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Auxiliary Zhuangfei vacated flip 3 ring of police: Driver throttle when the brake – Sohu news September 26th afternoon, Anhui Fuyang Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment staff to surging news () confirmed that in the morning drove the car driver Zhang feifu alarm and a pedestrian has been a police control. After the incident, Zhang Mou is on the phone, ready to turn right when driving operational errors, will use the accelerator for the brake, causing the vehicle out of control. Currently, two injured were not life-threatening. Video display, 26 morning at 7:16 PM, Fuyang City, Funan county "rich Po Road" and "valley river road junction, traffic accident". A police officer wearing a reflective vest on the zebra crossing by a fast black car hit the flight, the police in the air after 3 laps to fall to the ground. The car hit a pedestrian and a white car and stopped. 26 afternoon, Fuyang City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment official micro-blog @ Fuyang police online publishing bulletin said, the driver Zhang Moumou, born in 1988, Shuangbei village residents of Funan County Chengguan town. After testing, excluding Moumou drunk driving, drug driving suspect. According to the driver Zhang Moumou account, before the incident, he was answering the phone, driving to prepare the right turn when operating errors, the throttle as a brake to use, resulting in the vehicle out of control, causing the traffic accident. Currently, the driver has been controlled by the police. The accident is under further investigation. Fuyang traffic police detachment staff told surging news said, was injured on duty auxiliary police Yin Bao and pedestrians were not life-threatening, is currently being treated in hospital. In addition, Zhang Moumou for men, not the network transmission of the female driver".相关的主题文章: