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Increase your conversation with developers to grasp a lot of regarding the merchandise. Whenever attainable create face-to-face .munication for resolving disputes quickly and to avoid any misunderstandings. However conjointly once you perceive the necessity or resolve any dispute – make certain to speak a similar over written .munication ways in which like emails. Dont keep any issue verbal. 19

Software I hope all testers can browse these software testing smart practices. Browse all points rigorously and check out to implement them in your day-to-day QA activities. This is often what I expect from this article; if you do not perceive any QA apply, rise for a lot of clarification in .ments below. After all, you’ll learn of these testing practices by expertise. However then why not try and learn of these things before creating any mistake? Here are a number of the most effective testing practices I learned from experience: 1) Learn to research your results totally. Dont ignore the result. The ultimate take a look at result could also be ‘pass’ or ‘fail’ however troubleshooting the foundation reason behind ‘fail’ can lead you to the answer of the matter. Testers are revered if they not solely log the bugs however conjointly offer solutions. 2) Learn to maximize the QA coverage when you take a look at any application. Though one hundred pc take a look at coverage won’t be attainable still you’ll invariably try and reach close to it. 3) To make sure most coverage breaks your application beneath take a look at (AUT) into smaller useful modules. Write take a look at cases on such individual unit modules. Conjointly if attainable break these modules into smaller elements. E.g.: Lets assume you’ve got divided your web site application in modules and ‘accepting user information’ is one among the modules. Youll break this ‘User information’ screen into smaller elements for writing take a look at cases: elements like UI testing, security testing , useful testing of the ‘User information’ kind etc. Apply all kind field kind and size tests, negative and validation take look arts on input fields and write all such test cases for optimum coverage. 4) Whereas writing take a look at cases, write take a look at cases for supposed functionality 1st i.e. for valid conditions in step with needs. Then write some for invalid conditions. This may cowl expected additionally surprising behavior of application beneath scrutiny. 5) assume positive. Begin testing the applying by intend of finding bugs/errors. Do not assume beforehand that there’ll not be any bugs within the application. If you take a look at the applying by intention of finding bugs you’ll undoubtedly succeed to search out those delicate bugs conjointly. 6) Write your take a look at cases in demand analysis and style section itself. This manner you’ll guarantee all the wants are testable. 7) Create your take a look at cases out there to developers before coding. Do not keep your take a look at cases with you waiting to induce final application unleash for testing, thinking that you just will log a lot of bugs. Let developers analyze your take a look at cases totally to develop quality application. This may conjointly save the re-work time. 8) If attainable establish and cluster your take a look at cases for regression testing. This may guarantee fast and effective manual regression testing. 9) Applications requiring important response time ought to be totally tested for performance. Performance testing is that the important a part of several applications. In manual testing this is often principally ignored half by testers attributable to lack of needed performance testing massive information volume. Ascertain ways in which to envision your application for performance. If unimaginable to form take a look at information manually then write some basic scripts to form take a look at information for performance take a look at or raise developers to jot down one for you. 10) Programmers mustn’t take a look at their own code. As mentioned in our previous post, basic unit testing of developed application ought to be enough for developers to unleash the applying for testers. However you ought to not force developers to unleash the merchandise for testing. Allow them to take their own time. Everybody from cause manger grasp when the module/update is released for testing and that they will estimate the testing time accordingly. This is often a typical scenario in agile project surroundings. 11) Transcend demand testing. Take a look at application for what it’s not speculated to do. 12) Whereas doing regression testing use previous bug graph (Bug graph – variety of bugs found against time for various modules). This module-wise bug graph may be helpful to predict the foremost probable bug a part of the applying. 13) Publish the new terms, ideas you learn whereas testing. Keep a text file open whereas testing an application. Publish the testing progress, observations in it. Uses these notepad observations whereas getting ready final take a look at unleash report. This smart habit can assist you to supply the entire unambiguous take a look at report and unleash details. 14) Over and over take a look aters or developers create changes in code base for application beneath test. This is often needed step in development or testing surroundings to avoid execution of live transaction processing like in banking .es. Publish all such code changes in hot water testing purpose and at the time of ultimate unleash make certain you’ve got removed of these changes from final consumer facet deployment file resources. 15) Keep developers aloof from take a look at surroundings. This is often needed step to detect any configuration changes missing in unleash or deployment document. Sometimes developers do some system or application configuration changes however forget to say those in deployment steps. If developers haven’t got access to take look surroundings they’ll not do any such changes accidentally on test surroundings and these missing things may be captured at the correct place. 16) It is a smart apply to involve testers right from software demand and style section. These methods take a look aters will get data of application dependability leading to detailed test coverage. If you’re not being asked to be a part of this development cycle then create request to your lead or manager to involve youre testing team in all call creating processes or conferences. 17) Testing groups ought to share best testing practices, expertise with different groups in their organization. 18) Increase your conversation with developers to grasp a lot of regarding the merchandise. Whenever attainable create face-to-face .munication for resolving disputes quickly and to avoid any misunderstandings. However conjointly once you perceive the necessity or resolve any dispute – make certain to speak a similar over written .munication ways in which like emails. Dont keep any issue verbal. 19) Do not run out of your time to try and do high priority testing tasks. Prioritize your testing work from high to low priority and arrange your work accordingly. Analyze all associated risks to prioritize your work. 20) Write clear, descriptive, unambiguous bug report. Dont solely offer the bug symptoms however conjointly offer the impact of the bug and every one attainable solution. Don’t testing may be an artistic and difficult task. Finally it depends on your ability and knowledge, how you handle this challenge. 。

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Real-Estate Demand of high-rise buildings are increasing in Delhi NCR region at full pace since it has be.e a need of today. Increasing number of population allows developers to build high rise and mid rise projects as this concept will save the land area as well as these group housing societies provide us various modern-day amenities and features. This concept has .e up with modern-day designed residencies that are surrounded by beautiful ambience of open lush green landscape area. Apart from this, you will be blessed with various recreational features and healthcare centers. Lots of ultra-modern features will make your life truly amazing within the group housing societies. In Greater Faridabad, there are various such residential projects that have been launched by leading developers and have got great appreciations. At this point of time, we are here to discuss one of the most latest and elegant residential projects named by Mulberry County which has been developed by MGH Group. The project is deliberately located at sector-70 in Greater Faridabad. The project spreads over 10.1 acres of land that is having huge lush green surrounding. The project promises lavish 2BHK, 3BHK and 3BHK along with servant room in various area sizes such as 1220, 1660, 1806 and 1525 sq. ft. area respectively. The possession of the project would be handed over by the year 2016.The project is offered with various amusement facilities that include table tennis, swimming pool, gymnasium, play area for kids, splash pool, caf, yoga room, badminton court, joggers track, ample parking space, play area for kids, tier security, water supply, round the clock security, garden area, caf, 100% power backup and a lot more. While it .es to location benefits, the project is possessed with various advantages like the project is located on 45 meter wide sector road. You will have close proximity to prominent schools, colleges, hospitals and other shopping .plexes etc. It is next to 1868 acres IMT. The project is having 500 meters of distance from the existing sectors of Faridabad city like sector-2, 63 and 64. The project is offered with close vicinity to dining and entertainment area, shopping malls, market hubs, ATM, banks and many more. Apart from these features and facilities, you will be provided with so many modern-day facilities at one single place. On the top of it, the project is very much suitable for mid-in.e segment as the project is reasonably priced. So, you will be blessed with the best living place at affordable price segment. 。

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What is ISO Certification Consultancy? If you are busy and concentrating in your core business, ISO Certification consultancy will concentrate on designing and implementation of ISO system for your .pany using unique and proven online consultancy. You must have to choose an ISO certification consultancy .pany as your ISO Consultant, who assures that designing, implementation and achievement of ISO systems will results in improved process, standardization and effectiveness through ISO management system certificate. Global Manager Group ISO Certification Consultancy Global Manager Group is a leading ISO certification consultancy .pany provides .plete ISO solutions for any ISO systems in area of system implementation, designing, certification, recertification, internal auditing, iso documentation, iso awareness training, iso auditor training courses. Global manager group is a progressive .pany and promoted by a group of qualified engineers and management graduates having rich experience of 20 years in ISO consultancy and management areas. The .pany serves the global customers through on-site and off-site modes of service delivery systems. We offer a full range of consulting services geared towards helping all types of organizations to achieve .petitiveness, Certifications and .pliance to international standards and regulations. So far we had more than 9001 clients in more than 65 countries. Global Manager Group is a world class ISO consultancy .pany provides consultancy services for ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001, ISO/IEC 17025, OHSAS 18001, ISO 17020, ISO 50001, HACCP, BRC Food, BRC packaging standard, RC 14001, FSSC 22000, ISO 22000, ISO 27001 and more system certification. Along with these ISO standard consultancy Global Manager Group also provides product certification consultancy like CE Mark, U-stamp, R-stamp as well as system accreditation like NABL and NABH accreditation, Sedex certification consultancy. GMG has been working with industrial, R & D, and Laboratories as well as management systems consultancy. Our readymade training and editable document kit helps the client in making their documents easy and make them .plying to related ISO standard faster. 1. Our promoters and engineers have experience of more than 1200 .panies globally for management training, ISO series consultancy. We had clients in more than 65 countries. 2. Highly qualified 40 team members (M.B.A., Degree engineers) and owner is having rich professional experience (since 1991). 3. We have 100% success rate for ISO series certification of our clients from reputed certifying body and branded image and leading name in the market. 4. Suggest continual improvement and cost reduction measures as well as highly informative training presentations and other products gives payback within 2 months against our cost. 5. So far more than 50000 employees are trained by us in ISO series certification. 6. We had spent more than 60000 man-days (170 man years) preparing ISO documents and training slides. Why many units have taken our consultancy? Low Cost: Experienced persons of specific industry are also hired by us as product specialist at nominal charges. Billing at the end of the month after doing the work and very low charges. Converting our charges into value by giving improvement suggestion and our clients have quoted us payback our consultancy is less than 30 days in terms of benefits achieved by them. Reliable: Practical suggestions re.mended and having vast experience in the bigger as well as small .panies. Experience in all kinds of industry like Engineering, Textile, Chemical, Machine manufacturer, Electronics, Electrical, Pharmaceuticals, etc in more than 60 countries. Professional approach and more than 500 highly qualified persons .prise Engineers / MBA from various disciplines with extensive experience are involved in our team. FASTER (2 to 4 MONTHS): The painstaking work of documentation is done by us based on detail study of system. Personal involvement and .mitment from day one by us. Our team of professionals monitors your activity to gear up certification process. Global Manager Group Clients: Global Manager Group has conducted implementation of ISO system and many laboratories and leading .anization have got ISO certificate under its project management in USA, UK, Europe, Asia, Gulf countries, Malaysia, Singapore, Africa and Australia including Saudi ARAMCO, Jhaveri Flexo, Kanhai Food, Yanbu Refinery, Gulf Laboratory, Magnum Industries, Polydrug, Cilantro Food, Clearwater Seafood, Buzwair Laboratory, Sunrise, Meghmani, Crystal Infoline, NAP Laboratory, Riyadh Refinery, Zenith Technologies, Al-Hoti, Q Chem., Geotechnical lab, International Laboratory, Doha Technical Lab, Qatar Engineering Lab, Jeddah refinery laboratory, technical laboratory and many more than 1200 global clients.

and communicate information effectively. According to Ron Brandon Experience helps us turn our clients’ challenges into solutions. The ProTech logo embodies what the company is all about – people. A unique balance exists between ProTech

UnCategorized Steven Brandon is Elite Energy Systems CEO. Elite Energy Systems is an energy management company that provides state-of-the-art, enabling technology, environmentally responsible Demand Response and Ultra-Clean Combined Heat and Power solutions to commercial and industrial energy users across the majority of public and private industry sectors, including hospitality, retail, healthcare, manufacturing, education and government. Elite Energy Systems robust, multi-layered, Internet and microprocessor-based GenView Control System, designed to integrate energy generating assets with building management control systems, is the cornerstone for all of our product offerings. Steven Brandon and teams innovative enabling technological capabilities coupled with strategic partnerships and alliances provide Elite Energys customers superior solutions to their Demand Response and Ultra-Clean Combined Heat and Power needs. Steven Brandon is a staunch believer in the quote, Study and follow professional management principles. Apply them logically and practically to your organization. Ronda Brandon is laying the Foundation COO. LTF was founded in 2003 as an outgrowth of the O’Donnell Foundation’s deep commitment to raising the bar for math, science and English education for American students. Laying the Foundation, Inc. officially became a separate non-profit organization in January 2008, furthering its training capabilities with the goal of scaling up nationally to strengthen the content knowledge and skills of classroom teachers of math, science and English. With dedicated hard work devoted by Ronda Brandon and team Today LTF is training thousands of teachers in Texas, as well as in ten other states, six of which are where the National Math and Science Initiative (NMSI) is replicating both the AP Strategies and LTF models. Its program is highly regarded among classroom teachers. According to Ronda Brandon, A change for the better always starts with a change of thinking. Ron Brandon is ProTech Systems Chief Financial Officer. Since 1992, ProTech Systems Group, Inc. has provided information solutions and IT staffing services to a diverse group of business entities. Known as Professional Technologists, ProTech helps its customers analyze, organize, manage, and communicate information effectively. According to Ron Brandon Experience helps us turn our clients’ challenges into solutions. The ProTech logo embodies what the company is all about – people. A unique balance exists between ProTech, its clients and its people. In all the years of growth and change, one thing has remained the same – dedication to exceptional customer service while providing opportunities for staff, contractors and clients by uniting IT talent with opportunity. ProTech conducts needs and usability assessments; architects, develops, and supports networks; develops and maintains applications; writes technical manuals, documents business processes and provides industry leading products and services. ProTech’s staffing services find and place the very best IT talent, including project managers, business analysts, systems analysts, network engineers, Web designers/developers, programmers, technical writers, quality assurance specialists, and more. As the company has grown and increased its reach, Ron Brandon and team have maintained a commitment to high performance and unsurpassed industry knowledge. Random Brandon believes in offering candidates and client companies’ personal service, confidentiality, and the most ethical, professional standards in the IT industry. 。

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Four Wonderful Natural Oil Solutions For Your Hair By: Jacob Schiffer | Mar 28th 2011 – Some of the natural oil solutions that give awesome advantages for the hair include olive oil, argan oil, coconut oil and jojoba oil. Tags: Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque – Report By: Blain Gowing | Nov 23rd 2010 – Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque is the perfect hair care product for those who are in the search for an intense effective hair repair treatment that offer quick hair rejuvenation and restoration. The new Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque offers intense repair treatment so that it should not be used more than … Tags: Macadamia Natural Oil Healing Oil Treatment – Review By: Blain Gowing | Nov 23rd 2010 – The lack of natural oils and moisture in the hair is the most important factor for the increasing hair problems of today. Macadamia, the popular hair care specialist has introduced a revolutionary product in the market that is exclusively designed to address the problems pertaining to hair. Tags: Macadamia Hair Care – Review By: Blain Gowing | Nov 23rd 2010 – Macadamia Hair Care products are specially formulated with selected ingredients that help in providing a .plete hair care treatment for your hair. Macadamia has hit the market with a myriad of natural products that includes rejuvenating shampoos, nourishing leave-in creams, natural oil and healing sprays, deep repair masq … Tags: Review On Hair Treatment With Macadamia Natural Oil Nourishing Leave-in Cream By: Blain Gowing | Nov 23rd 2010 – Macadamia Natural Oil Nourishing Leave-In Cream is one of the best selling hair care products of today that is designed to repair and nourish any type of damaged and lifeless hair. While offering a safe and quick result, they offer intense conditioning and rejuvenation of the hair that requires special care. Tags: Report On Macadamia Hair Care By: Blain Gowing | Nov 23rd 2010 – Macadamia Hair Care products .e with a number of amazing features to mention. They offer a .plete inventory of new revolutionary products that are prepared carefully using natural, risk free ingredients for adding life and strength to your hair. Tags: Macadamia Natural Oil Rejuvenating Shampoo – Advantages By: Blain Gowing | Nov 23rd 2010 – Macadamia is a world renowned specialist in providing with a .prehensive array of .pletely natural hair care products for all hair types. Amongst so many fabulous products in its product line, the revolutionary Macadamia Natural Oil Rejuvenating Shampoo is one of the best treatments that are highly demanded these days Tags: Macadamia Natural Oil Healing Oil Treatment – Report By: Blain Gowing | Nov 23rd 2010 – Amongst so many amazing hair care products launched by Macadamia, the Macadamia Natural Oil Healing Oil Treatment is one of the best and the most effective hair care treatment popularly in use today. Prepared with carefully chosen natural oils, fatty acids and hair nutrients, the new Macadamia Natural Oil Healing Oil Treatm … Tags: Report On Macadamia Natural Oil Healing Oil Spray By: Blain Gowing | Nov 23rd 2010 – Macadamia Natural Oil Healing Oil Spray is a newly introduced amazingly working hair care product from the home of Macadamia that helps in preventing hair damages and rejuvenates the hair with care and nourishment. The adverse effect of environmental pollution can make your hair dry and lifeless. Dry hair is mainly caused d … Tags: Macadamia Natural Oil Rejuvenating Shampoo By: Blain Gowing | Nov 23rd 2010 – Macadamia Natural Oil Rejuvenating Shampoo is one of the best selling hair care products of today that is designed to suit all hair types. The unique .position of this revolutionary shampoo makes it .patible and similar to the natural oils present in our hair so that it offers a safe and risk free hair care within the s … Tags: Nourish Your Hair With Macadamia Natural Oil Nourishing Leave-in Cream – Info By: Blain Gowing | Nov 23rd 2010 – The increased hair damage issues of today have paved way to the introduction of a .pletely new, advanced hair care product, the Macadamia Natural Oil Nourishing Leave-In Cream. Made with natural and safe nourishing agents and enriching oils, this innovative hair care product introduced by Macadamia can be.e one of the h … Tags: Is Moisturizer Necessary For Skin Rejuvenation By: Joanna Cabanna | Nov 17th 2010 – While most of us moisturize our skin, thinking it"��s a necessary step in our daily skincare routines, some believe it"��s unnecessary and can be harmful because of its negative impact on natural oil production and clogging traits. Tags: Info On Best In Macadamia Hair Care By: Blain Gowing | Nov 15th 2010 – For hair products it is important to know what and where the ingredients .e from. The latest trends in hair products based on the nutritious fatty oils found in plants. Unlike most of products that use just single oil, The Macadamia Natural Oil line of professional hair products uses Macadamia oil and Argan oil and it is … Tags: The Best Macadamia Hair Care Products In The Market By: Blain Gowing | Nov 15th 2010 – The best hair beauty treatments .e from nature and with all the products loaded with harsh chemicals it is hard to figure what the value of natural ingredients really is. The latest trend in hair care products is all about oils and most products promote just one type of oil which may or may not have the most beneficial el … Tags: Depend On Macadamia Hair Care By: Blain Gowing | Nov 15th 2010 – Macadamia hair care products help you tame your tousled mane and result in healthy, beautiful hair this year. Macadamia hair care has a new hair care collection that blends Macadamia Nut Oil, Argan Seed Oil and beneficial botanicals that replenishes and maintains healthy, beautiful, long, strong hair. Macadamia Natural Oil … Tags: What Makes Macadamia Hair Care Preferable By: Blain Gowing | Nov 15th 2010 – Macadamia hair care is one brand which has always .e up with something new and has never managed to disappoint its audience. The hair care industry is about to witness something that has never been into the market before thanks to Macadamia hair care. Tags: Info On Macadamia Hair Care By: Blain Gowing | Nov 15th 2010 – A lot of people have been fans of Moroccan Oil for ages and ages, but now things are slowly changing and there is a new hair care line that is taking over people"��s heart and hair. The masses have found a new love. Don’t get me wrong, there are some who are still faithful to their Moroccan oil, but the majority is having a … Tags: Spikenard Essential Oil And Clinical Aromatherapy Benefits By: M Thompson | Nov 12th 2010 – Spikenard essential oil can be described as an earthy, woody oil that is golden in color and known for its many beneficial properties. This natural oil has medicinal properties and can be used as an antibacterial, anti-fungal, or anti-inflammatory agent. Tags: Us Board Approval Soyabean Checkoff Funding Will Pave Your Way Easily By: Holly Cash | Sep 18th 2010 – MCPU Polymer Engineering received approval from the United Soybean Board for Soybean Checkoff funding to study replacement of petrochemicals with soybean oil-based alternatives in tire fill formulations. Tags: Why To Opt Hair Conditioning By: Blain Gowing | Aug 14th 2010 – A conditioner is ideal for adding moisturizer to hair; and is used after shampooing. All types of hair have to be conditioned to maintain it shiny and flexible. Conditioning is especially helpful for dry hair. It adds to the natural oil supply and gives dry hair, shine as well as bounce and strength. Tags: Diet For Healthy Hair By: Blain Gowing | Aug 12th 2010 – For a healthy hair and healthy hair growth, protein is one of the most essential nutrients. Eggs, poultry, salmon, beans are the major sources of protein. A healthy scalp needs a healthy production of sebum, which is a natural oil secreted by hair follicles. Tags: Jojoba Oil For Hair, Nature’s Natural Moisturizer By: Anthony N. Ward | Jul 31st 2010 – Jojoba oil is one of the more .mon ingredients in hair care products and with good reason. This natural oil is considered by many to be the most .patible due to its similarity to the scalp’s sebum and its ability to work with all hair types. It has many therapeutic properties including its ability to protect moisture lo … Tags: Info On How To Stop Further Hair Loss By: Blain Gowing | Jul 20th 2010 – There are many methods by which we can prevent hair loss. Scalp massage is one of them. By massaging the scalp using natural oil, the blood circulation of the scalp increases. It also helps in removing the dead skin from the scalp. Thus the overall health of the hair and scalp improves. Tags: 6 Ways Get Rid Of Acne Blackheads By: Charles Zoe | Jul 19th 2010 – Blackheads make you frustrated and annoying. In severe cases even they can stop you going to parties, functions and enjoying your life. They are a caution sign for pimples and acne. Blackheads are caused when sebum (the skin’s natural oil) collects and hardens in the pores. The congesting toxins that are being expelled thro … Tags: Is Hair Loss Troubling You By: Christina Lynn | Jul 7th 2010 – Massaging scalp using natural oil helps induce circulation of the scalp and remove dead skin and deposits that may interfere in the growth of hair. Be sure to massage the scalp every time you wash your hair. Tags: Remedies For .bating Acne By: Nigel Lane | May 27th 2010 – The first home remedy is to use tea tree oil on the problem areas.  It is all natural oil that has been proven to be really successful at treating acne.  Tags: Black Pepper Oil, Black Pepper Essential Oil By: Ankur Tandon | Dec 24th 2009 – Offers various natural essential oils including black pepper oil, black pepper essential oil, oil of black pepper, black pepper natural oil, essential black pepper oil, black pepper natural essential oil, bergamot oil, clary sage oil, clove oil, coriander oil, fennel oil, frankincense oil, geranium oil, ginger oil, grapefru … Tags: Bergamot Oil, Buy Bergamot Oil, Bergamot Essential Oil, Oil Of Bergamot, Bergamot Natural Oil By: Ankur Tandon | Nov 2nd 2009 – Buy bergamot oil, bergamot essential oil, oil of bergamot, bergamot natural oil including Black Pepper, Clary Sage, Cypress, Frankincense, Geranium, Jasmine oil, Mandarin, Nutmeg, Orange, Rosemary, Sandalwood, Vetiver and Ylang Ylang oil by rose oil provider and essential oils provider in India – Tags: Blackheads Diagnosis And Treatment By: Juliet | Dec 7th 2007 – Blackheads are the slightly different sibling of zits, and like zits, squeezing them can be addictive. Blackheads is types of acne. Blackheads are caused when sebum (the skin’s natural oil) collects and hardens in the pores. Tags: Shampoo Check List By: shampoochecklist | Nov 28th 2007 – Hair Tip #1 Shampoo your hair regularly to keep the hair clean and the scalp healthy. Depending on the environment in which you live and work, even washing your hair once a day will not damage the hair as long as you use good quality mild shampoo that does not strip all of the sebum from the hair. (Sebum is the natural oil … Tags: Does Oily Skin Automatically Mean Acne? By: Louise Forrest | Mar 5th 2007 – When you have oily skin, it usually means the glands beneath your skin that produce natural oil called sebum are overactive and producing more than your skin needs. Tags: New .anic Recipes To Treat Your Feet By: Louise Forrest | Oct 27th 2006 – Skin Care is an all over body process because your skin is the largest and most protective .an you have. Your feet are especially vulnerable because they take constant abuse from friction and elements but they do not produce sebum, which is your bodys natural oil. Tags: Drink More Chamomile By: Kadence Buchanan | Sep 19th 2006 – Perhaps you recall chamomile from the times you were sick and your parent, friend, or partner, gave you a hot cup of this therapeutic drink to ease your suffering stomach. Chamomile in fact is known for centuries, as Romans used it daily while English have added it to their alternative "tea-breaks" to give them a positive s … Tags: