Blue Jays do not give a certificate of service or a fatal blow to Dongfeng Nissan – Sohu car shuyue

The blue bird does not give the certificate purchase service or to a fatal blow to the Dongfeng Nissan – Sohu in 2015, Dongfeng Nissan sales break million has aroused widespread concern, many people think that the "million" transcript gold content is very high, in addition to the product is increasingly recognized by consumers, marketing has also achieved good results. Moreover, the impact of the goal of one million since 2012, after three years has been achieved, which can be difficult to imagine. Of course, the hard work is rewarding, but when sales reached a million, while Nissan has fallen into another troubled. In fact, reached the million and high-profile celebration when Nissan sales in 2015, a small series: sales promotion is undoubtedly a big plus for car prices, but for consumers? But the sales promotion, the quality of the products they buy will become better and better, more and more powerful force, and so on? The fact is often the first time to draw further apart, the impact of Dongfeng Nissan million goal, whether manufacturers or 4S stores, they estimate an idea of just how to attract more customers to buy the product, and when to take a series of measures to sell products, quality, service issues will stampede in. At the end of October 2015, Dongfeng Nissan Bluebird LANNIA officially listed, although the same as with the Bluebird Chinese name, but the blue bird is a new product, it has a unique personality appearance, and the design of new family face altogether, it largely represents a Nissan design trend. And this product really did not live up to expectations, once listed, it is easy to pin million target, but the blue bird from good times don’t last long after the listing, LANNIA went to the peak, and from the peak of fall into the trough, and even less than half the time. From the data shown above, LANNIA blue bird sales was as high as 13 thousand and 600, and then sales began to decline, fell to 4 thousand and 200, or even a car of 3 thousand and 300. According to the common sense, or some unusual method, then the LANNIA blue bird actually met what? The product is sold, many people think that it is cost-effective, but Xiaobian want to say is, LANNIA blue bird can in a short period of time the monthly sales break million, its price is also good. When the small car complaints network search on some Nissan complaints, indeed, listed on this year, Nissan received many complaints about LANNIA blue bird, "delay certificate" the majority of complaints. In fact, the "delay certificate" and caused by the hidden problems very much, since 2015, this problem is becoming more and more popular, CCTV and interviews have reported this news, but even so, the situation is still delaying dealers certificate no less, but this is largely because the distributors of funds strand breaks, and the conflict with existing manufacturers. So, LANNIA blue bird delays the frequent occurrence of certification, Dongfeng Nissan and dealers.相关的主题文章: