Another it company encourages overtime 6 x 12 hours working system to give up annual

Net exposure IT also encouraged 6× to work 12 hours overtime; give up leave micro-blog account @ Internet that something Po a picture by many users Tucao, the picture is a wave of PPT company "Endeavour" selection plan, the PPT reads: apply as for the company endeavour, voluntarily give up all paid annual leave, voluntary work, voluntary non mandatory overtime 12 hours a day, 6 days a week, in addition, the Spring Festival, national day and other holiday still need to call, no overtime…… Screenshot and netizens have Tucao said that this management is simply not in line with the labor law, and even if the voluntary participation of employees may not allow enterprises to get what they want. However, in this photo, "after the application", it clearly shows the "discussion draft" words, for netizens concerned, endeavour in salary, promotion treatment has no written mention, wave company really in the future implementation of this plan is also unknown. Not long ago, 58 city also because of similar reasons were crazy Tucao, "the implementation of the whole work system of 996" statement, let Yao Jinbo’s micro-blog comment area was angry netizens, employees and employees of the family members were captured. 58 city officials responded to the full "996 working", said the 996 is to deal with the 9 and October business peak stage, better service customers and platform users, and every year the same period will have to mobilize routine, and said that the group is not mandatory for all people to come to work according to the schedule "996" provisions. The general trend of interpretation, as in the micro signal capture Niugu, [securities] or Phoenix [ifengstock]   after the analysis of the trend of A shares, pointing out the trend of tomorrow, please pay attention to micro signal [or] multitray master [fupan588]   stock market reference, breakfast, trading stocks forecast, as in the micro signal [A shares] or intelligence [agqb888]   网曝又一IT公司鼓励加班 6×12小时工作制放弃年假 微博账号@互联网的那点事po 出的一张图片遭到众多用户的吐槽,图片内容是浪潮公司“奋进者”选拔计划的一张PPT,这张PPT上写着:申请成为公司的奋进者,自愿放弃所有带薪年休假,自愿进行非指令性加班、自愿每天工作12个小时、每周工作6天,除此之外,春节、国庆等大假期还需随叫随到,无条件加班…… 截图 而网友们纷纷吐槽说这样的管理方式简直不符合劳动法,并且就算有员工自愿参与也许并不能让企业如愿以偿。不过这张照片中的“奋进者申请书”后明确表明了“讨论稿”字样,对于网友们关心的,奋进者在薪资、晋升方面的待遇没有书面提及,浪潮公司是否真的在未来实行这项计划也未可知。 就在不久前,58同城也因为类似的原因遭到疯狂吐槽,“实行全员996工作制度”的说法让姚劲波的微博评论区被愤怒的网友、员工以及员工的家属们攻陷。 58同城官方对全员“996工作制”做出了回应,称996是为了应对9、10月业务高峰阶段,更好的服务集团客户及平台用户,而每年的同时期都会有常规性的动员,并表示集团并不会强制要求所有人一定要按照“996”的规定来安排工作。大势解读,牛股捕捉,尽在微信号【凤凰证券】或者【ifengstock】  盘后剖析A股走势,指点明日走势,请关注微信号【复盘大师】或【fupan588】  股票早餐,股市内参,涨停股预测,尽在微信号【A股情报】或【agqb888】 相关的主题文章: