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A nasal interrupt others men jingfangxingju – Qinghai Channel – people.com.cn original title: a man jingfangxingju nasal interrupting a man in the vehicle to the gas, and the gas station staff altercation, his staff fled after nasal interrupt. Recently, on suspicion of intentional injury, Zhang was detained by police in the city. In July 11th, Nanchuan Road police station, Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau received 110 command center, Minamikawa Torui gas station was a fight. Police rushed to the gas station to understand that when a black car refueling, the staff let the driver to get off the car to a position, but the driver did not let, but get off with the staff dispute. Subsequently, the driver hit the staff face with a fist. The City Public Security Bureau Nanchuan Road police station rushed to the scene, hit the driver has to drive away, gas station staff’s nose is bleeding. The same day, the injured man was taken to hospital for treatment. After more than a month, according to expert testimony made by the relevant departments, men are slightly injured two of nasal bone fracture. Police investigation found that the day of the bus station to the black car is a safe city of East Sea area of a company’s vehicles, but the company has long been bankrupt, so who is the owner, is still not sure. Police handling the case last year, together with the police for help. At that time, police said, near the area of Nanchuan Road on the hillside, there is a car in the mud nobody. Police rushed to the mountains, the heavy rain, a black car stuck in the mud. Because the rain is too large, the police can only wait for the rain to stop, find someone to drag the black car to the police station. Later, the police through the investigation, the car returned to the owner lee. The police station after the transfer of the gas video monitoring, the police dragged back last year when the black car is in gas station car. Police through the car owners to find the day of driving Zhang’s family. September 18th, Zhang learned from the situation in the home population, surrendered to the police station. September 19th, Zhang was arrested on suspicion of intentional injury, criminal detention by the police in accordance with the law, at present, the relevant case in further review. (commissioning editor Zhang Zhiping and Yang Yang)相关的主题文章: