China coach selection procedures start will be announced on the 20 or so — Sichuan channel – sweets parade

China coach selection procedures start   the results will be published on Sichuan Channel – original title in 20: national football coach to start the selection procedure will be announced in about 20, the October 13 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Chen Chenxi) Chinese full-time Football Association executive committee, national football team leader Yu Hongchen said on the 13 in the FA China ventilation the meeting, China football Xuanshuai program has been launched, and will accelerate the relevant procedures. Coach candidates will be expected to around October 20th, coach period will aim at the 12 round of the first. Gao Hongbo’s resignation request has been approved by the Chinese football association. Zhang Jian, vice chairman of the Chinese Football Association, said that the United States with the national team scored 12 goals in the tournament, said the high degree of recognition, and the responsibility and play to give praise to the of Gao Hongbo. For the national football coach candidates, Zhang Jian said: "the job will learn from the experience and lessons of the past, will be looking for in the range of outstanding coaches, familiar with China Asian Football in the Chinese coach or foreign coach is not the key, only good coach, has become the new coach of may." He said: "the specific standard and Xuanshuai mechanism in the past, the technical committee as Xuanshuai framework for the team, the new coach of professional choice as far as possible." In the briefing, the media throws Manzano, Lippi and many other candidates to the Chinese Football Association, the person in charge, but failed to get a positive response. A month after the Chinese team will be in Kunming against Qatar team, the team will leave in November 1st China football Xuanshuai build-up, time is very tight, but there is no doubt that the football association has roughly Chinese candidates, only after the program is started formally approached. (commissioning editor Li Qiangqiang and Gao Hongxia)相关的主题文章: