Children’s dream for the round to pay 2980 yuan a year after the shooting has not yet been carried o-demonophobia

Round star dream children pay 2980 yuan after 1 years of filming yet to Beijing – Washington "× × parents Hello, your child has talent, very talented, want to let the children become the movie star? We can provide you with such a platform shooting "the South China Sea Girl"……" In August last year, Ms. Qi Qi, Haikou received a strange phone, claiming to be the other side of the micro film, the South China Sea Girl selected excellent actor. On the other side of the lobby, Ms. Qi heart, with a daughter in the test and retest, pass after Tang Haikou film culture media Co. Ltd signed the contract, to pay 2980 yuan fee "packaging model". Pay one year after the shooting, did not carry out. In the meantime, Ms. Qi repeatedly call the person in charge of the company’s telephone inquiries, did not get a positive reply. The day before, Ms. Qi went to the daughter of the place of the interview, found that the company had deserted. Currently, the Haikou Municipal Industry and Commerce Bureau has been involved in the investigation. Industrial and commercial staff said it had received a number of complaints from parents, the company has been included in the list of operating anomalies. Yesterday, Ms. Qi also reported the matter to the district police station. Reporter Shen Lihuan Wen figure A excited stranger calls invite children to shoot micro film star yesterday when the people of Haikou, Ms. Qi said to reporters reflect, in August 8th last year, she received a call from a stranger’s phone, the other claiming to be a TV crew, "a television channel and a media company produced the" South China Sea the little girl "to recruit actors, we understand that your daughter is versatile, we can give children a talent training platform, round the child’s dream of a star." The other side of the phone to invite Ms. Qi’s daughter Kobayashi (a pseudonym) to participate in the micro film "South China Sea Girl" shooting. Their children’s ability to be seen, Ms. Qi excited, she asked each other how to know their phone number and other information. The other said, educational institutions to give them a list of outstanding children. Ms. Qi’s daughter (half believe and half doubt that this year the fourth grade) often perform, they know my daughter’s information is not surprising, then took her to the sign up. "Know your daughter was chosen as an actor after very happy, have passed the test." Ms. Qi said, later, the staff send SMS notification to bring her daughter to a nearby Haikou Pearl Plaza building 20 floor the retest, "I ask, why not the same place first and second place, he said, because in many activities, the venue is occupied, can only change the location." After re signed the contract and pay 2980 yuan of "packing" in September 2nd last year, Ms. Qi’s daughter passed the examination, and signed a contract with the company to pay the cost of 2980 yuan, "they said, the money is used for packing children ‘model card" fee, also promised to ensure the children. One shot." The reporter saw in the contract, signed a contract with Ms. Qi Haikou Tang film culture media Co. Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Tang Ying"), indicating the contract, Party A shall provide entertainment platform for Party B, Party B shall provide personal image data.相关的主题文章: