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Home-and-Family Your family is expanding, and you need to start planning the nursery for the little one. The choices may seem daunting at first, but if you take it a step a time, it’s not that hard. If this is your first, a lot of things will be taken care of by family and friends at a baby shower, but they will probably want your input. Furniture The variety of baby furniture is as large as adult furniture. You have your choice of many styles, wood stain color or painted, and new or used. While buying used furniture is frugal, be sure that the furniture still meets safety standards and check for any old recalls that may have been missed by the previous owner. Most used furniture is in very good shape, and is well worth the savings. There are three basic types of beds for newborns, cradles, cribs and co-sleepers: – Cradles are usually re.mended for newborns, as it’s easier to keep near the parents’ bed, if there is room. It’s also more .forting for the newborn. However, the newborn outgrows the cradle fairly quickly. – Cribs are an investment, but by shopping wisely, that investment will pay off in the long run. Many of the cribs today are convertible, so they can be reconfigured into a day bed, toddler bed, and eventually a twin bed, by simply adding supports and the larger mattress. – Co-sleepers are more popular as many families enjoy the closeness of a family bed, but don’t actually want the child in their bed full-time. They are an attachable mini-bed on the side of the parents’ bed. They allow the baby to be within arms reach for nighttime nursing, but still have separate sleeping areas. Many people prefer this to actually having the infant in bed with them, for safety reasons as well as a less traumatic transition later, when they feel it’s time for the "big kid" bed. Dressers Dressers are another important feature in a nursery. Most cribs have matching dresser sets, but it’s not necessary to have all of it match, as long as it coordinates nicely. Many dressers .e with a changing table that can be placed on top, so the baby can still use the dresser as they grow. Be sure that the dresser is a solid construction, and that it won’t tip over after the little one begins the climbing stage. Check that the knobs can not .e off easily, as they can pose a choking hazard. Bedding The bedding is one of the most fun parts of any nursery (not counting the baby). There are endless choices for the bedding (which usually consists of sheets, bumper, sheets, and .forters). There are many varieties of the traditional pinks and blues patterns, as well as gender-neutral designs for the parents-to-be who wish to be surprised. One of the recent trends in bedding is using bright primary colors, especially .binations of red, black and white. Studies have shown that these colors help the newborn’s eyesight focus quicker. There are hundreds of licensed character bedding sets, with matching accessories to decorate the nursery quickly and easily. Many of these are designs that most children will continue to love as they grow older, making it easy to save money in decorating in the future. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: