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The U. S. – Xu Fan Zheng Saisai 2-0 Zhang Shuai missed the top 16 qualify for the women’s Doubles – 519697

The U. S. – Xu Fan Zheng Saisai 2-0 Zhang Shuai missed the top 16 qualify for the women’s Doubles – Beijing sports Sohu on September 3rd morning, the 2016 U.S. Open Grand Slam tennis match continues, in the second round of the women’s doubles match, No. 11 seed Zheng Saisai China combined Xu Fan to maintain excellent condition, 6-3 7-6 straight down two to defeat transnational combination of Sangtong Ella Yanukovich plus, successfully advance women’s doubles 16. Another game, Zhang Shuai Stosur against No. 5 seed Maarova Vesnina in the second set of Russia, missed the match point after the final 6-3 6-7 4-6 was reversed out of us missed the top 16 women’s doubles. Xu Fan Zheng Saisai 2-0 Yanukovich Ella Sangtong (6-3 and 7-6) Xu Yifan Zheng Saisai is the current US women’s doubles No. 11 seed, at the beginning of the Australian Open once broke into the semi-finals, the first round of the US open two straight sets victory over Carla Schoeni Kurkovva Panova. The first game, link Chinese combination serve full advantage, a leading opponent of the scoring rate of 10 percentage points, Xu Fan Zheng Saisai in the first set to create 5 break opportunities and broke two times to complete the final 6-3 to win the first set. Second set Ella Covic San Tongia links serve a substantial decline, there have been as many as 6 double faults, but Chinese break combination efficiency is not high, 8 break points only 1 break, Ella Yanukovich Sangtong also was broken China combined serve, 6-6 after entering the grab seven. When Xu Fan Zheng Saisai solidity, 7-5 won seven grab two straight sets victory, winning 16 in advance. Zhang Shuai Stosur 1-2 Maarova Vesnina (6-3 6-7 4-6) the current US Zhang Shuai a personal best record into the third round, the second round to beat the opponent is the doubles partner Stosur. Two people together against the US Open women’s doubles match, Jankovic led the first round 2-1 defeat transnational combination, in the second round opponent is the number 5 seed, Russian Maarova Vesnina. The first game, the Third Bureau of Russia’s first break, the fourth game of Zhang Shuai Stosur broke back 2-2. Then even with a broken protect a 4-2 lead, Zhang Shuai Stosur will break to the end, 6-3 won the first. The second game, the Russian combination of fourth Bureau of the completion of the break, followed by Zhang Shuai Stosur with Lianpo with Paul 5-4 ahead into the ball game, the Russian combination then broke back, issued their own security after 6-6. Zhang Shuai Stosur was snatched seven 6-3 to match point, then Russia’s tenacious scored 5 points, scored 8-6 reversal grab seven, total score of 1-1. The third set Zhang Shuai Stosur combination completely suppressed opponents, suffered after the break to achieve back breaking, 4-6 lost the decider, eventually lost 1-2 in Russia missed the top 16 women’s doubles combination. (Feng Qingyang)相关的主题文章:

Zhejiang Gongshang University alumni to create Internet plus foreign company was awarded the ten out puritans pride

Zhejiang Gongshang University alumni to create Internet plus foreign company was awarded the ten outstanding new Hongkong youth day, Zhejiang Gongshang University level 2008 alumni Pan Jianfeng and pianist Yundi Li, the famous athlete Guo Jingjing, Phoenix TV host Anton, won the "ten outstanding new Hongkong youth title. The site is what makes Pan Jianfeng become a Yundi Li and Guo Jingjing par successful people from a transformation of undergraduate students in just eight years? Let’s go to his life and listen to his story. Pan Jianfeng and Guo Jingjing photo University Pan Jianfeng is 2008 level begin to display talents of public administration major public management school of Zhejiang Gongshang University students. Sophomore next semester, he served as director of the school of public affairs, the news gathering center, the head of the student community. At that time, based on the SNS campus social networking popular university campus, Pan Jianfeng realized that this may bring new opportunities for small communities on campus. So, he in concentrating on outreach services at the same time, pushing the construction of official website, eventually became the school community to create a handful of news window, page popularity break one hundred thousand. Referring to this experience, he summed up the three words: passion, public welfare, responsibility. "Despite the many difficulties, but based on the love of the news, we are willing to do anything without economic returns." Fourth, Pan Jianfeng internship at the Hangzhou Research Institute of NetEase, the NetEase is responsible for the light blog LOFTER part label operation and interview editing work, half written more than 20, a single reading volume up to 180 thousand. In the meantime, he applied for Hongkong University, received two schools admission notice. Also participated in a state-owned school recruit, through the 5 round of screening, becoming one of the thousands of candidates employed in one of the 2 undergraduate. In the face of graduation choice, Pan Jianfeng regardless of their parents to retain, chose to go to Hong Kong Polytech University to pursue further studies in order to get more growth. Looking back at the University for four years, he said, "my alma mater gave me the stage, but also gave me space. The university must make a list of their own, graduation cash, so that it will not leave so much regret." Business days after the arrival of Pan Jianfeng All sufferings have their reward., give myself five goals: reading, writing, and experience, social entrepreneurship. When applying for the school, information asymmetry so that Pan Jianfeng took a lot of detours. So, he wrote a study in Hongkong Raiders DIY, published on the Internet, I did not expect to become a popular article, many students to seek his advice. In 2012 he founded the study, originally wanted to through their own labor to earn pocket money. Subsequently, he published a study in Hongkong photo tutorial fool, and the introduction of the electronic version of the book in NetEase cloud reading. More and more students looking for help, and his income exceeded expectations, he became interested in the education industry. In 2014, after graduation, Pan Jianfeng chose to work full-time, fortunately survived. He began to build a team, consider to study business as a springboard to the transformation of "Internet plus". In early 2015, the introduction of the Majorbox global education enrollment service platform APP for colleges and students;相关的主题文章:

Wang Meng review of NBA China match twelve years long past is full of love (video) 9c8836

Wang Meng: review of NBA Chinese match twelve years long past is full of love China history match 20 ball (11-20) opponent Jeremy Yao Mingxue hat glide split button from the first Chinese tournament, has been twelve years. I’ve been in this line for twelve years. It’s really fast, especially when you think about it, time seems to be as fleeting as a legend. In the summer of 2004, NBA took the preseason to China for the first time. It was the third season for Yao Ming to enter NBA, the first year in which Maddie had come. That is after I graduated from university second years, I can speak Turkish fluently, very. At that time, NBA had to cover the floor, all the required goods shipped from afar. At that time, yet no Mercedes Wukesong, such a large beautiful hall center. But, in retrospect, it was beautiful. My basketball career began from then on. It is the beginning of the heyday of Chinese basketball market. For twelve years, it sounds OK, fine wondering, is a very distant era. Such as the media, suffered great changes. At that time, there were a lot of people who read newspapers. That year, three basketball only newspapers were born, and countless new magazines. Not only in China, but also in the United states. The "Houston Chronicle", a lot of old rockets fans should remember, Houston’s largest local newspaper, the year Chinese match, they sent three reporters to. One of them came to China two weeks ago to write the story of the birth of Yao Ming. Is a story. Not data, not competition, is true to life, read a taste, let a person have the pleasure of reading the story. At that time, writing, in my opinion, was a sacred thing. To this day, I still think so. Unfortunately, the times do not seem to think so. The two weeks in advance to Chinese reporter called Fullan · Lin Boli, a veteran reporter was born in Philadelphia, 62 years old this year, the NBA reporter for 45 years. One of my favorite NBA authors. We met twelve years ago, now become great friends. He love to drink beer, travel, do not eat the same food, this way. Twelve years later, we don’t know how much beer we drink. At that time, the newspaper is willing to spend money, let him stay for a long time, know the country, slowly write a story. At that time, the Houston chronicle sold well, see, only to see this. It is a daily, Sunday’s period, when to sell ninety eight copies, Monday to Friday, there are five hundred thousand of the issued amount. The sports section is a thick pile of. Especially the Sunday edition, heavy, can hit human internal injuries. Layout and content, are very heavy. Not now, print circulation downturn, "Houston Chronicle" fell by more than half. This time the Rockets came to China, they only sent a reporter. Now the newspaper, thin, less content, such as sports version of the week on the four page. There are too many major league teams in Houston, as well as the University game, the Rockets are limited to a small area. Of course, interesting, can bring you the joy of reading less. Of course, it’s the same in china. (he is third times, know to eat, to meet said, should be to eat the相关的主题文章:

Data to see Lippi bring change the number of shots turned 3 times + ball control rate rose by 20%

Data Lippi brings over 3 times the number of shot + ball rate rose 20% Feng Xiaoting comforted Jiang Zhipeng sina sports 0-0 regret draw, Lippi coached the 12 day China men although not able to bring a victory in the hope that the majority of fans, but on the pitch tonight’s show to the tactical level and want to win, including spirit, fighting spirit, or to let all the fans feel gratified. Perhaps, as Lippi promised before the game, he can not guarantee that the foot of the country from Qatar to get 3 points, but we must let you see the team in the scene changes. With their own knowledge and understanding of Chinese football, after taking office, the Italian quickly announced the preparation of the game with Qatar’s 25 National People’s Congress list. From this list, we saw a loud voice before Cao Yunding, Zheng Zhi and other players impressively, but in the first few races of poor play players are logical unsuccessful, Lippi’s first choice players in bold is reflected. Did not delay the day of training, personally guided, even if it is just to arrange the obstacles on the training ground to operate their own, Lippi did bring too much to the national foot. After tonight’s game, the opening, the Orangemen demonstrated a strong ability to control the game, especially Zheng Zhi, Wu Xi, Zhang Xizhe, Huang Bowen and other midfielder super dominance, once let rivals Qatar team no way. Compared to the previous no tricks, it will only pass Chongtiao cooperation between players and short tonight was increased several times, in front of a ball can even allow fans to sigh — we really haven’t seen such a Chinese team. But after the discovery of wing opponents loopholes, frequent and resolutely fight each other’s weakness for the team also created more threat to. The first 4 matches of the national football data and Qatar race data through the data we can easily find that the national foot tonight completed a total of 22 foot shot, this data is far ahead of the opponent’s 10. Want to win, the goal is the fundamental, if a team did not even have the opportunity to shoot the game, it also talk about how to grab points. You know, in the top 12 games before the game, the Chinese team shot the field is only for the 6.8 time this evening, the national foot of this data will be increased by nearly 3 times the. Although not able to get a goal, but even before the opportunity to create the tragic fact that the country is not enough to make people excited tonight. If it wasn’t for bad luck, the first win of the 12 games might have arrived. Another allows people to be happy with the data reflected in the ball control rate, tonight, the national ball control rate as high as 62%, far more than the first 4 games average ball rate of nearly 20 percentage points. To make people feel more commendable is that the National Football Stadium tonight I use in depth, in front of several came straight ball let people see the old man on the transformation of Italy national football technical and tactical level, to see his tactics give priority to with me, this is a strong team or to become one good team must have temperament. The distance between the players closer, more cooperation between the players, the success rate of passing a matter of course相关的主题文章:

Serie A – second scored two + inter Turin 2-1 lore end of 3 straight – Sports Sohu www.8008205555

Serie A – second scored two + inter Turin 2-1 lore end of 3 straight – Sohu sports Beijing time 2:45 on October 27th (Italy local time 26, 20:45), tenth Serie A total war, 2 more than 1 Milan international home court Rico Turin, the end of the Serie A 3 game losing streak. Icardi opener, Belotti in the second half equaliser, icardi before the whistle lore, 10 shots in Serie A this season scoring 8 goals. The first inter De Boer Serie A after 3 defeats in the school crisis, the victory is not, however, Turin is now one of the best teams in Serie A state. Inter League last 4 losses to be traced back to February 2013. De Boer made the replacement of 3 starters, Ansaldi replaced Thornton, Hatomo Yuto to play on the left. Replace the suspended 3 games Medel banega. Playing for Inter for the first time since 6 consecutive race scoring I Karl Di still lead the attack, Candreva returned to replace Perisic. Turin 6 consecutive unbeaten, the first 9 rounds to get a score of 15, to create the best start since the implementation of the system of 3 points. Nearly 2 away games against Inter win. The leader Mikhailovich played the old club, Leah also wrote against the old master. Moretti injured castan. "Friends of the wife," one of the maxi Lopez to sit on the bench. The opening 3 minutes, Adair counter sent overheads, Joao – Mario 25 meters in front of a volley ball – column journey. The left back again Eder to create opportunities, transfer from a defender chanqiang, candreva volley hit the side net on the right side of the area. Break the ball is blocked from Banega Tong line, icardi outflanking in place, but Baraka forestalled failure. Active breakthrough Adair Vardi Fiore pass, Blo R Vecchi 20 meters in front of Volley wide of the right angle. Enki Leah corner, Rossettini headed over to the far corner of Handanovic was confiscated. Turin midfielder Blo R Vecchi lost the ball, the ball hit the edge of the area, it is high. Inter thirty-fifth minutes ahead! Banega left low pass, Candreva restricted area arc ball, I Karl Di offside before inserting the collusion attack Hart at the foot of I Karl Di got the ball, but he unexpectedly sell, I Karl Di 8 meters in front of the right leg the ball into the upper left corner, 1 to 0. Icardi nearly scored 64 goals in 5 Serie A seasons, the same period after Gonzalo Higuain (77 goals). This is the first time in the first half of inter milan. The Turin midfielder lost the ball, brozzo Ibrahimovic pass, icardi on the left edge of the area of low Shepian far post. Inter this season second lead into halftime, the last 2 0 win over empoli. The second half, Maxi Lopez replaced Falck jacob. Cristian Blo R Vecchi stabbed, curled the ball wide of the left post. Right Candreva free kick, I Karl Di almost to the top. Benassi replaced aquamarina. Sixty-third minutes from Turin, Murillo and Cristian interference both fell, Tony Loti left the ball into the restricted area, 8 meters in front of left foot volley into the top 1, more than 1. Eighty-eighth minutes, Palacio left the low bench, ilka s相关的主题文章: