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UnCategorized Habits you use in network marketing can be a killer. We must be aware of exactly what we are doing that causes us not to find the victory that we so strongly desire. But before we can "fly right and to run great" it might help to examine our lives. My cause is preceded by a strong vision. This vision is to be.e .pletely and totally responsible to earn a substantial weekly in.e for my family, my church and for generations to .e. It is to turn my mission into a ministry as soon as possible, and to do it with the most wholesome of causes: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you". If this number one rule is not how you currently feel about your network marketing business, than get out now and read no more, please. You see statistics show, that before the end of the first year 97% of all network marketing people quit. They quit because they were losing money which might make sense to most, but I disagree. For some, like me, still manage to stay plugged-in and unhappily continue to lose money. You see, I live on SS and spend twice what SS pays me. My hope is in my cause and the vision is so strong I can taste it. I’m a network marketing junky: addicted! You qualify as a network marketing junky when you have financial hemorrhaging to support your habit. My habit continues to this very day to the tune of at least $20,000 over the last 3 years. This is ridiculous, but the nay-sayers are flat out wrong…This junky will make it, I will see my dream fulfilled, I will know change, and things will change around me. Over these last 4 years, because of my network marketing pressures I’ve gone back to church, I have been tithing, and I read the Bible and pray each and every day. I have been a born-again-spirit-filled believer for 32 years, but yet no financial independence, not yet anyway. This results in my willingness to change! I invite you to ponder your life and see what could have possibly caused you to succumb to discouragement and disappointment as many sometimes do. Today you may find that your habits in network marketing are like a butterfly going from flower to flower, promise to promise, opportunity to opportunity. I had 6 opportunities in the last 3 years, but I’m still at it. For example, when I was 10 years old, Dad bought me an inexpensive model airplane motor along with a huge free flight model. We went back to the hobby shop for help with the motor…It wouldn’t start. My father invented a "U" shaped attachment for our press drill that fit around the prop and we spent hours cranking away all to no avail. Mom used to hound me to get that plane finished. I just couldn’t finish it. The motor never, never started, so we gave up. The model remained unfinished and in plain view for years to remind me, as Mom did, of my failure. I was to discouraged and too broke to finish it. I think the next venture was raising tropical fish. I had 4 fish tanks and once I had hatched 500 kissing grammies at one point. I think 2 or 3 lived to grow up. How discouraging was that? Then it was parakeets with a large outside aviary that I built, because I wanted to breed and sell them. That lasted about a year and I was soon discouraged and profitless. Before my first car, it was HO model railroading with an unfinished layout. Next it was automobiles and today I’m still "car crazy". I had such great plans for a 1934 flamingo pink, 5 window Ford coupe, chopped and channeled, with a V8 engine. I rebuilt the engine on my back porch and could proudly proclaim to be the owner of one of the few hot rods in New Jersey in 1952. I was a junior in high school. I never really finished that hot rod because it needed chrome and interior work and I just couldn’t earn enough to ac.plish. Now as I look back it’s sad to see all these unfinished and unrealized dreams in my life, and I must ask what affect such a pass has in my life today. Are these really negative memories? In truth they are, because .pletion was never realized. I need the victory over negatives today. Do you as well? Enough, so lets get over such matters together using this wonderful vehicle of network marketing. Network marketing helps make new people. It is your blessing and sometimes in disguise. If you are loosing money then know that you are simply investing in yourself. You are learning how to better relate to others. The money you are loosing is just paying for your education. Know this and you will find your victory. Don’t give up like I used to. For you see these matters are why today I have been bouncing from one "opportunity" to another like that butterfly. Never seeing things through to .pletion, without discipline, flighty, easily discouraged and impatient. Here’s another example and my final point. Mom was in the habit of protecting me. There were lots of things that I had to "be careful" with: Climbing trees, running, swimming, etc, were all things to be feared. she worried a lot. I’ll never one of my first memories. I was told to "be careful" crossing the street and to be sure to look up and down for cars. So there I was standing on the curb and turning to look at my worrisome Mom standing in the window watching over me while I was looking up and down wondering why I was doing such a strange thing,looking up and down. Even at 4 years old I knew cars were not up in the air. Maybe I just didn’t listen. Today it’s laughable, but it was about being careful due to the application of fear. I really grew up learning more fears than I needed to learn. Fears coupled with all those negatives do not add up to a conducive character for finding my dream today. Fear, uncertainty and doubt have ruled my life. If you have suffered from much the same patterns in your life than now is the time to kill such characteristics. A new book is out that will help you understand the "Law of Attraction". Today fears will flee in love and negatives are just ways to know the positives in life. The Secret will help you fight the negatives. What ever you do you must stay with your quest through to victory, to realize all your dreams and satisfy your cause. Get over yourself, let God, and let your sponsors help you. Be obedient, practice constantly with love, with certainty and with conviction. Find one "opportunity", stick with it until it flies, runs, looks great, and then polish it into your dream of financial independence. Be certain to hook a cause to your dream and you will succeed. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: