Brother sick coma 15 days of deaf girls dancing in the streets of Zhengzhou for

Brother in a coma for 15 days in Zhengzhou deaf girl dancing in the streets to help in the new network yesterday 10 pm, in the southwest of the intersection of road and Renmin Road Zhengzhou golden corner of the square, a 18 year old deaf girl holding a "save my brother" brand, for the pedestrian dance (Figure). Her eyes with tears, from time to time to bow to thank everyone, I hope people can help her. The deaf girl in sign language teacher’s gestures, with music dance and cheerleading. In addition to her hand sign, on the ground beside there is an introduction, wrote: "I am a deaf student, brother (September 11th) suffering from viral encephalitis in a coma, please help me to save him! My name is Zhang Yixin, eighteen years old, suffering from congenital deaf mute, deaf school in Jiaozuo. Jiaozuo City, Henan Province, who lives in Macun City, walled village, Anyang. My 15 year old brother in the school third days have a fever hospital, was diagnosed with viral encephalitis, now the 1st Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University ICU treatment, still remain unconscious. In order to treat his brother spent all his savings, borrowed relatives and friends, but every day more than ten thousand yuan of medical expenses, mom and dad really can not hold up. In order to save his brother to help my brother to raise medical expenses, I demonstrate my learning dance for you today, I hope good people to help me, save my brother, my brother woke up early to go back to school!" At the same time for Zhang Yixin when the translation of the sign language teacher called Li Guiyun, is a deaf mute school in Jiaozuo, 33 classes of teachers, but also the teacher in charge of the class of the class, the teacher is also a teacher in charge of the class. According to Mr. Li introduced, the second year of Zhang Yixin is a dance specialty students, who have participated in a variety of dance competitions held in Henan, Jiaozuo, won many awards. In the crowd of onlookers, a 67 year old named Zhang Fobao, was moved by Xin Xin dance, immediately took out $200 into her hands. A 60 year old man named Chen Xiaotong passing here, he just took the money from the bank to pay $1000 to the Zhang Yixin. He said the lampblack machine at home is broken, his wife had been urging him to buy a new one, he went to the bank to withdraw money yesterday morning, was going to the mall to buy smoke lampblack machine, passing through here, see the poor Zhang Yixin in the dance, they decided to postpone it for a few days to buy. Yesterday at 12 o’clock in the morning, the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University, No. 1 ward building, room 11, the door of the intensive care unit, the reporter saw Zhang Yixin’s father, Zhang Lujun. Zhang Lujun said his son, Zhang Jiaxin is a normal child, now 15 years old, was admitted to the Jiaozuo University 3+2 College accounting. Son in the intensive care unit, spending nearly twenty thousand yuan a day, the follow-up medical expenses also need $about 300000. The doctor said, Zhang Jiaxin suffering from a rare viral encephalitis, although over a number of expert consultation, is still unable to determine what kind of virus infection. After half a month of treatment, although the child’s condition has improved, but still in a coma, may deteriorate at any time. Doctors said that as long as there is a glimmer of hope, they will not give up the rescue of the child. Sensible Zhang Yixin told reporters in sign language, she saw her parents often sad tears, hoping to dance, to earn more money for his brother medicine.相关的主题文章: