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The Chinese medicine cupping three misunderstanding — Health Channel –工号9527为您服务�����

The Chinese medicine cupping three misunderstanding — Health Channel – cupping is through instantaneous combustion in the tank using alcohol, will burn out the air in the tank, the formation of negative pressure tank, which can be adsorbed on the surface, usually the lucrative parts of the muscles. The cupping process can promote the local blood circulation, accelerate and promote the recovery of sports fatigue, The new supersedes the old., even the treatment of soft tissue injury. China-Japan Friendship Hospital Acupuncture Department Director Li Shiliang and the doctor in Warsong said, cupping therapy has a long history in China, people of Chinese cupping have three big misunderstanding. — whether all are suitable for cupping? No The clinical bleeding tendency, disease, edema, damaged skin ulcers in patients not suitable for cupping, too thin friends I did not enjoy the blessing of cupping, because muscle is too thin will lead to the adsorption tank. In addition, the vascular distribution and scar and other parts are not suitable for cupping. — cupping is too long? No Some patients have a lot of local cupping blisters, they said it was pulled out of the "dampness", seems to have enjoyed. In fact, this is a misunderstanding, this is actually a long time cupping caused by separation of epidermis and dermis, is not recommended, especially in summer, once the bubble burst, it is very easy to cause the infection. — cupping purple printed? This is a misunderstanding. This print is purple cupping appeared: when will attract negative pressure cupping resulted in a rapid increase in blood perfusion, leading to the regional vascular rapid passive expansion, the expansion of blood vessels are small capillaries, older people or lack of exercise, the body surface of the capillary fragility may increase. In this way, when the blood quickly poured in, it will cause a part of the capillary rupture, leading to subcutaneous bleeding, which is the truth of the formation of purple. Therefore, there is no Purple Print should go with the flow, it does not matter, but do not have to pursue the purple. This kind of mark will be dissipated in a week or so. In addition, cupping indoor must pay attention to keep warm, so as not to catch a cold, and that patients do not move the position, so as not to fall off the tank. At the same time, cupping should always observe the patient’s condition, such as pain or discomfort, should immediately adjust the negative pressure or re adsorption tank. If the conditions permit, we should try to go to the hospital to seek professional help, so as to achieve the purpose of treatment safely and effectively. (AP)   "people’s Daily" (08 October 2016 05 Edition) (Xu Xinyi Juan, commissioning editor: right)相关的主题文章:

The Imperial Palace exhibition of Ming and Qing Dynasty porcelain kiln-kamikaze love

At the the Imperial Palace of Ming and Qing Dynasty imperial kiln porcelain newspaper news (reporter Zhai Qun) in October 25th, "the Ming Dynasty imperial kiln porcelain — Jingdezhen kiln ruins unearthed Chenghua porcelain exhibition and the Imperial Palace Museum handed down contrast (referred to as" the Ming Dynasty Chenghua kiln porcelain of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, comparative exhibition) kiln porcelain — Jingdezhen Ceramic Museum of the Imperial Palace and the new archaeological achievements exhibition (referred to as the Ming and Qing imperial porcelain kiln archaeological exhibition) in the Imperial Palace Museum Palace and the palace opened Yan Xi zhai. The Ming Dynasty Chenghua kiln porcelain exhibition for the first time compared to the Imperial Palace Museum collection after the kiln porcelain fully into several generations of experts before the exhibition, a total of 67 sets, to provide a more comprehensive appreciation of Chenghua kiln porcelain standard opportunity for the audience, it also has 9 pieces on display after generation into imitation the table (or into imitation of a kiln porcelain), for the comparative study of the audience. Jingdezhen City Ceramic archaeological research from the archaeological income in the selection of 107 sets of repair products representative of the exhibitors, some of which were handed down, and the the Imperial Palace Museum collection control display, so that the audience can clearly see the difference between genuine and product selection. It is reported that the two sides will Hongzhi, Zhengde and Jiajing, Longqing and Wanli Dynasty imperial kiln porcelain exhibition held in succession to contrast cooperation. Ming and Qing imperial porcelain kiln archaeological exhibition by the the Imperial Palace Museum, Jingdezhen City Ceramic Archaeological Institute jointly organized by the Jiangxi cultural relics, archaeological research institute, Peking University School of Archaeology and Museology Co. A total of 165 pieces of exhibits, the latest achievements in Jingdezhen since 2014 and the kiln ruins unearthed in the Imperial Palace museum is the highlight of the new archaeological achievements have never been exhibited, debuted for the first time. The exhibition is divided into 5 units, respectively "production intent and the officer" "kiln porcelain drop selection and processing mode" and "kiln porcelain management and use of the" imperial kiln porcelain and the formation of "new" imperial kiln". The first 3 units elaborated the Ming and Qing Dynasty kiln porcelain from the design, the production, to the use, the waste process, is for the purpose of revealing the Ming and Qing Imperial kiln management system concrete connotation. The fourth unit in the Ming Dynasty imperial porcelain factory in Longquan successful imitation of burning green glazed porcelain as a miniature, profound influence from a glimpse of imperial porcelain factory in Jingdezhen. Finally, with the transformation of the old imperial kiln system in the late Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China as the focal point, the influence of the imperial kiln system on the porcelain production in the Republic of China was described.相关的主题文章:

Beijing and Hebei’s first rail plan levy words Yanjiao to China World Trade Center only 8 subway sta-e2140

Beijing and Hebei’s first rail plan levy words: Yanjiao to China World Trade Center just across the subway station 8 [Abstract] once the Hebei and Beijing Metro as currently planned Unicom, from Yanjiao to China World Trade Center subway station may only 8 station once the Hebei and Beijing Metro as currently planned Unicom, from Yanjiao to China World Trade Center subway station to only 8 station. Recently, the Pinggu District, Beijing development and Reform Commission issued the basic situation of the Pinggu railway line and project progress, and gives a more detailed map of the Pinggu rail transit line. According to the preliminary plan, the Pinggu line 12 stations. According to the map display, will be located in Yanjiao and Yanjiao Yan Shun two North station. Pinggu district development and Reform Commission, said the line planning program has been submitted to the Beijing Municipal Planning Commission for approval, the Planning Commission is planning to carry out the work of the Pinggu line to solicit opinions. Figure schematic analysis of the current Beijing subway operation with reporters, if the Pinggu rail transit line according to the scheme was completed, then from Yan Shun station to China World Trade Center station only between the subway station 8, but you need to transfer two. In this regard, the city Department of Transportation Transportation Research Center Deputy Director Wu Hongyang told the "daily economic news" reporter, the subway once opened, Hebei Yanjiao for investment attraction will certainly improve, whether it is industrial investment or residential investment. But due to the construction of the trans metro area, involving Beijing and Hebei coordination mechanism, the allocation of funds and other issues, whether the program is the final verdict is still unknown. According to situation of Pinggu line Yanjiao station Pinggu district development and Reform Commission announced the two project, Pinggu Rail Transit Line No. fourteen Dongfeng West Line station of Beiqiao, Chaoyang District, Tongzhou District, Hebei route in Sanhe Province, east of Pinggu metro station Ju river. Total length of 74 km, set up a station of 12, with a total investment of about $23 billion 170 million. Among them, the urban section is 3 kilometers underground, and the underground station is 3. Located in Hebei, a section of the vehicle, covering an area of about 50 hectares, located in the District of Pinggu parking lot, covers an area of about 20 hectares. From the map, from the west to the East, 12 stations were set up in Pinggu line, Beiqiao Dongfeng North Ridge, Cao Ge, Xu Xinzhuang, Yan Zhuang Bei Road, Yanjiao north, Ma Changying, Qi Xin Zhuang, Ma Fang, Pinggu, Pinggu and the West Bend ju. Among them, the Pinggu line designed 5 transfer stations, respectively in Beiqiao and Dongfeng is the transfer line 14, transfer in the North Ridge and line 12, transfer in caogezhuang north and line 3, transfer in xuxinzhuang and S6 line, Pinggu west station is a transfer station, but the figure is not displayed the specific transfer line name. It is worth noting that the Pinggu line of Hebei Yanjiao set up a total of two stations, respectively, Yan Shun and North Yanjiao. If the program is finally approved, then the future from Yan on the way to China World Trade Center, can only sit in the subway station 8 to take two cases: since Yan Shun, along the way after Ge Zhuang Xu Xin Zhuang, Cao north, North Ridge to Dongfeng Beiqiao, then transfer to line 14, after Zaoying, Jintai Road to the road. This transfer to Metro Line 1 after a station to China World Trade Center. In December last year, Pinggu District Fourth People’s Congress of the fifth session of the opening, then Pinggu district mayor Jiang Fan said the government work report, the first of the Beijing Tianjin Hebei connected the fastest Pinggu rail transit line has been obtained by the national development and Reform Commission, will strive to start construction next year, the total length of 72 km, passing through Hebei, Yanjiao, Sanhe, etc. ground..相关的主题文章:

Shanghai Saisaierbi 5-3 Ryan – Dai semi finals will fight Bingham (video)-三色网

Shanghai Saisaierbi 5-3 Ryan – Dai semi finals war Bingham Bingham played well beat Carter the first to reach the semifinals of the 20162017 season sports Tencent in September 23rd, the Shanghai Masters Snooker Tournament into the 14 knockout competition, at the end of the first game, Selby 4-1 lead after wasted two match points, eventually defeated Ryan 5-3 semi-finals. Another game, Bingham outstanding 5-1 in the semi-final against Carter, Selby bingham. Selby Ryan 5-3 world champion Selby Yuan Sijun and Carrington after winning the first two rounds. In the quarterfinals encounter Ryan, who eliminated the first round of the favourites Robertson, then the second round victory over Chinese player Mei xiwen. The first game Selby first entered the state, even 52 hours after taking the first set 1-0 ahead, the second game of both sides into a fight, fight for the ball Selby to seize the opportunity, take the 2-0 lead, 67-48. Third Ryan single shot 98 points to recover a board, the fourth stage play ball Ryan threw the coffee ball, then Selby to clear the table reversed win, score 3-1 lead. The fifth game after Ryan 64-0 turnovers missed the ball, Selby then scored 47 points into the defense, finally a red ball on Ryan Selby missed the ball, the green ball does not enter into the defensive again. Then the two sides of the powder ball competition, Selby scored super long Taiwan take the set 4-1 to get match point. Sixth Ryan Dai scored 27 points after the end of the black bag mistakes, then Selby offensive mistakes, Ryan 63-0 points ahead to get started again. Selby tried to snooker did not succeed, Ryan saved a match point behind 2-4. The seventh inning long time fighting global security, Selby feel fell significantly, Ryan won the opportunity to save a match point at 3-4 behind a bureau. Eighth time director Dou an after Ryan global offensive mistakes missed the ball, Selby made a 64-0 lead, then again to super win that game, Selby eventually defeated Ryan 5-3, successfully into the Shanghai masters semi-finals. Binhanmu 5-1 Katebin at the first two rounds of winning Jones and Gilbert in the first round opponent is Carter, the latter is the season for the Yushan World Open Championship, the first two rounds is winning Ma Fulin and Higgins. The first game of Bingham 78-14 win, the second bureau is still Bingham prevail, 73-22 took a 2-0 lead. The third Bingham scoring play lost the final ball, Carter scored the ball 57-56 win this bureau, bureau is divided up into 1-2 backward. Bingham then a single shot 50+ to win the fourth inning, leading 3-1. Take a break in the fifth inning, Bingham continue to suppress opponents on the offensive end, when even a single shot 77 points to win this bureau, 4-1 got the match point. Sixth Bingham 46-48 both at the end of the basketball rivalry, Carter mistakes a penalty chance, Bingham again to take this bureau. The final Binhanmu 5-1 in Carter, Shanghai successfully qualify for the semi-finals. (wild city)相关的主题文章:

Three pieces of Wang Yaohua’s life – the war of resistance against Japan in the past eight years – S-thinkpad s230u

Wang Yaohua: in the life of Hu Daojing, three pieces of two – eight year war – Sohu hundred reading [?] Wang Yaohua column "Hu Daojing anthology" seven volumes, the experimenter gave Mr. Hu "praise:" speech "is not only a personal writings and academic achievements of the assembly, is demonstrated a lifelong dedication to the study of Chinese traditional culture, and vowed to Chinese typical intellectuals have experienced years of wind and frost, and has the prominent contribution in the spiritual realm." Mr. Hu’s life trajectory, life experience, but a bit of interest, from this point of view to review the three fragments, may be something that few people. "Hu Daojing anthology? The study of Chinese ancient books (Hardcover)" clicking on the cover of the book can be purchased in three press shop: Shanghai people’s Publishing House published author: Hu Daojing time: December 2011 at the beginning of 2012, Shanghai people’s Publishing House published the "Hu Daojing collection", to commemorate the one hundred anniversary of the birth of Mr. hu. Therefore, in the library of Shanghai held a premiere, the anthology Committee Yu Xintang, Mr. Jin Liangnian invited me to their kindness also ended in editing and publishing, listen to experts and scholars praise more than is the main harvest of this anthology. "Hu Daojing anthology" seven volumes, the experimenter gave Mr. Hu "praise:" speech "is not only a personal writings and academic achievements of the assembly, is showing a lifelong dedication to the study of Chinese traditional culture, and vowed to have experienced years of wind and frost and has the typical China intellectuals, outstanding contribution in the spiritual realm." Hu Daojing and Dr. Joseph Needham at the Jinjiang Hotel photo I can read and love the "study of the history of Shanghai", "signature sages’works that?" Shen Kuo research "memories, roughly read?" the history of science and technology, "ancient books research", read to basically not read the "agricultural history in ancient farming? The book collection," card "," school "red red red new correction supplement draft"?. Mr. Hu Dazhu, before I also continued to read some articles, about his knowledge, I have no feeling, after all, the level is too large, will barely write Yi Xiao. However, I have a bit of interest in Mr. Hu’s life trajectory, life experience, want to look back from this aspect of the three fragments, perhaps are few things. One morning, July 24, 1968, free press (Zhonghua press editor in Shanghai where the "Cultural Revolution" of the "counter revolutionary struggle.) the old and counterrevolutionary Hu Daojing meeting in the community (Shaoxing Road No. 7) on the third floor of a capacity of more than and 300 people meeting, according to reports at the time:" the meeting reflects the thought of fighting a war of annihilation concentrated, denounced Hu Daojing, from his bad history to 17 years to reverse the verdict of the cultural revolution, most incisive peeling off his variety of camouflage, also he was a monster of the old counter revolution, to the last meeting, the climax, it is announced that different treatments on 6 objects: Hu arrested on the spot that led away in handcuffs (3 police officers are plainclothes, early in the hall)……" This is for Mr. Hu of the "Cultural Revolution" in the real The imprint is engraved on my heart. "collection" of "learning for.相关的主题文章: