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Inter.-and-Business-Online Can being sound in health make you wealthy? It follows that in order to enjoy one you would want the other and vice versa. Most proponents of the way to wealth from a mind, body, and spirit approach may not realize they use this as their mantra. The way to wealth using a mind, body, and spirit approach might be easier on the nerves than 24/7 aggression. Steady progress towards achievable goals is easier on the mind and spirit, not to mention the body. Stress wears people out and tears them up inside. The way to wealth may not be as swift as most people would like. But for the body life is a long journey and the health of the mind and spirit must travel within. As many people soon learn, wealth does not exclude ill health or an unhealthy mind. Wealth does not prevent illness or mental instability. What could be more tragic than amassing wealth to enjoy the beauty life offers, only to be frustrated by an unsound body or a mind that won’t support healthy living? Therefore, it makes sense that the way to wealth uses a mind, body, and spirit approach. The way to wealth takes hard work and dedication, and often sacrifice. All these factors can contribute to wear and tear on the body and mind. The pursuit of wealth can wear down the spirit. But often the spirit can inspire the body, and mental strength can inspire even weak-minded people to reach their goals. The way to wealth is the subject of many books, and the motive of many people in life. Equally important is the maintenance of a healthy body, a robust spirit, and an active mind. Some people might view a healthy trinity of mind, body, and spirit as wealth in and of itself. The way to wealth can change over time into an increased appreciation for other things. Many wealthy people would give everything they have to be healthy again, and many people with great intelligence wish their bodies were healthy enough to sustain longer life. So if wealth is the ownership of the rarest elements, then those in possession of a healthy body, spirit, and mind can be considered already wealthy. ======================================= About the Author: 相关的主题文章: