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Who is the next one New European golden boy lost his way in Bayern govos

Who is the next one? New European golden boy in Bayern lost a gotze? The reporter reported Lee about the 19 year old Portuguese midfielder mulberry Sheth recently won the European golden boy award, also winning the European Cup this summer, but a little bit embarrassed is unavoidable, this is he after joining Bayern also has not been able to integrate into the team. Last weekend, Sanchez, because the rotation did not play, this is not too big, but he has not yet come up with a convincing performance in Bayern. The authoritative magazine "kicker" score is always very objective, Sanchez made 6 appearances in the league, but played against Borussia too late without scoring, the other 5 games and averaged 4.30 points, one of the best but also 4 points. Last week in the German Cup, Sanchez and Augsburg in the first game, the result is only 4 points. UEFA Champions League games, he was just off the bench 2 times, did not score. Compared to Hummel J quickly into the team, and other midfielders, he did a lot of color of the mulberry, has yet to find their own position in Bayern. Last week, Sanchez came to accept the European golden boy award in Monte Carlo, "I’m very happy to receive this honor, but this is not my personal honor, but would like to thank all the Portuguese team mate and former club Benfica, this is their glory." The German media lamented, the European golden boy award this occasion, in order to allow people to have the opportunity to hear Sanchez’s speech, in order to help him to better adapt to the new environment, the club of Bayern before the end of this year will arrange to interview him! Bayern to do so, Sanchez is a kind of protection, or the media will ask, as the first Portuguese players in Bayern history, why so slow start. Of course, people should not forget that Sanchez has experienced a leap in the year. Benfica coach Rui · Vitoria in October 2015 from the youth team Sanchez will be promoted to the first team, the latter not only quickly established absolute main position and won the league, also become international. The Bayern, the first sign of mulberry Sheth, Portuguese in the European Cup this summer shine, with the European champions came to Munich. Kimich’s understanding of the difficulties he sang, "he who came here, don’t speak German, English is not very good, definitely take weeks or months to adapt to this." But his teammates are called Zansang Sheth efforts, Neuer said: "he is a German teacher, often in class. He has a good personality and a strong desire for knowledge." At ordinary times, a member of the Portuguese speaking department in Bayern will be accompanied by a staff member, who will accompany him to avoid being alone. The price of the transfer fee of 35 million euros, if you add a variety of additional terms, up to a maximum of $80 million. But he is still less than 20 years old, Bayern recognized the enormous potential of Sang Sheth, praised his passing accuracy and fighting ability, but now the Portuguese teenager hasn’t yet been able to show these abilities in the game. In this regard, Rahm believes that Sanchez just needs time, he will definitely help us in the future." Of course there are media worried that Sanchez would be like P相关的主题文章:

Cai Zhenhua Lippi doesn’t promise to win Qatar but he certainly has a good performance (video) yo te amo

Cai Zhenhua: Lippi is not guaranteed to win but certainly have a good performance in Qatar five teams won the National Award Cai Zhenhua summary speech look forward to the national team sports Tencent in November 5th 2016 Super League season awards ceremony at the final stage, Chinese Football Association President Cai Zhenhua accepted the host site on the national team’s question. Cai Zhenhua said in his reply, Lippi said to him, 15 and Qatar’s game may not be able to win, but at least you can see the changes in the national team, but also good performance. Cai Zhenhua attended the award ceremony at the end of the award ceremony, awarded the national contribution award, Cai Zhenhua as a guest of honor, to 5 award-winning club awards. Subsequently, Cai Zhenhua at the scene to accept the moderator’s question. Lippi entered the national football fans are expecting more, Cai Zhenhua said this, he has seen the enthusiasm of the fans, "the feast of football this evening I was very moved, this is not only the scene is very warm, but also by CCTV and new media broadcast, so that hundreds of millions of football fans to support the superior, cheering for." Then, Cai Zhenhua talked about the 15 national football coming in the 12 match with Qatar national football game, "does No. 15 game, I believe everyone is expected, we all know that the national football coach Lippi has led in Kunming, for a period of 12 days of training. This morning we together with Mr. Lippi on the 15 match, Mr. Lippi told me two words today, I want you to share: one is that he is looking forward to 15 games; another, he said he could not guarantee the game to win, but he said No. 15 the game’s foot must have change, there must be a very good performance. I want to let us look forward to, and look forward to win the game 15."相关的主题文章:

The green army striker will enter the gaming circles group lol and watch the pioneer Corps (video) yvette yates

The green army striker will enter the gaming circles group LOL and the pioneer Corps [] Jay Rebko score and volleyball cap Thomas ball smart three shot into the Tencent in August 30th for the NBA sports news star, they rely on their basketball skills earned a lot of dollars, but basketball is a bowl of young rice, the player will have the best retire. Some players in the retired forced into bankruptcy, some of the stars are destitute, fast, assets doubled several times. Boston Celtic striker Jay Rebko today in other areas of investment, he bought a stake in gaming clan. The green army into the players gaming circles Renegades teams from Australia, Jay Rebko bought the team in the CS:GO team ownership from the hands of Michaels Christopher. Jay Rebko comes from Sweden, and the e-sports is very popular in northern Europe, Jay Rebko chose to invest in this piece is also a matter of course. According to Jay Rebko himself, he was originally intended to 2017 investment gaming field, but the chance is quite good, Jay Rebko changed his mind. He just bought the team, and team members to renew the contract, and transfer them to the Michigan training center, also hired a coach and a general manager. He also called on a mission to call the team, the team will also use the name of the Renegades, and in the next season’s mission to call the world championship. But Jay Rebko’s goal is not limited to this, according to Jay Rebko himself said he wanted to expand the scale of the clan, so that the team has a League of heroes, aura and watch vanguard team. Before Jay Rebko, a famous former Lakers star Fawkes and Shaquille O’neal have also invested in the gaming field. (Dudu) copyright statement: This article is an exclusive copy of Tencent sports, unauthorized, shall not be reproduced, or will be held liable.相关的主题文章:

Women in early menopause is hormone dependent.

Women in early menopause is hormone dependent. Health Guide: for nearly a month, the hospital admissions for not to menstruation is not pregnant were 8 young girls for several months, "female premature menopause is a concern, Guangdong Pharmaceutical University Third Affiliated hospital gynecology physician pack sensitive pointed out that young women appear abnormal menstruation the problem of adjusting, the best combination of clinical symptoms and physical syndrome treatment, long-term oral hormone, is likely to cause endocrine disorders, caused by hormone dependent. Women in early menopause is hormone dependent. The young girl is ovarian amenorrhea, premature menopause is hormone dependent decline in female killer package sensitive found only more than and 20 of these girls amenorrhea occurs, this is the age of the girl gonadal function best, should have good self adjustment ability, not the occurrence of amenorrhea". Check and find their situation with the more than and 40 year old middle-aged female menstruation reduction, prolonged menstrual cycle is different: young girl "amenorrhea" and not because of the decline of ovarian function caused by hormone secretion, when they are accompanied by the detection of some hormones increased, which increased prolactin and progesterone and testosterone increased, most of the patients did not find organic disease. [1]相关的主题文章:

The Mekong River action box office broke 500 million Zhang Hanyu Eddie Peng was affirmed – Peo win7codecs

"The Mekong River action" at the box office breaking 500 million   Zhang Hanyu Eddie Peng won the affirmation, Jiangsu windows — original title: "the Mekong River action" at the box office breaking five hundred million by Huang Jianxin, producer Liang Fengying, Dante Lam directed, Zhang Hanyu, Eddie Peng, Feng Wenjuan, Wu Xudong and other gangster action movie "play Mekong action" at the box office the way counter attack, and won the single day box office attendance champion. October 7th, the film box office reached 548 million yuan, breaking the $500 million mark. The movie "the Mekong River action" since its release will get the support of netizens, the box office exceeded 500 million way to counter attack, on the first day of the 40 million National Day day 60 million, 66 million, fourth, third, released in 72 million 500 thousand, fifth, 76 million 500 thousand, 10? 5 Golden Triangle Chinese crew "anniversary movie box office 85 million, 4 consecutive days won the championship attendance and the single day box office. The audience said, "Mekong River action" regardless of the plot, the scene, the investment is the pattern of high-quality blockbusters". The movie "the Mekong River action" to the director Dante Lam unique stunt play, compact plot rhythm and fast clip let netizens yibaoyanfu, starring Zhang Hanyu and Eddie Peng in the film’s best performances also won the recognition of the fans. The audience said, looking forward to the director Lin Chaoxian can provide another ending for the film, "urged the high team and small body battles." Eddie Peng plays the film undercover at the last party Xinwu whether sacrifice, recently become the focus of a big suspense and hot, from the collision explosion scene, the party seems to be at the expense of Xinwu, but there are also many netizens believe that the movie at the expense of the dog made a monument, but did not appear in the Fang Xinwu monument, and Zhang Hanyu just as high remarks suggesting another possibility — Fang Xinwu still lurks as an intelligence officer in Golden Triangle. Zhang Hanyu finally said, "Fang Xinwu has not changed. I can feel his pain when he goes to prison, and you can rest assured that Fang Xinwu may not be dead, but still worth trusting. In this regard, the two roles played by Zhang Hanyu, Eddie Peng also interact in micro-blog, and wrote: "brother, are you still there on the potential of the right, right?" "" "" "" "", "said Zhang Hanyu This is a secret we can’t open! You know!" A few days ago, Zhang Hanyu also updated micro-blog air to Eddie Peng shouted: "brother, titanium legs, hands, I have ordered completed for the younger brother, super intelligent! Unique! Will be sent to you from germany." Eddie Peng responded: "good high team! Waiting for the receipt of goods. By the way, are there any colors to choose from?" (Gao Yufei) (Tang Lu, commissioning editor Zhang Xin)相关的主题文章: