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Sports-and-Recreation Do you have an older avalanche beacon? If you do it needs to be tested each year to ensure that it is working properly. Now is the time to get testing. If you receive a firmware upgrade for your Barryvox, Ortovox, or Pieps beacon, then the upgrade process also runs some diagnostic checks. Even with the upgrades, you can run some simple tests along with your backcountry adventure partners, using and testing their beacons. Testing the Signal’s Acquisition Range You will need a pen and paper, your avalanche beacon to test, plus any other model beacon for a target. This test will not be the same for various Models. Try to find an identical model as the one you are testing to .pare with. First, set up a target beacon, any model will do. Turn your beacon, the one being tested, to the transmit mode and set the range for further than it can receive from. Then Switch your beacon to the Search mode and walk toward the target beacon. Note the distance, turn your beacon back to Transmit (this is important!), and repeat the test a couple times. Now, if you found a model identical to yours then do the test with it and keep track of range distances as you run a few trials with it. The position the two beacons relative to each other will affect the distance, so be consistent when .paring different units. Quite often you will find variations of several meters in the testing, even for the same avalanche beacon- this is normal so don’t worry. Transmission Range Repeat the prior test for initial signal acquisition range, but this time you’re swapping the Transmit units, not the Search units. Battery .partment Corrosion and Looseness Be sure to change batteries regularly as batteries will leak corrosive acids that can destroy the terminals. Also frequent changes can loosen the terminals which can cause connections problems. Batteries should be removed in off season times. Also there is a solution to use called DeoxIT that can keep contacts in good condition. Check to be sure your antenna is in good shape. Practice using your Avalanche Beacon Many of the new modern avalanche beacons have so many functions with new technology making advances in accuracy. There are variables with your beacons that you need to be aware of and as we all know time is so important. So I stress that by practicing with your partners who go with you for those back country adventures. Practice with your older ones and practice with the new over and over till you know how and why it works. You and your partners lives may depend on it! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: