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UnCategorized Astral projection (AP) is being able to have the subtle body (non physical body) leave the physical body. When this happens it is said a person is entering the auric field in the astral plain. During astral projection we can experience the feeling of flying, visit the past, future and distant places. The astral plain is the plain between the higher spiritual plains and the lower three plains of the physical world. When performing a astral voyage the first plain a person enters into is the same that people experience in near death experiences. This astral plain is sometimes referred to as the emotional plain. This is where desires and positive emotions manifest. Very often if someone is .municating with a person on this plain the .munication will be in emotions, which will be much clearer and more precise then the spoken word. Below we will give you several simple techniques for experiencing a astral voyage. The first thing you will need to do is lay down in a .fortable position and relax the body and mind. it is best if you do not cross your arms or legs and lay on your back. The next thing for astral voyage is you want to start to concentrate on your breathing. Concentrate on your chest rising and falling as you take each breath. Practice this concentration on the breath until you find yourself very relaxed and calm. You can also use a binaural beats recording to help speed the process and bring your mind to the correct frequency. The third astral voyage technique is to imagine your head growing longer. Imagine it extends 2 – 4 inches beyond your physical head. Once you have achieved this, hold the image in your mind’s eye. The forth astral projection step is to imagine your feet growing longer by 2 – 4 inches beyond the physical body. Again keep this image in your mind’s eye and hold the image. The fifth astral voyage step is where you actually start to leave the body. Imagine your legs dropping down to the floor and leaving the physical body. Next you want to imagine the arms doing the same thing, dropping down and leaving the physical body. The next step in astral voyage is to imagine you are raising your arms and legs back to the original position. keep in mind that the head and legs are still extended beyond the physical body. Once this is done you now want to imagine your whole body raise a couple inches above the physical body. As you do this you may feel a slight pulling around the belly button. This is normal and it is the energy cord that attaches your subtle body to the physical body when doing astral projection. The last thing you want to do when doing astral projection is bring the subtle body back into the physical body. Do not to bring the extended legs and head back also. You can then open your eyes. These steps are the beginning stages of learning astral projection. Do not worry if you have no results after the first attempt. Astral projection takes practice and once you get the hang of it, you will always have the skill. Once you have mastered the above techniques of astral projection you can begin to look around with your minds eye. Look back at your body laying there, look around the room. Next you can stand and begin exploring the immediate room. As your confidence builds you can explore other places, the future and past and even other worlds. Have fun with astral projection, but take it serious and treat it with respect. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: