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On the eve of the Spring Festival, the new policy returns home for the new year, mother of the centr 酥胸斜抱天边月

On the eve of the Spring Festival, the new policy to return home for the new year, "central mother" called you to buy a house (Photos) – Sohu finance rapid "shipment" is still the important task of housing prices in 2016. Because of this, although the Spring Festival is not the property market sales season, but in Guangzhou, the Spring Festival there are still many projects adhere to the "closing", and a variety of preferential policies and activities to attract people to the scene. It is understood that the monkey spring period, related stock movements Guangzhou property market a lot of things, there are many new order goods, such as the new garden of Nansha No. 1, Huarun, Gezhouba Dam City, Longhu Tianhe poly first teamson original etc.?. During the Lunar New Year and the main product are mostly just two rooms, three rooms, the main apartment layout in 80~110 square metres interval, in Southern China plate, more projects were launched 56~77 square metres and three room apartment layout, to fill the gaps in the current market on the compact large-sized apartment. In addition, a number of projects are held in rich spring activities at the scene, but is sent to each child, and reward peach, view of ice, hit the golden egg, do special purchases for the Spring Festival…… Eat, drink, play, enjoy everything, as well as the rich spring festival gift delivery. Reporter Wang Lijue Guangzhou house to the surrounding city? Guangzhou daily news (reporter Chen Baifan, Wang Lijue) in the "51", "eleven" the purchase of gold before the big move node "central mom, this actually catch a big move in before the Spring Festival holiday, no wonder people reverse thinking:" the three or four line of the city’s inventory in the end is how much ah, mom central " " to hurry home to buy a house called everyone during the spring festival." In February 2nd, the people’s Bank, Chinese Chinese Banking Regulatory Commission issued a notice, not clear in the implementation of the restriction measures in the city, residents families for the purchase of ordinary housing commercial housing loans to individuals, in principle, the minimum down payment ratio of 25%, the country to minus 5 percentage points. To have 1 sets of housing and housing loans outstanding to households, the purchase of ordinary housing to improve the living conditions of re apply for commercial housing loans to individuals, to adjust the minimum down payment ratio is not less than 30%. The notice clearly, for the implementation of the "restriction" measures in the city, the individual housing loan policy implemented according to the original provisions. Drop down a policy, many people first reaction is for the majority of migrant workers returning home tailor-made, to save money for a year back home, just enough money to estimate 20% Shoufu, during the Spring Festival holiday to help digest the three or four line of the city’s massive stock market. But it is worth noting that Shoufu less loan for the month is actually equal to the greater the pressure, in the current economic environment is not ideal, if not sure whether their wage income is stable, up to 20 years of mortgage can afford to bear, worth twice. Not limited to buy the city down Shoufu new deal for the current implementation of the "restriction" of the Guangzhou property market, is undoubtedly unable to enjoy this treatment. At present, Guangzhou first suite down payment minimum 30%, two suites down payment minimum 70%. In contrast, around the Guangzhou city is not limited to purchase, such as Foshan, Qingyuan, Zhongshan and other places, you can enjoy the first suite down payment of the lowest 20% discount. Does Guangzhou house will "belong" around the city? Recently, the Guangzhou real estate sector has issued a number of people".

春节前夕出新政 返乡过年 “央妈”喊你去买房(组图)-搜狐财经  快速“出货”依然是2016年房企的重任。正因为此,尽管春节并不是楼市的销售旺季,但在广州,这个春节依然有不少楼盘坚持“不打烊”,且有多种优惠和活动吸引市民到场。据了解,猴年新春期间, 相关公司股票走势 广州楼市看点颇多,不乏众多新盘新货,如全新盘碧桂园南沙1号、华润天合、葛洲坝保利曼城、龙湖首开?天宸原著等。新春期间主推的产品大多以“刚需”两房、三房为主,主力户型在80~110平方米区间,在华南板块,更有楼盘推出了56~77平方米的两房和三房户型,填补了目前市场上紧凑小户型的空白。此外,多个楼盘都在现场举办丰富的迎新春活动,派利是、送福袋、赏桃花、观冰雕、砸金蛋、办年货……吃、喝、玩、乐样样全,还有丰厚的新春礼包大派送。记者王荔珏  广州购房客情归周边城市?  广州日报讯  (记者陈白帆、王荔珏)一般在“五一”、“十一”购房黄金节点前才出大招的“央妈”,这次居然赶在春节长假之前出大招,难怪有人逆向思考:“三、四线城市的库存到底是有多大啊,"央妈"才要急着喊大家趁春节回家买房。”  2月2日,中国人民银行、中国银行业监督管理委员会发布通知,明确在不实施“限购”措施的城市,居民家庭首次购买普通住房的商业性个人住房贷款,原则上最低首付款比例为25%,各地可向下浮动5个百分点。对拥有1套住房且相应购房贷款未结清的居民家庭,为改善居住条件再次申请商业性个人住房贷款购买普通住房,最低首付款比例调整为不低于30%。通知明确,对于实施“限购”措施的城市,个人住房贷款政策按原规定执行。  降首付政策一出,很多人第一反应是为广大返乡的打工族度身订造的,攒了一年钱回家乡,手里的资金估计刚好够两成首付,趁春节假期帮助消化三、四线城市的楼市巨量库存。但值得注意的是,首付越少实际上等于贷款月供压力越大,在经济环境并不理想的当下,如果不确定自己的工资收入是否稳定,长达十多二十年的房贷能否背负得起,值得三思而后行。  不限购城市降首付的新政对于目前仍实施“限购”的广州楼市而言,无疑是无法享受这一待遇。目前,广州首套房首付最低三成,二套房首付最低七成。反观广州周边不限购的城市,如佛山、清远、中山等地,则可享受首套房首付最低两成的优惠了。难道广州购房客未来将会“情归”周边城市?近段时间,广州地产界多名人士都发出了“取消限购”的呼吁。广东省房地产行业协会会长蔡穗声也表示,省房协这两年一直在呼吁广州逐步放开限购,尤其是对南沙以及140平方米及以上户型放开限购。不过,合富辉煌(中国)首席市场分析师黎文江却认为,“广州不会放开限购,现在还没到要放开限购的地步。南沙和花都都不会放开限购。”  但近日广州市住建委相关负责人在广州市人大代表咨询会上却向媒体放出风声:“广州已作相关的政策储备,后续将加强监测,做好市场分析工作,包括分类分区域放开限购,都是现有的政策储备之一。”这样的说法,让人们看到在多年严格限购的政策下,似乎又撕开了一个局部放松的“口子”。相关的主题文章:

The big five mobile phone bank remittance date is not a free practice 生之喜悦阅读答案

The big five mobile phone bank remittance free implementation date is not the big 15 mobile phone bank remittance, free interbank offsite are fee free, online banking remittance domestic RMB 5000 yuan for Waiving fees Beijing News (reporter Chen Peng) workers, farmers, construction, delivery of the five line 25 announced and through domestic RMB remittance bank for the mobile phone to the customer, regardless of inter-bank, are free of charge to the customer, and 5000 yuan in RMB bank remittance online free of charge, in order to reduce the cost of customer spending. Five for specific implementation date is not a bank yesterday by administrative micro-blog said, "has been implemented in full free policy from February 25th onwards to mobile phone bank of China remittance business customers through the mobile phone bank, industrial and Commercial Bank of ICBC financial e, ICBC e campus mobile phone client for RMB offsite transfer, interbank transfer service are free of charge." China Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank of China and Bank of communications also formally announced the free transfer of mobile bank transfer payments through official WeChat and web sites. Three banks are required to waive the RMB transfer fee of individual customers mobile phone bank, free from individual customers through the Internet Bank handled a single 5000 yuan (including 5000 yuan) RMB transfer fee. In the specific implementation time, the Agricultural Bank of China since February 25th 15, construction bank started at 11 a.m. on 25. Bank of communications customers can enjoy the benefits from February 26th. Beijing News reporter learned from the official website of the Bank of China, the bank since January 1, 2016 has been on the individual customers of mobile banking, bank transfer, cross remittance and other services free of charge, online banking interbank remittance discount rate is still 20 percent off of the counter. However, the bank official micro said that since April 1st this year, the Bank of China’s personal online bank will also open the domestic RMB transfer free of charge. "Since then, individual customers through the Bank of China mobile phone banking, online banking, home banking for domestic RMB remittance business, regardless of the amount of money in the bank or inter bank remittance, regardless of the amount of money, you can enjoy zero fee discount." A number of initiatives to promote inclusive finance, in fact, before the five lines jointly announced the free benefits, including China Merchants Bank, CITIC Bank, Zheshang Bank, including a number of commercial banks have taken similar measures. In 2015 September, China Merchants Bank announced that all online transfers were free, and Zheshang Bank also implemented full free settlement for individual customers of electronic channels at the end of last year. CITIC Bank announced in December 1, 2015, personal online banking for domestic transfer business (including offsite and cross bank transfer), enjoy 0 Commission discount. It is worth noting that the central bank had issued in December 25, 2015 "on the improvement of individual bank account services to strengthen the account management notice", requiring commercial banks to further improve the bank account service, according to different business processing channels, develop differentiated pricing strategy, to provide low-cost or free payment and settlement services for depositors. At the same time, the central bank encourages banks to deposit depositors through Internet Banking

五大行手机银行转账汇款免费 具体实行日期不一   五大行手机银行转账汇款免费   跨行、异地均免手续费,境内人民币网银转账汇款5000元以下也免收手续费   新京报讯 (记者陈鹏)工、农、中、建、交五大行25日联合宣布,将对客户通过手机银行办理的境内人民币转账汇款,无论异地跨行,均免收手续费,并对客户5000元以下的境内人民币网上银行转账汇款免收手续费,以降低客户的费用支出。   五大行具体实行日期不一   工行昨日通过官微表示,“已从2月25日起对手机银行境内转账汇款业务实行了全免费政策,客户通过工商银行手机银行、工银融e联、工银e校园等手机客户端办理人民币本行异地转账、跨行转账等业务均免收手续费。”   建行、农行、交行也通过官方微信和网站宣告手机银行转账汇款免费福利的正式到来。三家银行均规定,免收个人客户手机银行人民币转账汇款手续费,免收个人客户通过网上银行办理的单笔5000元(含5000元)以下的人民币转账汇款手续费。在具体实行的时间上,农业银行自2月25日15时起,建设银行则于25日上午11时开始。交通银行的客户可从2月26日起享受到该福利。   新京报记者从中国银行官网了解到,该行自2016年1月1日开始便已对个人客户的手机银行行内转账、跨行汇款等业务实行免费,网上银行跨行汇款的优惠幅度仍为柜台的8折。不过,该行官微表示,自今年4月1日起,中国银行个人网上银行也将开启境内人民币转账汇款全免费。“自此,个人客户通过中国银行手机银行、网上银行、家居银行办理境内人民币转账汇款业务,无论中行内汇款还是跨行汇款,无论金额大小,均可享受零手续费优惠。”   多项举措推进普惠金融   事实上,在五大行联手宣布本次免费福利之前,包括招商银行、中信银行、浙商银行在内的多家商业银行已经采取类似措施。   2015年9月份,招商银行就宣布网上转账全免费,浙商银行也于去年底对电子渠道的个人客户结算业务实行全免费。中信银行2015年12月1日宣布,个人网银办理境内转账业务(包括异地和跨行转账)均享受0手续费的优惠。   值得注意的是,央行曾在2015年12月25日发布《关于改进个人银行账户服务加强账户管理的通知》,要求商业银行进一步改进银行账户服务,应针对不同的业务处理渠道,制定差异化的收费策略,为存款人提供低成本或免费的支付结算服务。同时,央行鼓励银行对存款人通过网上银行、手机银行办理的一定金额以下的转账汇款业务免收手续费。   有业内人士认为,此次五大行联合出台举措也是对央行上述政策的响应。据新京报记者了解,此次发布会的主题之一便是“推进普惠金融”,五大行也就此达成一系列的举措,包括更好地保护客户的资金和信息安全,在4月1日前完成对存量账户的Ⅰ、Ⅱ、Ⅲ类账户区分标识,推进银行间的开放合作等。   五大行   将对客户通过手机银行办理的转账、汇款业务,无论跨行或异地都免收手续费。对客户5000元以下的境内人民币网上银行转账汇款免收手续费。   微信支付   2016年3月1日起,个人用户转账恢复免费;微信零钱提现功能(从零钱到银行卡)开始对超额部分收取手续费,每位用户有累计1000元免费提现额度,超出1000元部分按银行费率收取手续费,费率均为0.1%,每笔最少收0.1元。   支付宝   支付宝手机转账目前免费,PC端转账收费。支付宝PC端:普通用户转账到支付宝账户,服务费率0.1%,服务费上限:10元 笔,下限0.5元 笔。转账到银行卡:单笔转账金额最高50000元,2小时内到账按0.20%收取服务费,次日24时之前,按0.15%收服务费,服务费上限25元 笔。 整理:新京报记者 陈鹏 新京报制图 许英剑   ■ 分析   银行转账彻底免费会来吗?   近些年来,互联网金融成为金融创新的风口,第三方支付平台依托互联网巨头,通过场景化的优势不断吸引用户进行消费和理财。而在“免费”这一互联网标签下,用户对银行网络渠道收费的议论也此起彼伏。   2015年第一季度,多家商业银行利润增速出现同比下滑。有专家认为,如何在互联网时代留住客户是传统银行需要考虑的问题。中央财经大学金融学院教授郭田勇表示,“许多用户享受的增值服务、场景消费都是通过第三方支付获得的,如果传统银行在业务上收费高、体验差而且产品少的话,就有可能被边缘化。”   此次五大行宣布手机银行和相应额度的网上银行转账免费,一些乐观的用户开始幻想“转账彻底免费时代”的到来。   郭田勇认为,银行经营需要考虑“成本收入比”,定价的基础是成本。而对于五大行目前“开刀”的手机银行和网上银行,都属于成本比较低的服务。即使这两项业务相应免费,银行损失也不是特别大。   郭田勇表示,银行柜台转账汇款业务虽然是基础业务,但也有人力等成本在内,按照这一思路来看不应该免费。但在互联网的倒逼之下,也不排除转账彻底免费时代到来的可能。 新京报记者 陈鹏 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

State Securities weak rebound market will continue 3000 points into an important resistance 魔术奇缘

State Securities: weak rebound in prices will continue into 3000 important resistance Sina Level2:A shares of sina finance: App speed Kanpan live on-line blogger on   gold strategy guiding China; main point:   Li Lifeng, a preliminary point of view: good review after the Spring Festival round "for" weak market rebound the changes in the environment, with the market trend and also changes during the Spring Festival to NPC and CPPCC, is the time window for the first half of this year relative, although there will be some disturbance. Review the preliminary point of view, we made clear that "pessimism repair in February 16th in the first stage, after the crash" before the opening round of NPC and CPPCC ‘weak rebound ", then in the evening held a conference call" NPC and CPPCC market caused a weak rebound, to participate in the ", we think that the rebound in the first half of this year is very rare the rebound window, to cherish and participate in. The current stand point, we still maintain this view. Just last week, the Shanghai Composite Index +3.49%, small and medium plate +4.93%, the gem refers to +5.44%.   two, the Fed’s interest rate path surfaced in March not to raise interest rates, given the emerging market very rare respite the Fed rate hike path will be skipped in March, although the Fed rate hike path remains open. Yellen in the house of representatives in February 10th hearing on the performance of the more of the risk factors in the global economy concerns, suggesting that the U.S. economy faces downside risks. After the turmoil in global financial markets, crude oil prices fell, Yellen’s description of American positive factors is relatively short, and have a strong uncertainty, she also admitted that risk factors or inflation to achieve the target of 2%. After Yellen speech, the market on March 15-16, the United States is not the Fed meeting is expected to raise interest rates rise, the dollar index is 96.59, the stage in concussion greatly; in addition, the Bank of Japan (March 14-15), the European Central Bank (March 10th) also repeatedly revealed in the next in the effective time to a signal of monetary easing. Three, short-term RMB exchange rate will remain stable or steady appreciation trend slightly, is also the time window in the U.S. interest rates slowed down the pace and governor Zhou Xiaochuan stressed that the RMB will remain stable against a basket of currencies to determine the rare, the central bank for the 8 consecutive trading days up middle price "under the background of onshore Renminbi (CNY) the recent performance of the overall stable. Concussion index of the recent trend, the short-term devaluation of the RMB pressure decreased significantly. In addition, there will be two important meeting, respectively, on 26-27 February (Friday, six) held in Shanghai G20 group of finance ministers and central bank governors meeting; March 3rd -15, "NPC and CPPCC", before this, the central bank China or maintain the stability of RMB exchange rate. It also became the first half of this year a rare exchange rate compared with the deterministic time window. Four, entered the market that "NPC and CPPCC" before the stability period, the A stock market formed an important short-term support we will be on 国金证券:弱反弹行情仍将延续 3000点成重要阻力位 新浪财经Level2:A股极速看盘 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导   国金策略 李立峰   主要观点:    一、前期观点回顾:看好春节后一轮“可为”的弱反弹   市场所处的环境变化了,随着而来的市场趋势也会发生变化,春节后至两会期间,是今年上半年相对可为的时间窗口,尽管会有一些扰动。回顾前期观点,我们在2月16日早盘前明确表示“悲观情绪阶段性修复,暴跌之后开启‘两会前’的一轮弱反弹”,随后在当晚召开了电话会议《两会行情引发的一轮弱反弹,值得参与》,我们认为本轮反弹是今年上半年非常难得的反弹窗口,值得珍惜并参与。站在目前时点,我们仍然维持这一看法。刚刚过去的一周,上证综指+3.49%,中小板指+4.93%,创业板指+5.44%。    二、美联储利率路径浮出水面——3月不加息,给予了新兴市场非常难得的喘息的机会   美联储加息路径将跳过3月份,尽管美联储对加息的路径依然保持大门敞开。耶伦在2月10日的众议院听证会上更多的表现了对全球经济中的风险因素的担忧,暗示美国经济面临下行风险。在经历了全球金融市场大动荡以及原油价格的大跌之后,耶伦在描述美国积极因素时相对简短,且具备极强的不确定性,另外她承认,风险因素或令通胀无法实现2%目标。耶伦讲话之后,市场对3月15-16日的联储会议美国不加息的预期上升,美元指数目前96.59,阶段性处于震荡走势的可能性较大;另外,日本央行(3月14-15日)、欧洲央行(3月10日)也反复透露出将在接下来在有效时间点继续货币宽松的信号。   三、人民币汇率短期将维持平稳或平稳小幅升值的态势,同样是难得的确定性的时间窗口   在“美国加息步伐放缓以及周小川行长强调人民币对一篮子货币将保持稳定,央行连续8个交易日上调中间价”等大背景下,在岸人民币(CNY)近期表现整体平稳。美元指数近期的震荡走势,使得人民币短期大幅贬值的压力明显减小。另外,接下来会有两个重要的会议召开,分别是2月26-27日(下周五、六)在上海举行的G20集团财长和央行行长会议;3月3日-15日的“两会”,在此前,中国央行或维持人民币汇率稳定。这同样成为今年上半年难得的汇率比较确定性的时间窗口。   四、步入了市场所寄望的“两会”前维稳时期,对A股市场形成短期的重要支撑   我们将迎来今年上半年国内为数不多的最为重要的会议——“两会”。从策略的角度来看,“两会”对A股市场的影响较大,值得重视。在2月15日媒体报道的克强总新年伊始首次表态“在经济下滑到合理范围时该出手时我们会果断出手”,其本质上意味这两会维稳氛围正式拉开序幕,可以预料的是接下来各个主要部委均会出来作积极的表态,有助于缓解市场对经济、对系统性风险的担忧;其次,“两会”将为市场提供可以想象的题材,“两会”期间将涉及到“十三五规划、供给侧改革”,军工等,对所涉及的相关板块和主题会有一个刺激作用,一些政策扶持行业和主题可能走出较好的行情。   五、市场成交量近期有所放大,融资数据连续4日呈现日均正增加,表明市场在底部区间有部分绝对收益者小幅加仓   春节之后,市场一改前期成交量仅在3000亿持续低迷的态势,自2月16日起有所增加,沪深两市成交量周二至周五,分别是5003、5696、5906、4814亿;两融数据方面,两市融资存量余额维持在8800亿附近,自春节后首次出现了沪深两市融资双流入(上一次两市双流入时间点在去年12月24日),上述数据或表明市场在底部区间有部分绝对收益者小幅加仓。   投资建议:弱反弹延续,3000点成重要阻力位   周末期间决策者人事变动,我们认为该事件对市场影响偏中性,无需过度解读。周末房地产再出利好新政,有助于市场情绪的恢复;另外,一二月份的信贷高增长(预计二月新增信贷约1.5万亿),也有利于支撑短期的风险偏好;再者,央行对相关报道做了积极回应“部分银行只是因不满足定向降准的考核条件,不再享受优惠准备金率,而非因1月新增贷款投放上调存款准备金率”,但市场越往上行,实实在在套牢盘压力不小,综合考虑各项因素,我们认为“两会”弱反弹仍将延续,建议关注3000点重要的阻力位。对市场中长期趋势,我们仍持我们年度策略偏谨慎的观点。   板块配置方面,我们目前主要建议关注3个方向,一是中小盘超跌的部分新兴行业,如信息安全(中央网络安全和信息化领导小组成立两周年)、VR、电竞、智能汽车;二是受益于供给侧改革中的“钢铁有色地产”;三是受益于迪斯尼开园日益的相关板块等。 新浪声明:新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

China’s R & D microchip technology worries the United States 广西财经学院图书馆

Let Chinese microchip technology R & D center in the United States are worried the stock market: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes of reference news network February 14th U.S. media reported that Chinese is spending billions of dollars, vigorously promote the development of their own microchip. This action may enhance the country’s military strength and its indigenous technology industry. In Washington, these actions have begun to attract attention. According to the New York Times website on February 5th, one expert and another participant in the transaction discussion said that there was concern about China’s ambition in the chip industry, which was the main reason why the U.S. officials refused to approve a merger and acquisition deal. In this transaction, Chinese investors intend to invest $2 billion 900 million to acquire the controlling rights of a company owned by PHILPS, an electronics company in Holland. Reported that the transaction is very rare, highlighting Washington’s growing concern about China’s acquisition of semiconductor technology and action. Semiconductor chips are the brains of all kinds of precision electronic equipment, including military applications such as missile systems. About the PHILPS deal, the company said at the end of January, an agreement will be terminated in March 2015. Under the agreement, PHILPS’s majority stake in Lumileds, a company engaged in automotive and light emitting diode originals, will be sold to a consortium of Chinese investors GO Scale Capital and Jinsha River venture capital fund. The company said the end of the agreement was due to concerns raised by the US overseas investment commission. The Commission is responsible for reviewing whether foreign investment in the United States will pose a risk to national security. PHILPS said it had not approved the merger despite many initiatives to ease these concerns. The US overseas investment commission is an inter departmental agency, including representatives of the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of justice. The Committee on overseas investment declined to comment and did not disclose its ruling results. The review of the Committee on overseas investment has become an increasingly serious issue in China’s foreign investment transactions. From the recent data available, the Commission examined more Chinese investment than any other country. According to James, senior researcher at the center for Strategic Studies at ·, Lewis, the committee is worried about PHILPS’s deal, mainly because of a semiconductor material called gan. Although this advanced material does not know very much, it is becoming more and more important. Although not a common material like silicon, gallium nitride (chemical GaN) can be used to make a new generation of chips that are versatile and powerful. Gallium nitride has been used for decades in energy-saving light sources known as light-emitting diodes. In some ordinary technology products, such as Blu ray disc players, Gan also has applications. But its heat resistance and radiation resistance make it widely used in military and space fields. Today, Anti Ballistic Missile radars and radar systems used by the US air force to track space debris also use Gan chips. Editor in chief: Guo Mingyu SF008

中国研发微芯片技术让美国颇感担忧 美股行情中心:独家提供全美股行业板块、盘前盘后、ETF、权证实时行情   参考消息网2月14日报道 美媒称,中国正投入数十亿美元,大力推动研发自己的微芯片。这项行动可能会增强该国的军事实力及其本土科技产业。在华盛顿,这些行动已经开始引起注意。   据美国《纽约时报》网站2月5日报道,一名专家和另一名参与了交易讨论的人士透露称,对中国在芯片领域的野心存在担忧,这是美国官员拒绝批准一宗并购交易的主要原因。在这笔并购交易中,中国投资者拟出资29亿美元,收购荷兰电子企业飞利浦旗下一家公司的控股权。   报道称,此次交易受阻颇为罕见,突显出华盛顿日益担忧中国为取得半导体专业技术而采取的行动。半导体芯片是各种精密电子设备的大脑,这些设备包括导弹系统等军事用途。   关于飞利浦这笔交易,该公司1月底称,将终止2015年3月的一份协议。按照协议,飞利浦旗下从事汽车和发光二极管原件业务的公司Lumileds的多数股权,会出售给由中国投资者GO Scale Capital和金沙江创业投资基金组成的一个财团。该公司称终止协议的原因是美国海外投资委员会提出了担忧。这个委员会负责审查外国在美国的投资是否会给国家安全带来风险。   报道称,飞利浦称尽管采取了多项举措以期缓和这些担忧,但该委员会还是不批准这宗并购。   美国海外投资委员会是一个跨部门机构,包括财政部和司法部的代表。美国海外投资委员会拒绝发表评论,也没有公布其裁定结果。美国海外投资委员会的审查在中国对外投资的交易中,成为了一个日益加剧的问题。从可以取得的距今最近的数据来看,该委员会审查的中国投资比其他任何国家的都多。   据国际战略研究中心高级研究员詹姆斯·刘易斯介绍,该委员会担心飞利浦这笔交易,主要是因为一种叫氮化镓的半导体材料。尽管这种先进材料知道的人不多,但却越来越重要。尽管不是像硅这样的常见材料,氮化镓(化学式GaN)可以用于制造用途广泛、性能强大的新一代微芯片。   报道称,在被称作发光二极管的节能光源中,氮化镓已经使用了数十年。在一些平凡的科技产品,如蓝光碟片播放器里,氮化镓也有应用。但耐热和耐辐射的特性,让它在军事和太空领域应用广泛。如今,反弹道导弹雷达和美国空军用来追踪空间碎片的雷达系统“太空篱笆”也使用了氮化镓芯片。 责任编辑:郭明煜 SF008相关的主题文章:

Net transmission Nanning Dini Xue J boss lost billions of dollars, 31 stores were panic buying 五邑大学选课系统

Nanning boss Dini Xue J net loss of billions of dollars to 31 stores by panic buying a lot of members in the pedicle Lixuesi the Mixc cake shop panic buying Guangxi News Network – contemporary life newspaper reporter Feng Yaohua Ventura network transmission Nanning boss Dini Xue J loss of billions of dollars to 31 stores by panic buying source: Guangxi news network from 15 onwards, an article on Nanning Dini Xue J cake the boss fired futures loss of 150 million yuan "the news of the sudden heat transfer network. The news quickly triggered the cake shop membership panic, Nanning 31 Dini Xue J stores panic buying cake was almost out of stock. This "fryer" seems to be some time ago in Nanning fruit camp boss run away, a lot of panic buying fruit event membership has many similarities, caused widespread concern. What is the origin and development of the Dini Xue J incident? How do businessmen and parties concerned respond to this? Can the rights and interests of consumers be guaranteed? With these problems, the reporter launched a survey yesterday. Net transmission fermentation boss fried futures loss? The cake shop is "empty" the afternoon of February 15th, many of Nanning WeChat group, QQ group are crazy pass such a message: "the risk of Beibu Gulf Bank issued tips: Nanning’s largest Cake Bakery boss Dini Xue J fry futures loss of 150 million yuan, was forced to creditors." A short sentence, instantly detonated the network, for a while, Nanning people talk about. To the evening of 15, the network began to appear Dini Xue J cake shop was sold out picture, people worry that Dini Xue J cake shop closing down, the card members have to follow the trend of panic buying. 16 on the morning of 11, reporters rushed to the Lixuesi pedicle Yuexiu store visits, found the shop except for a few small bread, have absolutely empty shelves. The clerk told reporters, Dini Xue J stores usually at 8 in the morning to open in the morning, before 10, the store shelves or full, but less than 1 hours by the customer bought, now headquarters factory is working overtime to deliver it. The clerk said, Yuexiu is the beginning of the year five (12 days) opened, the first few days of the business is very normal, until the rumors appeared on the Internet after the store membership began to pour into the store, for two consecutive days in the early morning on the sold out. The reporter then went to the Mixc Lixuesi pedicle shop, see the shop a lot bigger than the Yuexiu store, the number of bread cake shelf is relatively large, the store a lot of customers, not in the selection of cakes and bread in line credit card to pay. Customer Chen took a membership card to buy a big bag of cake, reluctantly told reporters, buy so much really can not eat, but Kane still has 150 yuan deposit, because worried that the news is true, in case the cake shop closed their own money will not come back. The reporter saw nearly half an hour of the interview, the customer into the store consumption is in a continuous line, started full swing cakes and bread will soon be empty. Many customers admitted that it is just to see the news on the Internet came specially to credit card consumption. Parties involved in response to the bank denied issuing "hint", Dini Xue J said that the alarm network has passed a word, it caused such a big move, people talk about

网传南宁蒂丽雪斯老板亏损过亿 31家门店遭抢购 有不少会员在蒂丽雪斯万象城店抢购蛋糕 广西新闻网-当代生活报记者 冯耀华 文 图   网传南宁蒂丽雪斯老板亏损过亿 31家门店遭抢购   来源:广西新闻网   核心提示   从15日开始,一条关于“南宁蒂丽雪斯蛋糕老板炒期货亏损1.5亿元”的消息突然热传网络。这条消息很快引发该蛋糕店会员恐慌,南宁31家蒂丽雪斯门店的蛋糕被抢购几近断货。这一“炸锅”情形似乎与前段时间南宁水果营行老板跑路,会员大量抢购水果事件有诸多相似之处,引发广泛关注。究竟蒂丽雪斯事件的来龙去脉是什么?商家和涉事各方对此又是如何回应的?消费者的权益能否得到保障?带着这些问题,记者昨日展开了调查采访。   网传发酵   老板炒期货亏损?   蛋糕店被“搬空”   2月15日下午,南宁许多微信群、QQ群都在疯传这么一则消息:“北部湾银行发出来的风险提示:南宁最大的蛋糕烘培店蒂丽雪斯老板炒期货亏损1.5亿元,被债主逼迫上门。”短短一句话,瞬间引爆网络,一时间,南宁市民议论纷纷。   到15日傍晚,网络上开始出现蒂丽雪斯蛋糕店被抢购一空的画面,人们担心蒂丽雪斯蛋糕店因此倒闭关门,持卡会员纷纷上门跟风抢购。   16日上午11时,记者赶到蒂丽雪斯越秀店探访,发现店内除了几个小面包之外,货架上已经空空如也。店员告诉记者,蒂丽雪斯门店通常在早上8时开门营业,当天上午10时前,店里的货架还是满的,但不到1个小时就被顾客买空了,现在还在等总部工厂加班加点送货过来。店员说,越秀店是年初五(12日)开业的,头几天的营业都很正常,直到网上出现这则传闻后,该店会员开始涌入,该店连续两天在上午就早早卖断货了。   记者随后又来到蒂丽雪斯万象城店,看到这个店比越秀店要大许多,货架上的面包蛋糕数量相对较多,店内顾客很多,不是在挑选蛋糕和面包,就是在排队刷卡买单。顾客小陈拿着一张会员卡买了一大袋蛋糕后,无奈地告诉记者,买这么多真的吃不完,但卡内还有150元预存款,因为担心网传的消息是真的,万一蛋糕店倒闭了自己的钱就拿不回来了。在近半个小时的采访中记者看到,进店消费的顾客可谓络绎不绝,开始还摆得满满的蛋糕和面包很快就被买空。不少顾客坦言,正是看到网上的消息才特地赶来刷卡消费的。   涉事方回应   银行否认发布“提示”   蒂丽雪斯称已报警   网传的一句话,竟然造成这么大的动静,人们在惊叹网络传播的能量的同时,不禁要问,这个消息是真的么?   “我们已经注意到了网上流传的这个‘风险提示’,我们从来没有发布过。”北部湾银行总部办公室有关负责人表示,“广西北部湾银行对外发布信息的平台是广西北部湾银行官网和广西北部湾银行微信公众号。除以上平台发布的信息外,其他任何假借我行名义对外发布的信息均非我行行为,与我行无关。同时,我行保留对相关责任人依法追究相应法律责任的权利。”   16日凌晨,蒂丽雪斯官方微博和官方微信也对此事发出郑重声明,声称网传消息是一则恶意谣言,并附上了报警立案的回执。凤岭派出所相关负责人确认回执为真。   16日下午3时,记者来到位于民族大道德瑞大厦5楼的蒂丽雪斯总部广西蒂饴嘉餐饮管理有限公司,该公司的田畴总监接受了记者的采访。   田畴表示,他在15日早上就看到了网上的这则消息,至于消息因何而起,他们也觉得很奇怪,这一事件只会令消费者和商家都受害。目前,公司已经到凤岭派出所报案。田畴称,事件出来后,公司的正常生产经营受到了很大冲击,由于大量顾客赶早抢购,上午10时前的营业额比平日同时段猛增了40倍。   田畴说,公司现在已经采取应急措施,加班加点生产,物流配送次数也增加了。但由于蛋糕产能有限,保质期也短,他担心如果门店断货造成会员买不到货,场面有可能会失控。“目前公司的主要精力全部放在加紧生产和处理与消费者的关系上,尽全力保障货品的正常供应和安抚消费者的情绪。下一步,公司可能会召开新闻发布会,对此次事件做一个更为详细的解释。”   此外,蒂丽雪斯相关负责人在接受其他媒体采访时曾表示,无论网传消息的真实性如何,蒂丽雪斯是一家正规注册的公司,老板的个人经济行为在法律上与公司无关,财务资金是单独运转的。   探访工厂   全员加班赶制蛋糕   产量达平时4倍   门店的生意“暴涨”,尽管公司承诺加班加点保供应,蒂丽雪斯工厂总部的产能能否跟上?   在采访蒂丽雪斯公司前,记者于16日下午1时30分,来到位于长凯路22号金凯创业园的蒂丽雪斯蛋糕工厂总部――广西枫桥轩食品有限公司采访。一进到厂部,就看到两三辆车身标有“蒂丽雪斯”字样的送货面包车停在楼下。一位送货司机告诉记者,他们是加班赶来这里等货的,楼上的车间也在加班加点生产预包装蛋糕,他们一会儿就要拉走,送到各门店去补充货源。该司机称,平时一天只送两次货,但16日就要再加送一次。   在5楼工厂总部,厂长陈杰带记者参观了蛋糕车间的生产全过程。虽然是中午休息时间,但从配料间、打蛋间、加工车间到包装车间都有工人在加班,生产线上刚出炉的热气腾腾的蛋糕面包,很快就被打包送走。   陈杰告诉记者,从16日起,工厂接到的门店订单突然比平时多出了几倍,全厂员工一百多人全部都在加班,连工厂办公室的行政人员和财务人员都进入车间帮忙,当天的生产量估计能达到平时的4倍。   采访结束后,记者在工厂楼下看到一辆运送鸡蛋的货车正在卸货,这家专为蒂丽雪斯供应鸡蛋的供货商表示,临时接到工厂新增的订单电话,他们就赶紧送鸡蛋来了。   记者还获悉,16日下午,蒂丽雪斯一名由公司授权委托的负责人,出面接受了南宁市工商局12315中心的约谈。该负责人签字表态称,对于办卡且还有消费余额的会员,进店消费而商家无法提供商品的情况下,商家将承诺退款;至于退款的相关规定和管理办法,将于17日拿出。   本报将继续关注事件进展情况。   事件观察   蛋糕与水果   的“异”与“同”   经过记者昨日的采访观察,发现蒂丽雪斯事件虽然在很多方面都与水果营行事件有相似之处,但如果仔细对比,还是不能简单地将两者相提并论。且看两起事件的异同之处。   相同:   1.两起事件都是先在微信朋友圈上热传,继而被病毒式传播,引发全城热议。这当中既有利益攸关方的担忧,比如持卡会员,也有不明真相跟着起哄的围观者。   2.两起事件都造成了持卡会员的疯狂抢购,造成店面断货。   3.两起事件当事方都宣称是遭人恶意造谣。   不同:   1.蒂丽雪斯事件中没有债主现身发声,而水果营行事件有大量供货商在声讨货款。   2.记者采访发现,蒂丽雪斯总部上班秩序正常,总部有人接待记者采访,积极回应外界对事件的关切。而在水果营行事件中,其公司总部和门店均闭门谢客,总部负责人迟迟不露面,躲避媒体采访。   3.蒂丽雪斯所有门店均正常营业,有员工值守,总部工厂全力加班生产应对危机。而水果营行干脆集体闭门停业,大量员工“反水”,声讨拖欠工资。(当代生活报记者 冯耀华 文 图)   编辑有话说   理性消费与守法经营同样重要   2月15日,一则“南宁蒂丽雪斯蛋糕老板炒期货亏损1.5亿元”的消息突然在网络疯传。次日,全市蒂丽雪斯门店蛋糕几乎被持卡会员抢购一空。   这一局面是不是有点眼熟?很多市民肯定都会想起前段时间的水果营行突然关门一事。正因为大家担心蒂丽雪斯会重蹈水果营行的覆辙,才会出现一句尚待求证的传闻就能引发持卡会员全城抢购蛋糕的极端情形。   抢盐、抢绿豆、抢水果、抢蛋糕……疯买事件频频发生,我们不禁要问,网络传闻的杀伤力如此巨大的成因究竟是什么,我们消费者是否也在间接推波助澜?如果大家都能有自己的一个基本判断,而不去跟风盲从,许多谣传终会不攻自破。   商家方面,这次蒂丽雪斯回应的速度与水果营行当时的“辟谣”同样迅速。但话说完了还要去做,我们期待商家公布真相时更加透明,应急举措更加有效,以此打消广大顾客的顾虑。   本报记者经过调查采访发现,此次事件并不能简单地与水果营行事件相提并论。如果网传消息最终证实是假的,就应该坚决依法对造谣者实施应有的制裁,以儆效尤。   归纳而言之,做好三点就能消除此类谣言的恶劣影响:消费者坚持理性消费,不被轻易煽动;商家恪守商业道德,及时公布事件真相,做好补救措施;坚决查处造谣者,增大其违法成本。(梁笑天)(来源:广西新闻网) 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: