Changes In The Mobile Application Development

.puters-and-Technology The past few decades have witnessed tremendous growth and expansion in the field of mobile application development. Organizations and its employees is more and more dependent on their mobile devices to save time as well as multitask. With mobility penetrating in all departments of an enterprise, application development for business is going to grow further in 2012. A wise selection of the platform and specific business application is going to generate the growth of application developers. Recently, two kinds of mobile applications have gained prominence. They are:- Mobile Payment Apps Today consumer payment choices are shifting from paying online to mobile payments. Whether it is paying electric bills or online shopping, customers prefer to settle bills using their cell phones. The present trends suggest that mobile wallet services are likely to replace the credit/debit cards and other net banking services. Location Based Apps Today the propensity to develop location based mobile application is on the rise with all the mobile devices that support GPRS. This application is particularly advantageous for mobile marketers, mobile advertisers to provide targeted, location based content for their consumers. The Present Day Mobile Market The mobile market has expanded exponentially over the past few years owing to the demand for next-generation technology. Tech savvy users need mobile application development with greater processing power, greater ease, flexibility, power, security, consistency with other application. Keeping these aspects in mind, eminent product R&D services .panies have .e up with innovative tools, processes and the required expertise to help the ISVs to set up mobile applications cost-efficiently and quickly. Some of the focus areas are:- Location-Based Services (LBS) Mobile Media Streaming Presence and Social Networking Messaging and Syncing Mobile Advertisement and Ad Engines Mobile VoIP Gaming The mobile application is an expanding one and is giving rise to new trends and strategies every passing day. Recent mobile application trends suggest that Mobile web is going to be the dominant architecture in the days. Though native mobile applications might appear attractive, but their expense and lack of assistance for various devices make them less appropriate for enterprises. According to Gartner, by 2014 less than 15 percent of organizations will successfully develop B2E native applications. Thus these trends suggest that our mobile phones will be the center of all personal and official .puting caters to our requirements and choice. Furthermore, it also provides scope for numerous solution providers to enhance their product portfolio and leverage benefits. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: