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Chai Junli Gold 10, 14 midnight gold, crude oil operation strategy 偷心淑女

Chai Junli Gold: 10, 14 midnight gold, crude oil operation strategy of sina Taiwan Fund exposure: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click on [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Chai Junli Gold: 10, 14 midnight gold, crude oil operation strategy released in the evening U.S. October University of Michigan consumer sentiment index 87.9, lower than the expected 91.9, data released after the gold and silver prices rallied, data is undoubtedly good gold and silver. Gold highest test 4 hours, Bollinger band rail 1259 position resistance after falling, silver highest to 17.68 near down, the current market is concerned about 15 am 01:30, Federal Reserve Chairman Yellen will speak at the Boston fed. Gold daily Bollinger opening down, showing the same average short order, the market since the 1340 strong break below the three thousand mark currently fell to 1250, from the view of Fibonacci retracements, short-term need to pay attention to the 1263-1265 resistance area below the 0.236 position, still focus on the support of 1255-1253, focusing on the 1250 support, operation interval has basically been determined as follows, midnight gold part one strategy: 1, below the first step back to the 1251 line, with a stop below the 1248 target point 1260-1261 line 2, 1263-1265 line above the first sound short, stop above 1268, target 3 1257-1255 line, if below the unexpectedly strong rebound fell below 1247, near the 1250 short, stop 5 points, target the 1241-1239 line the week crude oil inventory data are increased, although OPEC freeze production agreement reached, but It is difficult to implement it. At present, the market trend is gradually concussion, amplitude gradually narrowed. The technical point of view, if the oil can hold 50 integer points, the market outlook is expected to continue, the midline attention in 2015 June high of 61.82 near the current oil price resistance; again to test the 51 mark signs of breakthrough in the 51 before, do not recommend operation space, may be concerned about the step back to support efforts to choose 50 near the entry more than a single, and last night, EIA announced prices dropping 49.3 near the initial inventory, then the points to 49 mark as an important support level, short-term support attention does not fall below the 50 mark integer, if oil prices remain bullish on. The following midnight part of a single strategy: 1, below the initial tentative 49.9-50.1 line to do more, stop 49.7 below the target point 50.7-50.9 line 2, 51.1-51.3 line rebound short, stop 51.6, target 50.5-50.3 line market is constantly changing, more about gold, crude asphalt market analysis, real-time strategy, single storage solutions can add the author: WeChat enter the chaijun5199 [Sina Finance shares] discussion

柴俊理金:10、14午夜黄金,原油操作策略 新浪基金曝光台:信披滞后虚假宣传,业绩长期低于同类产品,买基金被坑怎么办?点击【我要投诉】,新浪帮你曝光他们!   柴俊理金:10、14午夜黄金,原油操作策略   晚间公布的美国10月密歇根大学消费者信心指数初值87.9,低于预期预期91.9,数据公布后黄金白银价格应声大涨,数据无疑利好金银。黄金最高试探4小时布林带上轨1259位置阻力后回落,白银最高至17.68附近回落,目前市场正在关注15日凌晨01:30美联储主席耶伦将在波士顿联储的讲话。黄金日线布林带开口向下状态,均线同样呈现空头排列,行情自1340强势下破千三关口目前跌至1250,从斐波拉契回调线来看,短期需关注0.236位置1263-1265区域阻力,下方依旧关注1255-1253支撑,重点关注1250支撑,操作区间基本已经确定,午夜黄金部分做单策略如下:   1、下方初次回踩1251一线做多,止损1248下方,目标上看1260-1261一线   2、上方初次试探试探1263-1265一线做空,止损1268上方,目标下看1257-1255一线   3、下方若意外强势跌破1247,反弹1250附近做空,止损5个点,目标1241-1239一线   本周原油库存数据皆出现增加的情况,OPEC冻产协议虽然达成,但是落实起来难度可想而知。目前行情走势逐渐趋于震荡,波幅逐渐收窄。技术面来看,若美油能守住50整数关口,后市有望继续冲高,中线关注2015年6月份高点61.82附近阻力;目前油价有再次向上试探51关口的迹象,在突破51之前,不太建议操作空单,可关注回踩50附近的支撑力度择机进场多单,而昨晚EIA库存公布初期油价下探49.3附近,那么该点位至49关口也作为重要支撑位,短期的支撑关注50整数关口,不跌破的话,对油价维持看涨。午夜部分做单策略如下:   1、下方初次试探49.9-50.1一线做多,止损49.7下方,目标上看50.7-50.9一线   2、反弹51.1-51.3一线做空,止损51.6,目标下看50.5-50.3一线   行情瞬息万变,更多关于金银,原油沥青行情分析、即时策略,套单解仓可添加笔者微信:chaijun5199 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

Investors to consult st new claims rejected billion registered was the construction site 泡泡花空间站

Investors to consult *ST new claims rejected billion registered was the construction site Hot column capital flows thousand thousand shares of stock on the latest rating diagnosis simulated trading client Sina Level2:A shares of sina finance: App speed Kanpan live on-line blogger to tutor – reporter Gui Xiaosun recently, investors on the "Securities Daily" Introduction and in accordance with the requirements of the "enterprise bankruptcy law" Provisions refer to the list of claims and claims reporting material rejected, and found in the investigation process, the registered address of *ST new billion for a construction site, under normal circumstances, the business sector can not accept conditions do not have office address for the company’s registration". The mystery of the registered address on June 5, 2015, *ST announced a new billion, in 2015 fourth extraordinary general meeting of the motion "on the change of company name". In June 3, 2015, the company completed the relevant change of business registration, and achieved Xinjiang Tacheng Administration for Industry and Commerce issued the "business license", the company name was changed to "Xinjiang luckdunoul Wanyuan industrial investment Cmi Holdings Ltd"; the company’s registered address is changed to "Xinjiang Tacheng area of Tacheng city and six square Tulu buck Liaoning tower Jiangxi business building." Recently, because of doubts about *ST new billion debt situation, investors in January of this year *ST billion, to request access to the list of claims and the claim application materials, after being rejected, communication and related matters for further search of the company, the investors according to the registered address to field visits *ST million, but according to the company’s registered address lookup from the map is not found, take a taxi to this address to find the past only to find a construction site." In the official website of the Ministry of land and resources, a message released in September 8, 2014 showed that in the tower of the city of Jiangxi business building project, located in North, Guangming Road area of Tacheng City Public Security Bureau Jizhen business buildings on the south side, agreed to start time for the April 15, 2014 agreed completion date is November 30, 2015, the actual start time and the actual completion time. It is empty. In the international bidding online field, published in September 9, 2014, "Liao tower (Ganshang) building construction project information display, project is located in Tacheng city of Timbuktu Liao Tower district and six square, including the design of the bidding scope range to seven layers (except artificial anti Engineering) design all the content scope of construction decoration; including the exterior walls of the building (including building curtain wall), one layer, six layer, seven layer of interior decoration of all construction content. The planned start date of the project is tentatively scheduled for October 10, 2014, and the planned completion date is tentatively scheduled for June 30, 2015. Another message is displayed, May 22, 2015, Tacheng Border Economic Cooperation Zone Party Working Committee, deputy director, deputy director of the Liao Tower District Finance Bureau Sai Yongbin led the Jiangxi business building project department staff, production safety, engineering quality, engineering progress of Liaoning tower Ganshang building construction site supervision and inspection carried out. Through the inspection, the site construction security risks exist on-site rectification

投资者查阅*ST新亿债权情况被拒 注册地竟是建筑工地 热点栏目 资金流向 千股千评 个股诊断 最新评级 模拟交易 客户端 新浪财经Level2:A股极速看盘 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导   ■本报记者 桂小笋   近日,有投资者对《证券日报》介绍,其要求按照《企业破产法》规定查阅债权表和债权申报材料被拒绝,而在查访过程中发现,\*ST新亿的注册地址为一处建筑工地,“正常情况下,工商部门不可能受理不具备办公条件的地址为公司的注册地”。   神秘的注册地址   2015年6月5日,*ST新亿发布公告称,2015年第四次临时股东大会审议通过了《关于变更公司名称的议案》。2015年6月3日,公司完成了相关工商变更登记手续,并取得了新疆塔城地区工商行政管理局换发的《营业执照》,公司名称变更为“新疆亿路万源实业投资控股股份有限公司”;公司注册地址变更为“新疆塔城地区塔城市巴克图路六和广场辽塔赣商大厦。”   近期以来,由于对*ST新亿偿债等情况的质疑,有投资者在今年1月份联系*ST新亿,要求查阅债权表和债权申请材料,后被拒绝,为进一步寻找公司沟通相关事项,上述投资者按注册地址想要实地探访*ST新亿,但“按照公司注册地址从地图上查找是找不到的,就打车按照这个地址找过去才发现是个建筑工地。”   在国土资源部的官网中,发布于2014年9月8日的一则消息显示,位于塔城市的赣商大厦,项目位置位于塔城市光明路北侧、地区公安局业务技侦楼南侧,约定开工时间为2014年4月15日,约定竣工时间为2015年11月30日,实际开工时间和实际竣工时间一栏则为空。   而在中田国际招标网上,发布于2014年9月9日的“辽塔(赣商)大厦建设项目”的信息显示,工程地址位于塔城市巴克图辽塔新区六和广场,招标范围包括设计范围的一层至七层(除人工防工程外)装修设计所有内容;施工范围包括建筑外墙(含建筑幕墙),一层、六层、七层内部装修范围所有施工内容。项目的计划开工日期暂定为2014年10月10日,计划竣工日期暂定为2015年6月30日。   另一条信息则显示,2015年5月22日,塔城市边境经济合作区党工委委员、副主任、辽塔新区财政局副局长赛永斌带领赣商大厦项目部相关工作人员,对辽塔赣商大厦施工现场的安全生产、工程质量、工程进度进行了督导和检查。通过检查,对工地建设中存在的安全隐患提出现场整改,要求施工单位按照制定的施工倒排工期表,保证安全、保证质量顺利推进工程建设。施工单位负责人表示,将按照甲方要求,保证工程质量和工程进度,按期完成工程任务。   从上述种种信息中的交叉显示内容可知,*ST新亿在2015年变更的注册地址的确处在建筑施工的状态之中。“建筑工地是不具备办公条件的,不能作为公司的注册地。”有法律人士对《证券日报》介绍。   *ST新亿在变更注册地址的8个月时间里,注册地址始终处在建筑状态,那么就引发了新的法律问题,在这8个月中发生的关于上市公司的事项,引发法律问题时的管辖权。   管辖权出现异议   “根据《企业破产法》,企业破产重整案件,由债务人住所地法院管辖。而根据《最高人民法院关于适用<民事诉讼法>若干问题的意见》第一条第四款,法人的住所地指‘法人的主要营业地或者主要办事机构所在地’。现有证据可以表明,在债权人申请*ST新亿破产重组时,*ST新亿注册地址尚为工地,并不具备办公条件,其注册地并非*ST新亿的住所地,塔城中院依法不具备对新亿股份破产重整案的管辖权。”有证券律师对《证券日报》介绍。   上述法律人士认为,由于*ST新亿注册地址为建筑工地,该公司2015年度第四次、五次、六次、七次临时股东大会以及第十五次、十六次、十七次的董事会,均在乌鲁木齐市新华北路305号美丽华酒店召开,其中,在债权人申请破产重整前,公司已经在该地址召开了2015年度第四次、五次、六次临时股东大会以及第十五次、十六次董事会,乌鲁木齐市新华北路305号为该公司的主要办事机构所在地,公司的破产重整案依法应当由乌鲁木齐市中级人民法院管辖,*ST新亿住所地并不在塔城地区,塔城中院依法不具备管辖权,其出具关于重整事宜的全部裁定均应为无效裁定。   今年1月5日,*ST新亿发布公告称,收到塔城地区中级人民法院送达的《民事裁定书》,裁定批准重整计划,并终止重整程序。重整执行期限为“自2015年12月31日塔城地区中级人民法院裁定批准重整计划之日起六个月。”   不过,重整事项却受到了中小投资者的强烈反对,此前,公司的方案被中小投资者否决,而此次法院裁定重整计划之后,有多位中小投资者对《证券日报》反映,不能认同此次裁定。如果*ST新亿的管辖权的确存在异议,公司此前被法院裁定的重整计划是否能顺利实施就存在着重大的不确定性。对此,《证券日报》将继续给予关注报道。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

the chairman reported to a series of negative news subsidy fraud suspicions&quot 洛克王国巨魔邪虫

Sichuan Changhong last year, losing nearly 2 billion last year, losing nearly 2 billion speed transformation plan of Sichuan Changhong transformation plan is expected to accelerate loss of 1 billion 975 million yuan last year, up from profit to loss; the company has introduced the transformation plan, including the acquisition of 081 group plans fell through the evening of January 29th, Sichuan Changhong electric Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Sichuan Changhong, 600839) released results notice, the company expects last year, a loss of 1 billion 975 million yuan, up from profit to loss. 2014 earnings of 59 million yuan. In January 19th, more than 10 days ago, Sichuan Changhong announced the end of the more than a year of the 081 Group acquisition plan, in such a way to bid farewell to the upcoming years of the sheep. In this year, Sichuan Changhong has experienced from the employees alleged misappropriation of assets, the chairman reported to a series of negative news subsidy fraud suspicions". In the face of sluggish performance and a series of disturbances, Sichuan Changhong has launched the transformation plan, in order to seek change. But the outcome remains to be seen. The acquisition of failure or to the future performance of Mengyin in January 19th, Sichuan Changhong announced that Changhong group received the letter, the 081 group Equity Entry listing transactions, there is a possibility of other enterprises in Sichuan outside the Changhong has decided to terminate the acquisition plan. In fact, in August 2015, Sichuan Changhong was forced to terminate the non-public offering of shares to acquire 100% stake in the 081 group because it did not meet the relevant provisions of the state and Sichuan concerning the direct transfer of the state-owned property rights of the enterprise. In accordance with the relevant provisions and requirements, the 081 group of 100% equity need to enter the listing transfer, Sichuan Changhong also changed its own funds to continue to complete the merger and acquisition of these projects. For the company, the acquisition of the 081 group has been brewing for a long time and is of great significance. As early as November 2014, Sichuan Changhong announced that it will raise more than 4 billion yuan through non-public offering of shares, of which 2 billion 200 million yuan for the acquisition of 100% stake in the 081 group. The 081 group belongs to the military assets, and the underlying asset profitability is strong, Sichuan Changhong said that the acquisition aims to integrate the group of high-quality military assets, cultivate new business growth point, enhance the comprehensive profitability of listed companies. In November 3, 2014, after the resumption of the company’s stock, the stock price limit for two consecutive days. However, the failure of the acquisition or the future performance of the company casts a shadow. Since 2014, Changhong’s performance in Sichuan has declined, with net profit of 59 million yuan in 2014, a decrease of 88.52% compared with the same period of last year. The company’s performance forecast shows that it is expected to lose 1 billion 975 million yuan in 2015. It is more urgent for the company to establish a new profit growth point from the profit to the loss. And the acquisition of 081 group plan crashed, means that the company lost the rapid growth performance can bring opportunities. Over the past year, the company’s ongoing takeover plan failed, not the first thorny thing Changhong has encountered in recent years in Sichuan. In the past year, the company has experienced staff from the alleged misappropriation of assets, the chairman reported to a series of subsidy fraud suspicions

四川长虹去年预亏近20亿 转型谋划提速   去年预亏近20亿 四川长虹转型谋划提速   预计去年亏损19.75亿元,同比由盈转亏;公司不断推出转型计划,其中收购零八一集团计划告吹   1月29日晚间,四川长虹电器股份有限公司(简称四川长虹,600839)发布的业绩预告显示,公司预计去年亏损19.75亿元,同比由盈转亏。2014年同期盈利0.59亿元。   而在十多天前的1月19日,四川长虹宣布终止了为时一年多的对零八一集团的收购计划,以这样的方式告别了即将过去的羊年。在这一年,四川长虹经历了从员工涉嫌挪用资产、董事长被举报到骗取补贴疑云的一系列“负面新闻”。   面对业绩低迷与一系列风波,四川长虹不断推出转型计划,以求谋变。但结局如何,仍尚待观察。   收购失败或致未来业绩蒙阴   1月19日,四川长虹发布公告称,收到长虹集团来函表示,零八一集团股权进场挂牌交易,有被除四川长虹以外的其他企业取得的可能性,因此决定终止收购计划。   事实上,在2015年8月,因不符合国家和四川省关于企业国有产权直接协议转让有关规定,四川长虹就被迫终止非公开发行股票收购零八一集团100%股权。按照相关规定及要求,零八一集团100%股权需进场挂牌出让,四川长虹也因此改以自有资金继续完成上述项目的并购。   对于公司来说,收购零八一集团酝酿已久而且意义重大。早在2014年11月,四川长虹就发布公告称,将通过非公开发行股票募集不超过40亿元,其中22亿元用于收购零八一集团100%股权。   零八一集团属军工资产,且标的资产盈利能力较强,四川长虹表示,收购目的在于整合集团优质军工资产,培育新的业务增长点,提升上市公司综合盈利能力。2014年11月3日公司股票复牌后,股价连续两天一字涨停。   然而,收购的失败或给公司未来业绩蒙上阴影。   自2014年开始,四川长虹业绩出现下滑,2014年净利润为0.59亿元,较上年同期减少88.52%。而公司发布的业绩预报显示,2015年预计亏损19.75亿元。   业绩由盈转亏,令公司建立新的利润增长点显得更加迫切。而收购零八一集团计划的折戟,意味着公司丧失了这一迅速能够带来业绩增长的机会。   过去一年公司风波不断   收购计划失败,并不是近年来四川长虹遇到的第一件棘手事情。在过去一年中,公司经历了从员工涉嫌挪用资产、董事长被举报到骗取补贴疑云的一系列“负面新闻”。   2015年7月22日,四川长虹发公告称,旗下孙公司员工涉嫌挪用资产,可能会对海外发展的财务状况造成影响。有报道称,这一事件将造成损失约8000万港元,而考虑到海外市场对四川长虹的战略意义,这一事件的影响可能不仅于经济损失。   不过,对于四川长虹的羊年来说,这一事件并不算是重大波澜。   距离上述事件大约一周后,一份《关于长虹集团公司、长虹股份公司董事长赵勇涉嫌严重滥用职权造成国有资产重大损失的公开报案书》在网上流传,由于举报人为长虹集团党委副书记、纪委书记杨学军,“纪委书记举报身兼党委书记的董事长”的这一罕见现象迅速引发舆论关切。   自2004年以来,赵勇同时担任长虹股份及其所属的长虹集团(现长虹控股)的董事长、法人代表,2005年至今,又任两公司党委书记。   长达数千字的举报信主要分两部分内容,一是举报赵勇滥用职权、违法决策等问题,二是举报赵勇造成国资巨额损失的问题。   在举报信发出当日下午,长虹集团通过官网发布消息,赵勇出席了长虹“智慧社区下的智慧家庭”平台发布会现场并发表讲话。而据《中国经济周刊》报道,这已经不是赵勇第一次遭到举报。   举报事件发生后,四川长虹股价出现异动。2015年7月30日、7月31日和8月3日,公司A股股票连续三个交易日内日收盘价格跌幅偏离值累计超过20%。而公司则在一周内连发两道公告披露相关情况,反复申明:公司目前生产经营正常,公司董事长赵勇在正常履职状态中。   就在人事风波淡出舆论视野不久,四川长虹遭遇到了一年中对其业绩可能影响最大的事件。   公司2015年12月30日发布公告称,当地财政部门通知,需退回节能家电产品(平板电视)推广补贴清算资金4.4亿元,且公司目前账面应收到的补贴资金0.94亿元也已无法收回,扣除已计提的坏账准备部分,两项合计将导致四川长虹2015年度合并报表减少利润总额5.19亿元。这一数据在1月29日四川长虹发布的业绩预告中变为5.46亿元。   很快,“退补”事件席卷国内家电圈,而四川长虹成为涉及“退补”金额最大的公司。不过,四川长虹坚称,对通知要求收回的补贴资金清算结果存有异议,公司正与相关部门进行积极沟通并拟申请对公司补贴资金进行重新核算。   对于公司如何应对业绩下滑压力以及退补事件进展,四川长虹新闻发言人刘海中1月29日对新京报记者表示,涉及上市公司信批不便透露。   不断抛出转型计划   尽管四川长虹在2015年遭遇诸多不顺,公司仍然不断推出转型计划。   2015年12月8日,四川长虹连发两则公告,宣布拟与申万宏源和上海岚裕联手分别成立并购基金及股权投资基金,基金总规模分别为100亿元和50亿元,投资领域均基于长虹战略转型的需要。   值得注意的是,四川长虹在2013年曾与北京天云联赢投资管理有限公司组建虹云创投基金管理有限责任公司。对此,四川长虹表示,加上上述两个基金的设立,将完善公司从VC-PE-产业并购的基金投资链条。   除了加码金融投资业务之外,四川长虹也试图破解彩电行业转型期的困局,整合三洋电视中国业务。   公司在10月27日晚发布公告,已与松下达成整合三洋电视中国区业务的战略合作协议,包括长虹接收三洋电视研发团队、营销团队、销售渠道及三洋电视品牌中国区使用权等。   公司表示,整合三洋电视大陆业务后,将进一步发挥三洋电视现有的渠道资源,产品层面公司将以CHiQ为高端品牌,三洋作为差异化消费群体产品线的有益补充,有助于公司进一步增强市场竞争力。   此外,四川长虹还准备将旗下民生物流、长虹新能源两家控股子公司申请到新三板上市,推进混合所有制改革。   不过,在公司发布的令人眼花缭乱的转型和新业务公告中,最引发关注的则是邓超加盟长虹出任长虹CHiQ产品经理一职,得到了舆论的“鲜花”与“掌声”。然而,对于公司的发展前景和业绩至为紧要的一项转型计划――收购零八一集团却宣告折戟。   家电行业专家洪仕斌对新京报记者表示,由于经济下滑特别是房地产业不景气,人们对家电这种耐用消费品的消费减少了。同时,在整个市场蛋糕变小的同时,竞争也在加剧,互联网企业纷纷加入家电市场,这让老牌家电企业倍感压力。   在行业不景气的时候,长虹推出了一系列转型举措应变,但目前转型推进时间还比较短,而由于行业下滑过快,转型效果仍有待观察。   观察   市场下行遭退补风波 老牌家电前景承压   在长虹业绩的下滑和转型的坎坷背后,是老牌家电巨头在2015年的低位徘徊。   1月22日,另一家电巨头上市公司――深康佳A发布公告表示,公司预计2015年度将亏损12亿至14亿元之间,这将成为这家公司有史以来亏损最为严重的一年。而此前在2014年,公司还曾盈利5262.35万元。   除了行业原因之外,退补风波也令老牌家电巨头业绩普遍承压。截至发稿前,共有包括四川长虹、深康佳A、创维数码、TCL集团四家家电上市公司披露了被要求退回高效节能家电补贴的消息。   康佳在公告中称,亏损主要是受补贴退款、货币汇率波动以及高层变动影响所致。其中受补贴退款影响2.2亿元。创维数码此前表示,公司全资附属公司深振创维RGB电子有限公司未收回应收补贴资金4322万元,被要求退回补贴资金6656万元。而TCL集团则披露,公司子公司广州数码乐华科技有限公司被要求退回高效节能家电推广财政补贴资金572万元。   不过,即使老牌家电巨头业绩承压,家电市场仍在增长。据奥维云网数据显示,2015年中国彩电市场零售量规模达4674万台,同比增长4.8%。   在这一数字背后,是行业格局的变化。   过去一年,乐视、小米等新品牌风行一时。乐视超级电视2015年销量突破300万台,小米电视销量同比增长超过100%。奥维云网数据称,2015年国内老牌彩电品牌的市场零售份额为77%,较去年下降3.8个百分点;互联网品牌的市场零售份额为10%,较去年上升5.1个百分点。(赵毅波)   □新京报记者 赵毅波 北京报道 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: mall 梦想世界太公望鱼竿

More than 30% network commodity quality sampling unqualified — Finance — newspaper Beijing on 9 October,     (reporter Lin Lili) the State Administration for Industry and Commerce announced the 9 2016 network commodity quality special sampling results: Taobao, Tmall, Yi Xun network, Jingdong, mall, shop No. 1, Gome Online,, Amazon, Chinese etc. the domestic market main business platform commodity trading, substandard goods overall detection rate was 34.6%, the quality of unqualified accounts for about 93%, only signs and instructions substandard accounting for about 7%. According to reports, sampling products involving electromagnetic ovens, mobile phones, power adapters, children’s goods, adult clothing and other consumer goods, a total of 503 samples of commodity sampling, effective inspection samples for 497 batches, found a total of 172 batches of substandard quality goods. Consumers can find the specifications, models and operators of the unqualified samples in SAIC’s official website. For these substandard goods, SAIC has instructed the relevant departments to strictly investigate and punish according to law. "People’s Daily" (October 10, 2016 10 Edition) (commissioning editor: Cui Dong) 逾三成网络交易商品质量抽检不合格–财经–人民网   本报北京10月9日电  (记者林丽鹂)国家工商总局9日公布了2016年网络交易商品质量专项抽检结果:淘宝、天猫、易迅网、京东商城、苏宁易购、1号店、国美在线、唯品会、当当网、亚马逊中国等国内市场主要电商平台上交易的商品,总体不合格商品检出率为34.6%,其中内在质量不合格的约占93%,仅标志和说明不合格的约占7%。  据介绍,抽检商品涉及电磁炉、手机、电源适配器、儿童用品、成人服装等日常消费品,共计抽检商品503批次,有效送检样品为497批次,共发现172批次商品质量不合格。消费者可以在工商总局官网查到此次抽检不合格商品的规格型号及经营者。  对于这些不合格商品,工商总局已责成相关部门严格依法查处。   《 人民日报 》( 2016年10月10日 10 版) (责编:崔东)相关的主题文章:

affordable housing distribution management system is imperfect 三国牛人附身记

"Vacant" low-income housing should calculate livelihood account   not as strictly accountability — Finance — audit released 2015 affordable housing project tracking audit results show that recently, there are 190 thousand sets of affordable housing for supporting infrastructure lag and other reasons, and not when delivered or idle. Public opinion analysis, the local government on the construction and management of affordable housing tracking rights and responsibilities unclear, affordable housing distribution management system is imperfect, is the cause of affordable housing frequently vacant reasons. Netizens suggested that the increase of the local government and relevant departments of the responsibility efforts, for low-income housing construction, distribution and use of the whole process of meticulous management, through scientific assessment and urge local performance of low-income housing supply responsibility, should calculate the livelihood of this account, "to accelerate the low-income housing vacancy". "Not as" shall be in strict accountability of integrated media reports, the proportion of supply and demand is not complete, the geographical position is too remote, inconvenient traffic, poor infrastructure and other factors are the cause of low-income housing vacancy, but low-income housing "have no room for the live on land and a waste of money, also makes people sad, party the Central Committee and the State Council sincerely for the people, but some places are let go like good policy at the grassroots level. Netizens demand a high degree of accountability. Internet users said, first, to accountable for the local government in the construction of affordable housing in the process of "Inaction" or "Hu as", the need for affordable housing management scientific decision. For the strange phenomenon of "no room to live", the netizen "Li peerless" asked the question: "the location is a problem, the government facilities can not keep up, the operation is also a problem.". Who will live in a house with light?" Internet users "repair" said: "affordable housing things must be clear, details should be publicized, allowing public supervision and reporting.". Responsible for lifelong accountability, strict law enforcement. This deceit eventually damages the rights and interests of the people." People’s livelihood should pay attention to the masses satisfaction rate, Internet users believe that good policy must be accompanied by the implementation of strong supporting policies, so as to truly play the role of affordable housing. Internet users "Wang Dean com" said, "affordable housing policy is good, Huimin policy to the place, some have disappeared, and some in the implementation of become another interpretation, some people do not know. Internet users "deep-sea fish" proposal, should be set up responsible for the protection of the housing operation management, improve transparency, so that the real needs of the people into the affordable housing. At the same time, increase cash subsidies, so that low-income people have more choices to prevent large-scale housing waste. Internet users "Blue Star" believes that affordable housing is a major livelihood event, local governments should make scientific decisions in site selection, supporting, distribution and other aspects, and accept social supervision. It is also necessary to identify who is responsible for the construction, who is responsible, who oversight the accountability mechanism, put an end to the protection of low-income groups "Anjufang", become a number of local cadres "face room" and a small number of irregularities "welfare housing"". Netizen "Ming Jian said, should adhere to the guidance of people’s livelihood, to establish a more scientific evaluation system of low-income housing construction, people’s livelihood multi calculate accounts, the assessment of the baton from project start rate change rate of satisfaction for the masses. (reporter Ceng Dejin finishing) (Prince Yang Xi Hou, commissioning editor) 保障房“去空置”应多算算民生账 不作为须严格问责–财经–人民网   审计署近日公布2015年保障性安居工程跟踪审计结果显示,有19万套保障性住房因配套基础设施建设滞后等原因,不能及时交付使用或闲置。   有舆论分析,地方政府对保障房建设和管理追踪权责不清,保障房的分配管理制度不完善,是导致保障房频频空置的原因。网民建议,加大对地方政府及相关部门的追责力度,对保障房建设、分配、使用全流程精细化管理,通过科学考核督促地方履行保障房供给责任,应该多算算民生这笔账,加速保障房“去空置”。   “不作为”须严格问责   综合媒体报道,供需比例不配套、地理位置太偏僻、交通不便利、基础设施不完善等因素固然是造成保障房空置的原因,但是保障房“有房无人住”这种对土地和资金的浪费,也让人痛心,党中央和国务院真心为民,但一些地方却让好政策在基层走了样。网民要求追责的呼声很高。   网民表示,一是要追责地方政府在建设保障房过程中的“不作为”或者“胡作为”,对保障房管理亟须科学决策。对于“有房无人住”的怪现象,网民“丽无双”反问说:“选址有问题,政府配套设施跟不上,操作也有问题。光有住宅谁来住?”   网民“修成才”说:“保障房的事,必须弄清楚,细节都要公示出来,准许公众监督举报。对负责人要终身追责,严格执法。这种欺骗行为,最终损害的是人民群众的权益。”   民生大事要重视群众满意率   网民认为,好的政策必须配以执行有力的配套政策,这样才能真正发挥保障房的作用。网民“王德安com”说,“保障房政策是好,惠民政策到了地方有的已经不见了,有的在执行中变成了另一种解释,有的老百姓压根就不知道。   网民“深海鱼”建议,应该设专人负责保障房的运营管理,提高透明度,让真正有需求的人住进保障房。同时,增加现金补贴力度,让低收入者有更多选择,防止出现大规模的住房废弃。   网民“蓝色之星”认为,保障房是民生大事,地方政府应该在选址、配套、分配等方面科学决策,接受社会监督。还要明确谁建设、谁负责、谁监管的问责机制,杜绝保障低收入群体的“安居房”成为一些地方干部的“面子房”和少数违规者的“福利房”。   网民“鸣涧”表示,应坚持民生导向,建立更为科学的保障房建设考核体系,多算算民生账,将考核指挥棒由项目开工率转变为群众满意率。(记者 曾德金 整理) (责编:王子侯、杨曦)相关的主题文章: