Chongqing rail transit line nine will start the construction of the track yesterday

Chongqing metro line nine started yesterday will reproduce track No. 9 Xian Jiahua in the Jialing River bridge rail line 9 station hall renderings renderings of the newspaper news (reporter Paul Liu Intern Hou Jialin) yesterday morning, the Chongqing metro line nine project in line No. nine Kai Lan Xi station construction site officially opened. Metro line nine is approved by the State Council of the city urban rail transit construction project is the second round of planning, the city’s first rail lines by PPP investment and financing mode construction. A project from gaotanyan District of Shapingba, Yubei District is the end point back Hing, a southwest to northeast direction, a total length of 32.3 km, a total investment of 21 billion 100 million yuan, the construction period is 4 years, is expected to be commissioned in 2020. It is understood that the first phase of rail transit line nine will be with line 1, line 3, line 4, line 5, line 5 line, line 6, line and loop transfer. Bus station planning along the bus station, parking lot and other transportation facilities, after the completion of the convenience of convergence with other modes of transport. As the city’s southwest to northeast direction along the rail line, line nine, a project through the Southwest Hospital, Shapingba District, Chongqing Plaza, Guanyin Bridge business district, Jiangbei town CBD, Cuntan bonded port and Airport Industrial Park (area B), passenger flow distribution and development of key areas, is one of the backbone of the city’s rail transit line in the network, connecting the Shapingba District, Yuzhong District, Jiangbei District, Yubei District and the two rivers area. It is worth mentioning that the first phase of the nine line in the village station will reproduce the track through the floor. It is understood that the nine line will be elevated in Chongqing Jialing sails project world commercial podium inside China Village station. Such a design will reproduce the rail transit line 2 plum plum dam station through the shocking scene. At the same time, this is also the first domestic, will become the first floor in the building and wear station of Metro line. And the Jialing River Bridge renderings – related news 4 track lines will open next year operating segment Washington (reporter Paul Liu Intern Hou Jialin) yesterday, the Chongqing morning news reporter learned from the city and Rural Construction Committee, rail link, line 4 phase (CAS Avenue Tang Jiatuo), line 5 phase (Garden Expo – Tiaodeng), line 10 phase (carp pond – Wangjiazhuang) 4 rail lines will continue according to the situation of the building, with the traffic conditions in the next year after being opened, operating segment. At present, the city is promoting rail link, line 4, line 5 phase construction, line 10 phase 4 line construction, the main station interval. At the same time, this year the city will also start line 6 line of the second phase (Yue – Shahe dam), line two, phase ten (carp pool – Orchid Road) and other lines. Up to now, the city has built 1, 2, 3, line 6, a total of 202 km rail lines, the highest daily passenger volume of up to 2 million 410 thousand times, the average daily passenger volume of more than 2 million times. By 2020, the city will form a eight line and a ring of rail transportation, a total of about 415 km. Soil and water Jialing River Bridge started this newspaper (reporter Chen Xiang) yesterday morning, Chongqing soil.相关的主题文章: