasnt been installed for anyone else, but Heston would need a bespoke kitchen anyway. Perhaps somewhere close to the fridge freezer would be most suitable but its probably best left to the kitchen specialist to decide. Another thing hes renowned for is his snail porridge. Sounds rather peculiar but if Heston makes it, it must be good, so for making all of that porridge and ensuring it stays lump-free and creamy he probably uses an old fashioned porridge spurtle, in which case he would need ample utensil storage, perhaps in a lovely wide soft-close drawer pack. For such beautiful carved and hand crafted utensils hed need a safe storage option. Hestons restaurant, The Fat Duck based in Berkshire is a multi-award winning restaurant and one of only four in the UK and Ireland to hold a three-star Michelin Guide rating, so for all of those accolades and awards our chef would need some stunning glass-fronted cupboards to display his honours. But to keep him grounded and to remind him of his humble little restaurants beginnings how about some retro wall art, in the form of the three flying fat ducks synonymous of Hilda Ogden on Coronation Street tremendously kitsch but somehow appropriate for such an eclectic showman. Hestons perfect kitchen would be functional, a blend of hefty appliances, acres of workspace and lots of storage for his plethora of presentation aids. There would be no room for frivolity in terms of decoration or fancy accessories because for Heston, thats what the food is for. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: