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Card Printer Reviews Posted By: cardteq1 It’s gotten WAY too confusing to order business cards online – how do you know which is the best business Card Printer for you? Here’s my attempt to simplify things. Download my Business Card Printer Reviews (comparison chart) here (right-click, then save). And then please read the explanation below so you’ll understand what I did. Goal: Compare prices, paper weights, shipping and customer satisfaction (as measured by a "Satisfactory" rating – or not – from the Better Business Bureau) for a fairly typical business card order: 1000 full-color business cards, 4/0 (full color on front, no color on back), with UV coating, standard shipping (to my zip code, which is in the central US, if asked). I was also looking for companies that had templates/backgrounds you could use, since that’s very popular these days. Process: I entered the search term "business cards" in both Google and Yahoo! on 5/3/07 and wrote down the top 10 results for each. I eliminated any results that weren’t actual printers and those that didn’t sell full-color cards. (If your favorite printer isn’t in this list, it’s because it didn’t rank highly enough! Sorry, I couldn’t check them all.

Card Printer Load Embossing Machine Review Posted By: cardteq1 I Review This User-friendly Front-load Embossing Machine from Whirlpool If you’re in the market for a new Embossing Machine, there are several models available that will actually streamline your laundry, allowing you to spend less time in the laundry room and more time doing the things you want. These Embossing Machines are outfitted with some of the best features within the appliance industry, and they have been formatted to expedite your laundry. The Whirlpool 3.4 Cu. Ft. Front Load Embossing Machine – Card Embosser Machine , Model: WFW8300SW has all of the features that makes a front load Embossing Machine worth your money, as well as some new features that can’t be found in any other front load Embossing Machine. Main Product Features: The main feature that consumers are excited about within this Whirlpool front load Embossing Machine – PVC Card Embosser is the overall capacity. With 3.4 cubic feet, you are given more than enough room to wash your laundry. Unlike traditional top-loading Embossing Machines, 3.4 cubic feet in a front-load Embossing Machine will allow you to wash a total of 10 pairs of jeans within a single cycle.

card Embosser Machine Make An Angel Card With Card Embosser – Cardteq Posted By: cardteq1 Ever looked at those lovely glossy cards on store shelves and wished that you could make similar ones? Well, it’s not too difficult. Some basic tools + your imagination = Great cards! Here’s how! Choose the colours you want to use. This example shows use of bronze and white papers for the card. You can vary the colours as per your requirement. Take a more than 160 grams per square meter weight paper (250 gsm paper is used in this example), preferably A4 sheet but you can really use any size you want. Fold it into half and decide which side you want to use as the front of the card . Make guidelines on the back side of the front cover. In this case, guidelines are made 2.5 cm from the edge, leaving enough room for the design to be accommodated. Stick the card embosser pattern with scotch tape along the guiding lines. Don’t use ordinary cello tape as it’s hard to remove. Scotch tape comes off easily – Card Card embosser Machine .

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