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Chaos has to sign the life and death behind the students (video)

Chaos has to sign the "life and death" behind the students of a university in Tianjin recently, students physique test, students are required to sign the school exemption agreement, arouse students’ dissatisfaction, which is "student physique test students to sign death" news also sparked no small waves in public opinion. Reporters later learned from the school, after the media coverage of this matter, the school has canceled the decision to sign a contract with the students test exemption agreement. But the incident is still left to the outside world a few huge question marks – students to participate in physical testing has become a high-risk behavior? So, now is the physical test has deviated from its original intention? How to let the school physical test really play to urge students to strengthen physical exercise intention? When it comes to school and signed the constitution test exemption agreement, Tianjin the college freshman said "ridiculous", she thinks it is in school: "we did not shirk responsibility before PE received careful and comprehensive examination, also do not know what harm will not appear in motion in the process of. I think, as a student, we can not be entirely by themselves to participate in the physical test after all possible consequences." At the Nanjing University of Science and Technology (scores, professional settings) dynamic research center director Professor Wang Zongping’s opinion, the Tianjin university students want to sign a waiver before physical testing, from the perspective of the school that can be seen at least two points: one is the school last ditch, because now the student physique difference is the fact that does not dispute two, the school is; to conscientiously carry out students’ physical fitness test, because if it is the words do things carelessly in the physical fitness test, students are less likely to have accidents. But the Tianjin universities and students to sign the "life and death" approach is debatable, Wang Zongping believes that "let students feel in physical fitness test is like on the battlefield of the dangerous behavior, will cause the fear to the students, not conducive to the students are more active in sports and physical fitness test correctly." The implementation of the "student physique test system of the Ministry of education’s original intention, is to pass the test to urge the students to strengthen physical exercise, but also to let the school pay more attention to the campus sports activities, Wang Zongping said," the test standard is not high, as long as the students to ensure a certain amount of exercise can be passed, for physical ailments or disabled students also, physical fitness test to formulate the corresponding measures, waiver can be said, as long as the students usually exercise through the physical fitness test is not difficult, but not dangerous." However, one is to arouse the enthusiasm of the student movement policy, but a serious aliasing in the implementation process of the students’ physical fitness test is regarded as high-risk behavior is just one of the more serious, and students’ physical fitness test in the process of resort to deceit. Chen Yan, a junior college student in Tianjin, told reporters about her experience as a test for her classmates. Chen Yan is one of the few sports people who are now in college. In the past few years, she has been in the physical test to help students on behalf of several times. In addition to the large number of QQ group in the release of Chen Yan to provide test service on behalf of the ad, there are a lot of acquaintances to know her initiative to contact her. At the beginning of the semester she received!相关的主题文章:

Forbes income fifth Fan Bingbing! What about Xun Zhou Zhao Wei-1926年属相�

Forbes income fifth Fan Bingbing! What about Xun Zhou Zhao Wei? Fan Bingbing is the only female Chinese American magazine "authoritative financial Forbes" recently announced the top ten highest paid actress, big cousin Jennifer Laurence topped the list, the rest of the list of people is also uniform American star. But in the face of Hollywood actress "Besieged, Fan Bingbing with excellent ability of absorbing gold to squeeze in, China become the only selected actress, for $17 million (about 100 million yuan) revenue ranked fifth, saying it was Fan Ye list for two consecutive years. "Black Li Chen" this time you really want to get married. ". Just a year suction gold 100 million yuan, make the baby to raise a Babel of criticism of divorce, division of property was 100 million, and this is the treasure is strong with more than 10 years of experience hard to save down. Thus, Fan Ye for three consecutive years to become Asia’s most profitable actress is not Langdexuming, gold absorption capacity is unmatched by many actresses, even a lot of first-line can not do. Fan Bingbing earned one hundred million last year, "Forbes," the world’s highest paid actress ranking Fan Ye ranked in the year of the year, making a total of $1.3, just over 23 this year, but also to earn $100 million fourth. Every year, save billions of possessions, is really not easy. So the question is, Fan Bingbing is how to earn so much money? Career, but last year, Fan Bingbing has participated in the two reality show, is a "Challenger" alliance, is a "color Chinese". In addition, it is said that Fan Bingbing to participate in the reality show is 60 million yuan reward, so scared away the speed forward of the program group 2. Fan Bingbing Li Chen "but" Challenger League nor stingy, and ultimately to 30 million "friendship price" to Fan Ye, and Li Chen have also been "bundling" husband and wife together, and is probably the price. In recent years Fan Bingbing seldom took later legendary drama, because the film gets higher, but last year a "legend" or let Wu Mei Niang Fan Ye got 30 million paycheck. This summer released "Fengshen legend" although the box office reputation all head street, but the stars should get paid or not less, several guest shot of Jet Li [micro-blog] have got 40 million, compared with a low rate of appearance, the first female Lord Fan Bingbing more should take how many netizens or on their own experience. The legendary career to earn so much money, more money to invest, the Fan Ye shows the extraordinary vision. Just this year, A shares of listed companies on the German film and television on the price of 700 million yuan acquisition of Fan Bingbing’s registered capital of only $3 million of the company. 3 million registration, $700 million acquisition, this all of a sudden, let Fan Bingbing earn countless money. Not only that, Fan Bingbing and his mother’s name is far more than a company, its commercial territory is shocking!     compared with the "Fan Ye Hao, the other stars to continue refueling. Last year’s list of Chinese celebrities in Forbes, Fan Ye topped the list, the second place is Jay Chou, with the ferris wheel of the world tour in order to be based on the world’s largest in the world, the world’s top相关的主题文章:

The strategic investment effect of Changshu Rural Commercial Bank successfully listed-plants war

The strategic investment effect of Changshu Rural Commercial Bank successfully listed on the morning of September 30th, the Bank of communications as the first major shareholder of Jiangsu Changshu rural commercial bank, Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the "Changshu rural commercial bank"), the initial public offering of A shares listed on the Shanghai stock exchange ceremony was held successfully. The traffic bank attended the ceremony to Vice President alexander. Founded in 2001 by the Changshou City Changshu rural commercial bank, rural credit cooperatives restructuring, joint-stock rural financial institutions set up the first. In 2007, the Bank of communications to respond positively to the central financial support for the development of "three agriculture" call, take the initiative to practice agriculture support small social responsibility, combined with its own development strategy, the strategic stake in Changshu rural commercial banks, rural commercial banks become the first China shares of state-owned commercial banks. A strategic stake in Changshu rural commercial bank, Bank of communications strategic investors actively fulfill their duties, in the Changshu rural commercial bank shareholders’ meeting and the board of directors play an active role in the corporate governance structure, and make full use of their own advantages, given the Changshu rural commercial bank full support in human resources, business development, product development, information technology, risk management etc. select business, including experts and experienced technical backbone to participate in the management and training of personnel, the lines through various forms of advanced products into the bank and help to enhance the ability of innovation, promote the construction of the business guidance, all kinds of information system to help the bank to establish a risk management system in many aspects etc.. At the same time, the field of traffic bank and Changshu rural commercial bank is still in the company, retail, international capital, and channels to carry out a full range of business cooperation. Through the strategic support and cooperation between the two sides of nearly nine years of good, Changshu rural commercial bank’s strength is growing. As of 6 at the end of this year, Changshu rural commercial bank total assets amounted to 122 billion 400 million yuan, net assets of 9 billion 100 million yuan, total deposits of 87 billion 900 million yuan, total loans of 60 billion 400 million yuan, non-performing loan rate of 1.48%, ranked 578th in the British "banker" magazine published in 2016 1000 World Bank ranking (by tier one capital scale ranking). At the same time, a comprehensive return bank strategic investment has become more and more, the shares of Changshu agricultural firms in the Rural Micro Finance and small business has accumulated rich experience, and achieve their own channels extending in Changshu area. The investment also has made significant financial gains, is expected to Changshu rural commercial banks listed financial gains will further thickening. Bank of Communications said to Vice President Alexander, shares Changshu rural commercial bank is the Bank of communications as a result of outstanding strategic investment. With the successful listing of Changshu rural commercial bank, the level of corporate governance and management capacity will be further improved, the bank will continue to actively perform the functions of strategic investors, the more mature management experience and technology into the Changshu rural commercial bank, further deepening the comprehensive cooperation with Changshu rural commercial bank in all areas, to achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation, the Bank of communications and Changshu rural commercial bank cooperation, create a model of strategic cooperation among domestic banks, mutual service for the local economic and financial development in rural areas to contribute.相关的主题文章:

Zhejiang 7 provincial cadres in charge of publicity before the horse to be appointed mayor of Shaoxi-rosstallanma

Zhejiang 7 provincial management cadres before their appointment Ma Weiguang aspiring candidate for mayor of Shaoxing, the study by the provincial Party committee, decided to appointments to be promoted or to be transferred to the new office of the important position of He Xingren 7 comrades to the public, solicit the opinions of the masses, cadres. Notice on the matter are as follows: 1, reflect the problems in the public notice period, any units and individuals are available through letters, calls, visits and other forms of publicity objects reflect the existing problems to the provincial Party Committee Organization department. In the name of the unit should be stamped with official seal. The name of the person in charge of the report in the name of the individual. 2, need to reflect the issue should adhere to the principle of seeking truth from facts, false accusation against to slander. 3, publicity time from October 20th to October 27th. 4, public contact offices and the way of accepting contact office: provincial organization department Cadre Supervision Room address: Hangzhou City, the provincial government building, building three, zip code: 310025 telephone: 0571 – 12380 SMS report: 18905712380 report website: Zhejiang provincial Party Committee Organization Department in October 20, 2016 to be promoted the province tube leading cadres before the public list of He Xingren He Xingren, the incumbent vice secretary of the CPC Jinhua Municipal Committee and secretary, Minister of the Propaganda Department, to be appointed deputy director and Secretary of the CPC Zhejiang Provincial Education Committee of the Education Department of Zhejiang province. Female, Han nationality, born in February 1965, Zhejiang, Cixi, joined the Communist Party of China in November 1986, in July 1990 to participate in the work of graduate education. Former deputy director of the office of the party secretary of Hangzhou Insitute of Electronic and Technology Party Committee Propaganda Department, United Front Work Department, organization department, deputy director of the provincial education department, the provincial education committee member, deputy magistrate of Longyou county (attachment), Jinhua Municipal Committee and other staff. Sheng Leshan Sheng Leshan, the current deputy director of Zhejiang Provincial Bureau of Surveying and mapping and geographic information, Party members, aspiring to Zhejiang Provincial Bureau of Surveying and mapping and geographic information, party secretary, Zhejiang Provincial Department of Party members. Male, Han nationality, born in May 1963, Zhejiang, Jinhua, joined the Communist Party of China in January 1994, in August 1988 to participate in the work of graduate education. Served as deputy director and director of the office of land resources survey, Dean, vice president of land surveying and Planning Institute, vice mayor of Taizhou city Luqiao district (attachment), director of the Provincial Department of land resources, land use management of Cadastral Management Office Director, Party members, chief planner and other staff. Lv Jianchu, currently the chief editor of Zhejiang radio and television group, deputy secretary of the Party committee, intends to be president of Zhejiang radio and television group, Party secretary. Male, Han nationality, born in May 1962, Zhejiang, Cixi, joined the Communist Party of China in February 1985, in August 1983 to participate in work, University degree. A former director of the general office of the Provincial Foreign Affairs Office, provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, deputy director of the office of the director, assistant inspector, deputy inspector, Deputy Minister of provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department (and), the Provincial Foreign Affairs Office (the provincial government press office, the provincial network information office) director. Jiang Jun, incumbent, Jiang Jun.相关的主题文章:

Easy to write off the crack enterprise exit difficult – Zhejiang Channel – People’s network-hyuna

Summary cancellation crack enterprise exit difficult – Zhejiang channel — original title: summary cancellation crack enterprise exit difficult (commissioning editor: Wang Liwei, Weng Dikai)相关的主题文章: