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Andouble is eager to see the relationship between Mr Trump and Mr Trump: a meal to win the election of president of the United States, President of the United States and the United States and the United states. (Xinhua News Agency AP) original title: Andouble is eager to see Trump La Trump promised to "eat" Reference News Network reported on November 12th Japanese media said, is expected to hold talks with Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo will be 17 and claim adjustment of Japan US alliance President Trump. According to the Japanese Economic News reported on November 11th, the Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo is expected to hold talks with President elect Barack Obama, President of the United States and Japan,, to maintain the alliance between the United States and Japan on the 17 day. Talks with the president has not yet been held is very rare, the move is intended to build personal trust through early talks, the Japanese side has not yet been established with Trump to make up for contacts. Andouble intends to emphasize in the talks, peace and stability in the Asia Pacific region in line with the interests of the United States, and that will strengthen the Japan us alliance. Reported that Trump announced victory in just 15 hours later, on the phone, said Andouble, I believe the United States will become a great country, and hope that the two met as soon as possible to meet the. Trump with "great", "great" and other words to praise the Prime Minister of the ruling situation, agreed to eat a meal together, Andouble". According to foreign ministry said Andouble called Trump earlier, behind only Mexico, Israel, the Egyptian leader. Compared with Hilary, Japan and the establishment of relations between the late Trump. Andouble is scheduled to participate in the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation leaders meeting on the way, 17 to New York to hold talks with Trump. Prior to the talks with Trump is not sure to be held, but in 10 telephone consultations, the prime minister personally received the other party will coordinate arrangements for the 17 meeting of the commitments. The meeting between the Japanese Prime Minister and the president elect of the United States before he took office was "rare". As Trump repeatedly issued a radical statement, said it would withdraw from the U.S. military, etc., Andouble seems to believe that it is necessary to hold talks with them as soon as possible, to clarify the position of japan. If the relationship between Japan and the United States due to the change of American leaders and shaken, Andouble’s diplomatic efforts are likely to be wasted. Prime Minister also hopes to establish a personal relationship with Trump to strengthen the Japan us alliance. According to Kyodo News reported on November 11th, Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo said on the 11 day the Senate plenary meeting, "and Trump yesterday confirmed each other will further consolidate the alliance", is scheduled to be held 17 days of talks for the first time to show. Reported that Andouble and Trone agreed when the ordinary telephone talks held in New York, which is the leading countries of "lightning" (the Japanese government officials like contact language). The reason is because Japan had so impatient predicted Hilary would win, and no relationship with Trump. Can Andouble and adhere to the "United States" consensus is still unknown Puda trone. The Ministry of foreign affairs cadres said that Japan is the most important confirmation is regarded as "Anti Japanese health life line" of the Japan US alliance can maintain. Trump has so far published a speech that could shake the U.S. – Japan alliance. Whether or not to establish a mutual trust relationship with Trump, is still unable to predict Kay相关的主题文章: