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European shares fell 0.8% pounds to boost British stocks 炯炯有神的意思

European shares closed down $0.8% to boost the flash crash British shares U.S. stock market center: exclusive offer full industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes FX168 news Friday warrants European stock benchmark: ftseurofirst 300 index ended down 0.81% at 1339.85 points. British pound became a beneficiary, while Britain’s FTSE 100 index closed up 0.8%. French CAC 40 index Friday fell 0.6%; the German DAX 30 index fell 0.7%. On Friday morning Asian market, the pound dollar in diving, was down more than 6%, the biggest intraday decline since the British off the European referendum. The FTSE 100 index has been boosted by the devaluation of the pound, which has boosted exports and multinational dollar earnings, but other European stock market investors have become more cautious, and the French, German and European shares have all fallen. CMC Markets analyst Jasper Lawler said that the performance of today’s market is slightly complicated, "Sterling continued to decline in the UK stock market has a positive impact, FTSE 100 index continues to rise.". But the decline in sterling does not match the stock market gains. Exports and inflation, of course, can benefit from the devaluation of the pound, but the instability caused by the decline in the exchange rate also makes the market more worried." He also said: "as for the euro area stock index, they did not react to the positive impact of the devaluation of the pound, but showed a cautious attitude, before the United States introduced a slight decline before the introduction of non-agricultural." Andreas Clenow, head of investment Asset Management Co ACIES said: "at present, European stocks to me completely unattractive, the profitability of enterprises is weak, the economic downturn," stocks, Edenred fell 7.2%, after UBS will the company rating from "buy" down to "in". EasyJet also fell 3.3%, after the company issued a profit warning on Thursday, brokers have downgraded. The bank closed up 0.5%. Earlier sources, large holdings of equity investors and Deutsche Bank Qatar no plans to sell stake, and if the bank had decided to increase, will consider increasing the investment of the Deutsche bank. Proofreading: Sherlock, editor in chief: Li Wu SF053

欧股跌收0.8% 英镑闪崩助推英股 美股行情中心:独家提供全美股行业板块、盘前盘后、ETF、权证实时行情   FX168讯 周五欧股风向标:泛欧绩优300指数收跌0.81%,报1339.85点。英镑闪崩,英股却成为受益者,英国富时100指数收涨0.8%。   法国CAC 40指数周五收跌0.6%;德国DAX 30指数收跌0.7%。   周五亚市早盘,英镑 美元惊现大跳水,一度跌幅达6%以上,创英国脱欧公投以来的最大盘中跌幅。由于英镑贬值将促进出口和跨国公司以美元计收益,富时100指数受到提振,但欧洲其它主要股市投资者则变得更为谨慎,法股、德股和欧股整体尽皆下挫。   CMC Markets分析师Jasper Lawler表示,今日市场的表现略为复杂,“英镑走跌持续对英国股市产生了正面影响,富时100指数继续冲高。但英镑下跌的幅度与股市涨幅并不匹配。出口和通胀固然可受益于英镑贬值,但汇率下跌造成的不稳定性也令市场的忧虑更盛。”   他还称:“至于欧元区的股指,它们并未反应出受到了英镑贬值的正面影响,而是表现出审慎态度,在美国非农出台前就已小幅下滑。”   ACIES资产管理公司的投资主管Andreas Clenow表示:“目前欧股对我来说完全沒吸引力,企业的盈利疲弱,经济也低迷,”   个股方面,Edenred重跌7.2%,此前瑞银将该公司评级由“买入”下调至“中性”。easyJet亦大跌3.3%,该公司周四发出盈利警告后,券商纷纷下调评级。   德银高收0.5%。稍早消息人士称,持有大量德银股权的卡塔尔投资者并沒有出售股权的计划,且如果德银决定增资,将考虑增加对德银投资。   校对:夏洛特 责任编辑:李兀 SF053相关的主题文章:

Former finance minister low inflation is the biggest risk of the United States 九城茶坊

Secretary: inflation is too low is the biggest risk US U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes Sina warrants stocks Beijing time 19 days before the finance minister Summers (Lawrence Summers) believes that the biggest challenge is to make the U.S. inflation closer toward the goal set by the fed. He suggested that the Fed rate hike postponed. This is a new situation, "the challenge is no longer from high inflation, but from inflation less than 2%", and the market does not even believe that inflation will be able to cross the threshold in the next ten years. Summers told Bloomberg TV interview on Thursday that the Fed’s assessment of everything before it pushed up borrowing costs was a constructive choice. The US central bank made its first interest rate hike in 2006 between December, and said it would step up interest rates in the future. Forecasters used to think there might be four increases in interest rates this year, but now most of them think it’s more than two times. Summers stressed that if the Fed really values economic data, they should give up the view of last December, which is difficult to stand in today’s position. Summers found that the Federal Reserve was prone to overly optimistic misjudgment in December, to ensure that the economy had enough to offset inflation growth, and that the Fed should consider making monetary policy based on what was called nominal gdp. Summers explained that this allows them to more accurately grasp the weakness of the economy, to give policy support – after all, inflation will remain sluggish for a long time. Whether the Federal Reserve should aggregate nominal GDP is a question worth considering." Summers said, "if we had done that, we should have begun to worry about the status quo five or six years ago, and that would certainly have an impact on policy incentives." The Fed’s task is to ensure maximum employment and stabilize inflation – the target of the latter is now 2%. The Fed does not set the target of gdp. Minutes from to 27, January, Federal Reserve officials debated the risks of falling commodity prices and financial market turmoil, as well as the prospects for interest rate policy, on Wednesday’s minutes. Summers pointed out that in the past few years, the Federal Reserve in December every year, the economy will be "too optimistic" judgment, the deviation "average 3/4 points."". He stressed that the Fed must learn to adapt to a new pattern of savings relative to excess investment, which I call long-term stagnation". He clarified that he did not think the Fed would quickly turn to nominal GDP, but that was indeed a very worthwhile option. Summers said infrastructure investment, corporate tax reform, and the return of about 2 trillion dollars in overseas profits could help stimulate private sector investment and provide some help for growth. (Zi Jin) editor in chief: Li Wu SF053

前财长:通胀过低是美最大风险 美股行情中心:独家提供全美股行业板块、盘前盘后、ETF、权证实时行情   新浪美股北京时间19日讯 前财政部长萨默斯(Lawrence Summers)认为,美国当前最大的挑战就是要让通货膨胀向着联储设定的目标靠拢,他建议联储推迟加息。   这是个全新的局面,“挑战不再来自通货膨胀的过高,而是来自通货膨胀不足2%”,市场甚至都不相信通胀未来十年内能够越过这个门槛。萨默斯周四接受彭博电视采访时表示,联储在再度推高借贷成本之前对一切重新进行评估,才是“建设性”的选择。   美国央行12月间进行了2006年来的首次加息,并表示未来会循序渐进地加息。预言家们曾经认为今年可能有四次加息,但现在多数都认为至多一两次了。   萨默斯强调,如果联储真的看重经济数据的话,他们就该放弃去年12月的观点,后者站在今天的立场上看去是很难立住脚的。 萨默斯发现联储在12月时总是容易产生过度乐观的误判   要确保经济获得足够的扣除通胀前增长速度,联储应该考虑根据所谓名义国内生产总值来制定货币政策。萨默斯解释说,这可以让他们更准确地把握到经济的疲弱之处,以政策给予相应支持——毕竟,通货膨胀长期都会保持低迷。   “联储是否应该聚集名义国内生产总值,这是个值得好好考虑的问题。”萨默斯表示,“如果我们当初就这么做了,我们五年或者六年前就该开始对现状感到担忧了,而这必然会对政策的刺激倾向产生影响。”   联储的任务是确保最大就业和稳定通胀——后者的目标现在是2%。联储不设定国内生产总值目标。   周三发布的纪要显示,1月26至27日的会议上,联储官员们就商品价格下跌和金融市场动荡给经济带来的风险,以及利率政策的前景进行了争论。   萨默斯指出,过去几年来,联储在每年12月都会对经济产生“过于乐观”的判断,偏差“平均四分之三个点”。他强调,联储必须学会适应一种“储蓄相对于投资过剩的新模式,我将这称为长期停滞”。   他澄清说,他并不认为联储会迅速转向名义国内生产总值,但这确实是非常值得考虑的选项。   萨默斯表示,基础设施投资,企业税改革,以及大约2万亿美元的企业海外利润的回归可能会帮助刺激私营部门的投资,为增长提供一些帮助。(子衿) 责任编辑:李兀 SF053相关的主题文章:

Li Yingchen dove minutes to depress the dollar, the EU summit affects the referendum in Britain 步步登顶

Li Yingchen: dovish minutes to suppress the U.S. dollar down the EU summit affecting the British referendum dollar index, the U.S. dollar index weakened significantly weakened. On the daily chart, the price rebounded for three consecutive days this week, but the main trend of high decline continues, the price is far away from the pass of 100, MACD shows that short kinetic energy is still dominant. The 4 hour chart, the United States refers to continuous occurrence of relatively strong rise, the average system is slightly punctured. After the Dow high short-term United States that have been broken up, the risk of further upward, but the need to significantly highs to confirm the continuation of the rally. EUR: the euro continues to hit a new low in the short term against the dollar. Daily chart, although a certain degree of downward adjustment, but the exchange rate to maintain upside rhythm. 4 hours chart, the average system relying on a low support 1.1160 and Dow both punctured, short MACD showed strong momentum, the euro faced the risk of further fall. Although the short-term has not built a good secondary rhythm, but due to the downward trend has been formed, the euro is expected to adjust slightly will continue to weaken the rhythm of the operation. Sterling: the pound continued to adjust against the dollar in a low position. The daily chart, the average system remains repressive, although the previous rebound is strong, but the overall did not change the objective direction of decline. 4 hours chart, after this round of decline, short kinetic energy is dominant. At present, we need to guard against the risk that the exchange rate will go out of the ABC structural adjustment, and short term short positions should be reduced. Short term kinetic energy alternating rhythm is frequent, waiting for the next kinetic energy explosion, to determine the direction of market operation. Swiss Franc: keep pace with the dollar against the Swiss franc. Daily chart, K line continuous Yang, has been the strength of the previous decline to recover nearly half. The average system maintains a state of suppressed permutation. 4 hours chart, the rebound strength of the exchange rate is strong, MACD show long kinetic energy is strong, the market still has further upside momentum. The short-term concern Dow lows support 0.9845, as long as this position is not below, the pair will still maintain a high tempo runs slowly. A rebound in the yen after the dollar rebounded to build a minor rhythm. The daily chart, the large level Dow low support 115.55 has been broken, the United States and Japan in the long-term gains challenges. Exchange rate rebounded upward, but short kinetic energy remained strong. 4 hours chart, because the average system is suppressed arrangement, the market still has a lower risk. Japan is expected to show a short-term decline in strength, can continue to observe 113, below can Ogura short target low forward. Australian Dollar: the momentum of the Australian dollar against the dollar is changing frequently. The daily chart, the dollar in trying to recover in front of the big line fell above the resistance Dow highs in 0.7385, the Australian dollar is expected to initiate the impact of this position. The 4 hour chart, the exchange rate is still around the average repeatedly crossing the current operation only along the short-term strength of Kokura admission. The first short-term resistance at 0.7240, estimated a slight correction to this position will gradually after the challenge, broken up on the rear can further open space. Canadian Dollar: U.S. dollar Canadian dollar fell strongly, to the front of the low 1.3635 launched.

李映辰:鸽派纪要打压美元下行 欧盟峰会影响英国公投 美元指数   美元指数冲高力度明显减弱。日线图上看,价格本周连续三天反弹,但高位下跌的主趋势仍然延续,价格远离100.00的关口位,MACD显示空头动能仍然占优。4小时图,美指连续发生较为有力的上调,均线系统被小幅刺破。短线的道氏高点被升破之后,美指有进一步上行的风险,但目前需要明显再创新高才能确认涨势的延续。   欧元:   欧元兑美元短线连续小幅创出新低。日线图,虽然发生了一定程度的下调,但汇价保持上攻节奏。4小时图,均线系统的依托位和道氏低点支撑1.1160双双被刺破,MACD显示空头动能强劲,欧元面临进一步下落的风险。短线虽然没有构筑出良好的次要节奏,但由于下跌趋势已经形成,预计欧元小幅调整后将以继续走弱的节奏运行。   英镑:   英镑兑美元连续在低位震荡调整。日线图,均线系统保持压制的状态,尽管此前的反弹力度强劲,但整体并没有改变下跌的客观方向。4小时图,经过此轮下跌,空头动能明显占据主导。目前需警惕汇价走出abc结构调整的风险,短线做空仓位要降低。短线动能交替节奏频繁,需等待下一步动能的爆发,来确定行情运行的方向。   瑞郎:   美元兑瑞郎保持短线上攻的节奏。日线图,K线连续收阳,已将此前强力下跌的幅度收复近一半。均线系统保持压制排列的状态。4小时图,汇价的反弹力度较强,MACD显示多头动能强劲,后市仍有进一步上攻的动力。短线关注道氏低点的支撑0.9845,只要此位置不被跌破,美瑞仍将保持缓步走高的节奏运行。  日元   美元兑日元反弹之后构筑次要节奏调整。日线图,115.55的大级别道氏低点支撑已被跌破,美日的中长线涨势遭遇挑战。汇价连续反弹上行,但空头动能仍然强劲。4小时图,由于均线系统压制排列,后市仍有走低的风险。短线美日有望重新展现出一定的下跌力度,可继续观察113.00,跌破后可选择小仓做空,目标看向前低。   澳元:   澳元兑美元的多空动能转换频繁。日线图上看,汇价在试图收复前方的大阴线下跌,上方道氏高点阻力在0.7385,澳元有望向此位置发起冲击。4小时图,汇价仍在围绕均线反复穿越,目前操作只能顺短线力度小仓入场。短线的首道阻力在0.7240,预计澳元小幅盘整过后将逐步向此位置发起挑战,升破后方可打开进一步的上冲空间。   加元:   美元兑加元强力下跌,向前方低点1.3635发起冲击。日线图,由于道氏低点支撑1.3815已被刺破,美加的中线涨势遭遇挑战,后市面临下调的风险。4小时图,经过此轮下行,MACD显示空头动能充盈,再度创出近期新低的概率极大。短线并没有良好的次要节奏,美加走势仍会有一定的反复性,但预计下跌的趋势不会轻易改变。   今天重要财经数据及热点事件:   21:30美国上周初请失业金人数,前值26.9万   23:00欧盟领导人峰会(至2月19日)   23:00美国1月咨商会领先指标月率,前值-0.2%   23:55美国2月费城联储制造业指数,前值-3.5   明日:   04:30美联储理事威廉姆斯发表经济展望讲话   12:30日本12月所有产业活动指数月率,前值-1.0% 新浪声明:新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。相关的主题文章:

Early assessment positive attention four factors start or Waterloo 徐州工程学院教务处

Early assessment: positive attention four factors start OR Waterloo hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulation trading client Sina Level2:A shares Sina speed Kanpan finance client: making the most of the investors in the last trading day before the Spring Festival with investment Tianxin, market did not continue the second last trading day the trend of re emergence of a stride forward singing militant songs, but its performance was tangled, unstable, especially from the diving, the stock index edged down. Today is the first trading day of the year of the monkey, the market will usher in a good start, or the re emergence of the "Waterloo", we think mainly by the following factors: first, during the Spring Festival holiday A shares closed, the external market wide shocks, including Europe and the United States stock index plunging, then start up quickly in the international crude oil the big rebound, but the overall A shares closed during the European stock index down; in addition, the Asia Pacific stock index also spared, and Hongkong’s Hang Seng index refers to the deeper decline, but the recent trading day rose. So today, the performance of A shares is difficult to judge, in the end is to follow the overall decline or follow the recent trading day rise, are possible. Secondly, 80 billion restricted shares lifted the ban, making A shares open under pressure. The first trading week after the festival (from February 15th to 19th), the two cities in Shanghai and Shenzhen 63 companies, a total of 7 billion 70 million restricted shares lifted the listing, lifted the market value of about 85 billion 800 million yuan. Third, after the festival funds face tight, or called short-term normalization. Before the market is widely expected to drop to come, but the central bank [micro-blog] through policy tools continue to release liquidity to the market, and through reverse repurchase release mainly through 7 days after operation, which will lead to the central bank began recycling liquidity from the market in the short term, if the central bank does not re release to the market liquidity, while the short term market tightening of funds will become the consensus. Fourth, RRR is expected to rise again. According to recent data from the State Administration of foreign exchange, foreign exchange reserves in January once again reduced nearly one hundred billion dollars, in addition to recent RMB appreciation speed, on the one hand to stabilize foreign exchange, hand to domestic funds tight solution, we think before failed to achieve the RRR, the festival may soon realize. On the whole, no matter whether the market has achieved a good start or a new downturn, the market is judged to be reasonable by considering the market’s judgment and analysis. From the historical statistics, the annual market in February will achieve little red chance, and the average increase of the market in February to around 3%, while the current market rate is less than 1%, we believe that in February the market there is a good opportunity, in March NPC and CPPCC held, market expectations for the opportunity to invest in the main NPC and CPPCC the general will be the reaction of the market in February. News: 1, the inter-bank bond market counter business management approach promulgated by the people’s Bank China [micro-blog]14 released "the national inter-bank bond market counter business management measures" provisions, the annual income of not less than five hundred thousand yuan, the name of the financial assets of not less than three million yuan, with more than two years of securities

早评:积极关注四因素 开门红OR滑铁卢 热点栏目资金流向千股千评个股诊断最新评级模拟交易客户端 新浪财经Level2:A股极速看盘 新浪财经客户端:最赚钱的投资者都在用   天信投资   春节前的最后一个交易日,市场并未延续倒数第二个交易日的走势高歌猛进,反而再度出现一定的纠结,其表现明显不稳定,尤其是尾盘的跳水,致使股指出现微跌。今天是猴年的第一个交易日,市场能否迎来开门红,亦或再度出现“滑铁卢”,我们认为主要还是由以下几种因素决定:   首先,在春节假期A股休市期间,外围股市整体宽幅震荡下挫,其中欧美股指一度大跌,随后在国际原油大反弹时启动快速上行,但整体上A股休市期间欧美股指下行;此外,亚太股指也未能幸免,日经指以及香港恒生股指跌幅较深,不过其最近的交易日均实现上涨。故今天A股的表现就很难判断,到底是跟随整体下跌还是跟随最近的交易日上涨,都有可能。   其次,800亿限售股解禁来袭,使得A股开门受到承压。节后首个交易周(2月15日至19日)沪深两市有63家公司共计70.7亿限售股解禁上市流通,解禁市值约858亿元。   第三,节后资金面趋紧或称为短期常态化。节前市场普遍预期降准的来临,但是央行[微博]通过政策工具持续向市场释放流动性,而通过逆回购释放主要通过7天的操作,这必将导致节后央行开始从市场回收流动性,若央行短期内不重新向市场释放流动性,则短期内市场的资金趋紧将成为共识。   第四,降准的预期再度升温。从外汇管理局最近的数据显示,一月份外汇储备再度减少接近千亿美元的规模,另外最近人民币的升值速度加快,一方面要平抑外汇占款,一方面也要对国内资金的趋紧出台解决方案,我们认为节前未能实现的降准,节后可能很快实现。   整体来看,无论今日市场是否实现开门红,或者是再度出现下挫,结合市场的判断分析,我们认为均属合理范围。从历史的统计来看,每年的2月份市场总会实现不小的红包机会,并且整个2月份市场的平均涨幅达到3%附近,而目前市场的涨幅仅不足1%,我们认为2月份的市场还有不错的机会,另外3月份两会召开,市场对于两会的投资主体性机会的预期一般会在2月份得到市场的反应。   消息面:   1、银行间债市柜台业务管理办法发布   中国人民银行[微博]14日发布的《全国银行间债券市场柜台业务管理办法》规定,年收入不低于五十万元,名下金融资产不少于三百万元,具有两年以上证券投资经验的个人投资者可投资柜台业务的全部债券品种和交易品种。   2、离岸人民币春节飙升近700基点   全球股市表现不尽如人意,离岸人民币兑美元价格(CNH)在春节假期(2月8日-2月13日)却逆势飙升,累计升值近700个基点。据中国外汇交易中心数据,节前美元兑人民币境内即期(CNY)收报6.5755。这意味着,目前境内外人民币汇率价差倒挂达669个基点。   3、私募信披新规出台   中国基金业协会日前发布了一系列新规,其中包括《私募投资基金信息披露管理办法》。根据该办法,私募基金在运作期间应当每季度向投资者披露信息,单只规模在5000万元以上的私募证券投资基金应每月向投资者披露上述信息。 新浪声明:新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

The CSRC requires agencies to scientifically classify investors 腾云驾雾的意思

The Commission requires institutions for scientific classification of sina finance App investors: Live on-line bloggers to tutor you say on the stocks contest points out 60 million Sina Financial News on September 9th news, the Commission spokesman Deng Ge said on the 9 day, before the Commission on the "measures" investors appropriate management of securities and futures to solicit public opinions. Investors in the system is a basic system of capital market, which is to implement specific initiatives of relevant documents required by the State Council, is the implementation of specific measures in accordance with the law, strict and comprehensive regulatory requirements. Deng Ge pointed out that China’s capital market is dominated by small and medium investors, and it is particularly important to establish an appropriate system for investors. The "measures" constructed a series of institutional arrangements: one is based on multi dimension index, investors and establish a unified hierarchical classification system, the investors are divided into professional investors and ordinary investors, to meet certain conditions can be transformed into each other. Two is the establishment of layers of checks, strict control of risk product classification mechanism. Three is to strengthen the appropriate obligations of operating institutions. Four is to highlight the special protection of ordinary investors, stipulates that ordinary investors in risk notification and appropriate matching applies special protective measures. The five is to strengthen the regulatory responsibilities and legal responsibility, and formulated the corresponding regulatory measures corresponding to the obligations. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

证监会要求经营机构对投资者进行科学分类 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导 你说了算 上炒股大赛分掉6000万   新浪财经讯 9月9日消息,证监会新闻发言人邓舸9日表示,日前证监会就《证券期货投资者适当性管理办法》公开征求意见。投资者适当性制度是资本市场的一项基础性制度,这是落实国务院有关文件要求的具体举措,也是贯彻依法、从严、全面监管要求的具体举措。   邓舸指出,我国资本市场以中小投资者为主,建立投资者适当性制度尤为重要。《办法》构建了一系列制度安排:   一是依据多维度指标,建立统一而又分层的投资者分类制度,把投资者分为专业投资者和普通投资者,满足一定条件可相互转化。   二是建立层层把关、严控风险的产品分级机制。   三是强化经营机构的适当性义务。   四是突出对普通投资者的特别保护,规定普通投资者在风险告知和适当性匹配方面适用特别保护措施。   五是强化了监管职责和法律责任,制定了与义务规定一一对应的监管措施。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: