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Arts-and-Entertainment Nelson Demille came into the world in New York in 1943, and brought up by his Canadian father (serving in the US Navy at that time), and his mother who was a native of Brooklyn. They moved house to Elmont in Long Island and his father found employment as a house builder – his mom worked in the home, and raised Nelson and his three brothers. Nelson was keenly interested in sports and became involved in football, wrestling and track while was a student in the Public school system in Elmont, before graduating Memorial High School in nineteen sixty two. Although he did go to Hofstra University, Demille wasn’t a graduate as he left to join the Army in 1966, where he served for three years at the rank of infantry lieutenant. He additionally spent time in Vietnam and was a platoon leader, an experience which he draws on in his books Word Of Honor and Up Country, two notable examples of Nelson Demille books. His first big story, By The Rivers Of Babylon, was published In nineteen seventy eight, when it received great reviews and was additionally a financial winner. His later fourteen books have continued in the same vein and augmented these first successes. Several of his fictional characters have be.e favorites with the pubic and have been featured in film. One of his highly successful novels, The Gold Coast, moves along at a rapid pace, gives plenty of thrills, and is highly irreverent, which a lot of readers might appreciate. Attorney John Sutter and his sexy wife Susan reside in a wealthy part of Long Island and live the idyllic life, until the house next door is purchased by a New York Mafia don! John certainly has all the trappings of the good life, but he also has that familiar mid-life crisis and needs a little excitement. This is how Frank Bellarosa enters the picture. The two meet in a local nursery and strike up a friendship, during which some favors are demanded (and granted). As we might guess, John is asked to defend Bellarosa in his trial for murder as the novel unfolds with powerful ‘Godfather’ undercurrents. Nelson Demille writes from the 1st person, from Sutter’s perspective, and his very funny observations, plus the uncanny talent to genuinely give you the impression that you understand this Mafia Don, make this book truly a memorable experience. Not much in reality happens in the first half of the book, but attempt and close it! Demille’s style of writing is both insightful and very funny. It increasingly clear that something disastrous is going to happen, and in the last half of the novel, here it .es , big time. Sutter gives his narrative throughout the book with a high level of sophistication and his character is a joy to read. He’s quite different from John Corey, for example, our hero of "The Lion’s Game" and "Nightfall" who was also great, but in a contrary, sarcastic kind of way. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: