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Dalian northeast remains removed without classification of immovable cultural relics – Sohu news exit safe mode

Dalian northeast remains removed without classification of immovable cultural relics – Sohu news: dongguan. Dalian citizens Mr. Ji figure for October 12th this year, Dalian District of Xigang City, Dongguan Street in the old city area housing levy work officially started. Dongguan Street old city reconstruction project is Xigang "13th Five-Year" during the "ten economic project" one. According to the "Dalian daily" reported in August 11th this year, the old city of Dongguan Street renovation project total investment is expected to exceed 5 billion yuan, after the transformation will be the construction of large volume of high-end business district. Surging news () from the Dalian Municipal Radio and Television Bureau of cultural relics management department learned that taking into account the Dongguan Street is the city of historical and cultural symbol, will retain a typical courtyard (Huasheng Street No. 28 hospital), and built the Dongguan historic museum, to cherish the memory of the city. Dongguan Street started the demolition news, so come to lecture three Mr. Ruan Dalian regret. Ruan Yisan is a professor of Tongji University, director of the National Center for the study of historical and cultural city, with the ancient city guards reputation. The afternoon of October 18th, the three came to the Ruan plastered posters, old house demolition was blocked by Dalian Dongguan Street, field view. He believes that this is not a block should be removed, "Dalian Dongguan Street Historic District is immovable cultural relics, Dalian is an important historical sites, should keep it." Surging news inquiry found that multiple copies of materials and publications are clearly Dongguan historic blocks (buildings, modern buildings) Department of immovable cultural relics. Dalian city cultural radio and Television Bureau of cultural relics management office director Liu also said the surging news, Dongguan modern buildings are immovable cultural relics without grading, is an important symbol of historical and cultural city. But he also said, (Dongguan modern buildings) to retain the best course, but if the amount of capital required is too large, we may have to consider how to protect, also is not to say that we must all leave. "Kant’s pharmacy in Dongguan Street on the site. Dalian citizens Mr. Ji on July 2011. The "old" one of the blocks built in the beginning of the last century, Dalian Dongguan Street, once bustling, is a gathering place for Chinese businessmen. But after one hundred years later, now the Dongguan Street, is one of the residential blocks in Dalian city in the heart of the worst conditions. Located in the core area of Dalian city of Dongguan Street, residential intensive small, construction area of 45 square meters of housing accounted for 80% of the total. Most of the houses were badly damaged. Surrounding facilities are outdated. Compared with the surrounding tall on building environment, it is dirty and messy". The old city reconstruction project of Dalian Dongguan Street, from the beginning of September 30, 2015 registration. "Peninsula morning news" last October 9th published on the front page "110 years Dongguan began the transformation of the old city" one article, introduce the background of 844000 mentioned in the text, "Dongguan Street in the old city reconstruction project is a major concern of nearby residents, the Dalian municipal government and Xigang District Committee and government attach great importance to this year (2015) September 19th has been officially approved by the Dalian municipal land resources and Housing Bureau on Dongguan Street in the old city reconstruction project, based on the previous preparation, on September.相关的主题文章:

Nissan X-Trail maximum discount of 38 thousand yuan shop car on sale 巴雷特m82a1

Nissan X-Trail maximum discount of 38 thousand yuan shop in the sale of the car sales market: 2016.9.4-2016.09.06 2015 Nissan X-Trail 2.0L CVT MAX comfortable version of the XL Phoenix Automotive News: Recently, Phoenix car price information learned from the Guangzhou area regional editor Nissan dealer, the store is currently X-Trail models there are cars in the sale, the main color to the store in the sale. Purchase a maximum discount of 38 thousand yuan. Interested in this car friends may wish to pay more attention to. Please see the table below: the price of the latest price quotation X-Trail unit: million model guidance price discount inventory situation 2016 2.0L CVT 17.48 4WD 20.98 wisdom enjoy version inquiry 3.50 cars are plentiful 2016 2.5L CVT sports version of the 4WD 24.78 20.98 inquiry 3.80 cars are plentiful 2015 2.0L CVT 16.78 XL 20.28 MAX comfortable version inquiry 3.50 cars are plentiful 2015 2.5L leading CVT MAX version of the XL 23.48 19.98 inquiry 3.50 cars are plentiful 2014 2.0L manual fashion version of XE 18.18 14.68 inquiry 3.50 cars are plentiful 2014 2.0L CVT fashion edition XE 18.88 15.38 inquiry 3.50 cars are plentiful 2014 2.0L CVT comfortable version of the XL 19.68 16.18 inquiry 3.50 cars are plentiful 2014 2.0L CVT Chi collar version of XL-NAVI 20.98 17.48 inquiry 3.50 cars are plentiful 2014 2.0L CVT intellectual drive version of the XE-P 21.88 18.38 2014 inquiry 3.50 cars are plentiful 2.5L CVT advanced version of the XL 22.88 19.08 inquiry 3.80 cars are plentiful 2014 2.5L CVT Deluxe Edition XL-ITS 23.88 20.38 inquiry 3.50 cars are plentiful 2014 2.5L exclusive edition CVT XL-ITS+NAVI 25.08 21.28 inquiry 3.80 cars are plentiful 2014 2.5L CVT Extreme Edition XV-NAVI 26.78 23.28 3.50 packs of A vehicle sufficient inquiry (5000 yuan): explosion-proof membrane, fender + Plus, carpet, headrest and other free consultation telephone: September 4, 020864066282016 market tab: Phoenix car 2015 Nissan X-Trail 2.0L CVT comfort MAX version of the XL financial policy: insurance, priced at 181 thousand and 800 to 2014 2.0L manual fashion version of XE models for example, name相关的主题文章:

Volkswagen Wei Yi 380tsi Yi line version of the sale of 276 thousand yuan w32dasm

Wei Yi Lan 380TSI public line version listed for sale 276 thousand yuan Phoenix car recently, Volkswagen imported cars announced the new 380TSI for Lan Wei Yi version, priced at 276 thousand yuan, which is currently the lowest price models embrace in the family, it is worth noting that the Yi line version equipped with 2.0TSI engine than before in 1.4TSI models the sale price is still lower. The public Wei Lan 380TSI official guide price models (million) Vaeiant 380TSI 27.60 Vaeiant 380TSI R-Line Yi line version 39.98 Alltrack 380TSI Unlimited Alltrack 380TSI Premium extension line version 39.98 version 43.58 longitudinal tabulation: Phoenix car is cheaper than the 1.4TSI 2.0TSI entry-level models and differences with models in the internal design is mainly adjusted in the configuration, but the configuration level is sufficient. Wei Yi Lan 380TSI line version is equipped with a panoramic sunroof, multifunctional leather steering wheel, keyless entry, a key start, tire pressure monitoring, three zone automatic air conditioning, mobile phone mapping, 6.5 inch color touch screen information and entertainment system, low bend auxiliary lighting. Power, Wei Lan 380TSI equipped with the third generation EA888 2.0TSI turbocharged engine, maximum power of 220 horsepower, peak torque of 350 nm. Wei Lan 380TSI Alltarck four-wheel drive, matching the 7 speed DSG dual clutch transmission, the remaining models for front wheel drive, 6 speed DSG dual clutch transmission.相关的主题文章:

John Carney Irish youth

Irish youth John Carney Le Figaro week featured columns, for you from around the world sent to the movies, drama, music and art pioneer information. Life is always full of surprises, fate will be unexpected when the unexpected change. This week, Figaro as you recommend three film, a book, and take you to see the exhibition. Long years, whether it is love, is lost, or dying, is a paean of life. [CINÉ MA] film is soft LA MUSIQUE ADOUCIT Youth Music LES COEURS "first love song" poster of the British Isles film director is good at telling heartwarming stories. Beth, former director of the Irish band,, · (John Carney) returned to his hometown of Dublin, shooting a fresh love story between the young. In the world of 14 year old Connor, music is the only spiritual comfort. Later, he fell in love with the girl Rafina, persuaded her to form a band with their own, the music dream has gradually become true. In the music and the love of the company, the youth of their youth wanton publicity but simple warmth. "Love this song" stills movie "love this song" (Sing Street) is set in 80s, as if to tell John · Carney’s own youth story. The film is closely connected with music, as well as a 80s British popular music science lesson. John · Carney LES CONTES DE years of French romantic fairy tale TEMPS "my life" poster France zucchini animated film is never boring to coax a child to joke, film discussion of "love and loss" topic also often makes adults think. 2016 animated cartoon festival winner of the best animated cartoon "my de life" (Ma Vie Courgette) is a good proof of this point. "My life" zucchini squash stills named blue hair boy in the lost mother after being sent to an orphanage, originally thought to be abandoned by the world when he met many new friends, children between slapstick everywhere, but more sincere friendship and selfless love, and even love him girl. Director Claude Barras is not the movie as a logical story, but inadvertently fine details about the protagonist’s growth. Emotional infiltration, the audience is also a little cure. Claude Barras LE MIRACLE to repair the miracle of life DE LA VIE "Le Havre" restore life poster of Normandy beach, three surf boy had an accident while playing with a boy named Simon was sent to the hospital after dying. Meanwhile, in Paris, a woman is waiting for an organ transplant to carry on相关的主题文章:

Georgia militia training in the United States the election of the president of the United States int holle树先生�����

The Georgia militia training: Hilary was elected as Washington original title: American Georgia militia combat training said the response to the election of Hilary []: compile observer timed before the US presidential election less than a week’s time, the Hilary scandal suddenly flooded the Hilary camp was opened, but some conservatives to keep from talking about, the American system of people trust has been severely shaken. Local time on November 3rd, according to foreign media reports, in Georgia, there have been a group of militia armed groups, ready to deal with the United States after the general election may appear violent conflict. The commander of militia claimed that if Hilary is elected, they will march on washington. If anyone tries to collect their weapons, they will fire, and they will not fear death. However, the organization is currently only 276 people. According to the "Daily Mail" (Daily Mail) reported on November 3rd, in Georgia on a rural road, a group of members dressed in camouflage "three percent security forces" are for training and mobilization. They will carry out training rifles and melee combat training. Chris · (Chris Hill) shouted: "how many people voted for Trump?"" Under the militia shouted: "ooh-rah" (a special feature of the U.S. military, for the corresponding commander’s call). In 2016, the U.S. presidential election is the most divisive election in the memory of the people, many of the militia groups believe that Hilary will steal the election results in November 8th. They plan to prepare for a possible post election chaos. They said they weren’t going to take the first shot, but they weren’t going to leave their guns at home. Many people think that Trump’s election is provoking populism, and he has successfully agitate the militia leaders like Hill. Hill very much agree with the repatriation of illegal immigrants put forward by Trump, to prevent Muslims into the United States and in the Mexican border wall building policy. Trump repeatedly stressed that the election campaign has been "manipulated", and he has not made it clear that if he lost, he will accept the results of the election. There has been a militia claimed to be sent to monitor the election polling station. In recent years, fear of U.S. President Obama will threaten the right of citizens to hold the gun, weakening the power of local governments. As a result, the number of people in the United States is becoming more and more militia. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center (Southern Poverty Law Center, the agency tracking) data show that the number of active militia has changed from 42 in 2008 to today’s 276 people. Hill told reporters: "this is our last chance to save the United states. We were surprised that I could stand Obama for eight years, and not crazy. But Hilary will make it harder for me." People every day set to the forests of southern Atlanta in the camp, they took turns automatic rifle shooting training. They can even shoot down a big tree with a rifle. The company operates independently, but they lost in a national organization Jun相关的主题文章: