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Online stock trading is a fake hidden trap energy analyst – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Beijing on October 23rd news (reporter Chai Hua) according to the China voice of the "national network news" reported that if someone says, adding some online stock trading platform, in the "master" under the guidance of stocks, you can easily achieve the "low input. High return", it is likely to be a trap. According to reports, the so-called network platform high energy analyst, often suspected of fraud. Recently, Ms. Fang lived in Shenzhen into a "quack financial website" stocks live classroom lectures. The analysts in the classroom are trying to recommend a stock investment agency called de Feng international. It shares a smattering of Ms. Fang in the temptation of huge profits, download the professional platform for stocks, has invested 120 thousand yuan. Don’t want to wait for her is not half a waning off 50 thousand dollars "nightmare. Ms. Fang said: "the three step money. The first operation loss, he said you fill a little, fill up to one hundred thousand, we lose money back. I think now that he has lost his money, if he can make my money back, then I will vote." Like this suffered a lot of network investment fraud, and involves a number of provinces in the country, involving a huge amount. These so-called "high energy analyst", what are these people? Xu suspects, just turned 20 years old this year, according to the police, his identity is the stock of live classroom analyst, in fact, he did not graduate from the University, there is no stock market experience. Police said: the analyst is to talk about the usual market, or published online analysis of other people in the market, (in the classroom) said. Then, by the players (associates) said to each other, the analysts of information time." In order to make the so-called "analyst" looks more realistic, fraud companies not only for their careful packaging, but also arranged a set of deceptive "word", to train them. After obtaining the trust of the majority of investors, investors will invest all of the funds into an online virtual stock platform. Police said: in fact, they (deceived investors) with the A-share market is not any connection A. It is a virtual software platform."相关的主题文章: