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but it is even better effort. LOYAL ryujo twenty thousand recruits teams of Yankan completed

. pending Kong Youde, Xue Han Yong and other generals in attendance, Fang know this personally come Hyobu main hall. visit salute the end, Huang Su Chun is not much, then it will be a part ordered Sergeant personally bring Yankan. also lose his more than sixty years old , beard and hair were white, but it is even better effort. LOYAL ryujo twenty thousand recruits teams of Yankan completed, and ordered drilled Review, naughty off their feet, in the end be considered satisfactory. Han Zhujiang although swordsman, but it is not the world I do not know The fool services at this time met with Huang Chun Su so happened, we know that this old man living in the central cabinet and wanted to know the inner court of the message. perhaps Kingship determined attack Chuan, or cross the river by the Xiangyang, direct attack Henan, also unknown. others to worth mentioning,

shot down under what conditions

shot down under what conditions, and good and bad of life and death, "The Secret History of Communist combat" is still taboo if secrets secret. Things over thirty years, the mainland has first disclosed, the Air Force does have a campaign plane crash, victim named Liu Weimin. But he did not die Jiangtian En Major or Captain Gu Xiang muzzle under the tree: the 25th afternoon, the Nationalist air force concentrated fifth, eleven two brigades of the F-86 aircraft, 48, flew over the sea east of the Golden Gate. People’s Liberation Army stationed in Zhangzhou fighter aviation regiment nine divisions twenty-seven engaged a brigade immediately took off, because there is no target discovery and ordered to return. Due to a technical fault left behind Liu Weimin double machine, southeast of the airport in Zhangzhou found four KMT over the aircraft, Liu Weimin


I respect Chinese culture, I think my life can not fully understand them a little bit of content, which is what I have been learning Chinese for cultural reasons, but you what? You Chinese people, their culture to know how much? even I can said Chinese people understand Chinese culture, absolutely nothing we Japanese know more. Confucianism what? Why Confucius will be enshrined into such a high position? ye who can say? "" moderate, benevolence, these that is the essence of Confucianism "I’ll be I was just about to move out of the knowledge of Chinese culture. I was feeling quite complex. Yes, ah, he asked more what? I also know that yet? Our generation seriously and few people interested in Chinese culture and even studied. Even their own cultures who do not understand, how the theory with cultural issues and others ah? We immediately asked him

only six feet deep in order to access overloaded prevail. Year-old Cao Jiang Huai

age outer temples Chang, Yang still have the right to lead the ministry of water monitoring , Premier renew bridge boats waiting to take complete purpose. John re-exam book book please hook, made their treacherous spoils. Is the age and the doctor Chao Chang, Yang Kui Bong with the doctor. March Landmarks, Jingxi transport company statement: "The Road Branch Hefang husband thirty thousand years old, ditch husband eighteen thousand. Edge successive sterility, Qundao looting their resources trapped disadvantages, begging amount minus discharge." Chao minus eight thousand people. Near the river, since the beginning of the Sui, and clear economic canal, cited Yellow Tonghuai, Tang, renamed Guangji. Song Du beam to Mengzhou heyin Kaifeng County, south of the mouth of the Yellow River by the first belongs to Huai Si. Every spring and winter years since, often in estuaries are diversion potential, only six feet deep in order to access overloaded prevail. Year-old Cao Jiang Huai, Lake, Zhejiang meter millions, until the southeast of the production,

the entire Navy Self-Defense Force warships have all been destroyed

"I do not know they will not come" reporter lady said. "I hope not, may God bless his people." (Might as well ask me seeking God) "Then he is a small aspect of the news release JB:" We suffer from Tsunami and Storm, the entire Navy Self-Defense Force warships have all been destroyed, and no staff also survived the entire country into mourning. " other countries in the world have issued a message to the victims expressed condolences to the victims heavy condolences. ZCH three major civil society organizations held a celebration today destined to be an extraordinary night, yes, unusual tonight, I’m going to rob in The instability of the night people, it is simply not rob me of this new era underworld CEO