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The cause of the or family Li Xiaoran "Hey," children encounter century problem – Sohu entertainment "Hey, kids" Li Xiaoran Sohu entertainment news November 7th, directed by Yazhou Yang, Li Xiaoran, Jiang Wenli, Guo Xiaodong, Liu Tianzuo, who starred in the city emotional drama "Hey, kids" officially landing Zhejiang TV China blue theater. Li Xiaoran’s daughter-in-law Jia Yuanyuan Fang two, living in her straightforward personality, the occupation is a gold radio female anchor, the cause of the pressure that she originally intended to late to have children, but in just a debut found pregnant, thus a "baby war" officially opened. "Hey," children focus on urban couples children, about three couples present around the "children" the story. This time, Li Xiaoran as Jia Yuanyuan, as two daughter, sister home alone lost her home, DINK, responsibility for their fangs comes upon her. The work, because of its high status, so many colleagues envy, so the competition is extremely fierce. This plan late but she found she was pregnant, a great cause, on the other hand, could not bear to see the family in order to children to worry about, for a time Jia Yuanyuan caught in a dilemma. In an earlier interview, Li Xiaoran said the character of Jia Yuanyuan is very real, the premiere of the two focus, the audience also really feel her true feeling. Treat her husband Fang Yue, even if the parents oppose, outsiders feel unworthy, she is still true to treat; and this tangled in whether to give birth to the child, but she was distressed because the eldest sister decided to give birth to the next. So sincere feelings of the Jia Yuanyuan, also just played by the audience, netizens have said: "love Li Xiaoran of the feelings of the earnest effort, fun!"   相关的主题文章: