Powerful Strategies For Passing The Raf Officer Oasc-sql2005安装图解

Reference-and-Education The RAF Officer OASC can be extremely difficult to pass. However, if you follow these important tips your chances of success will greatly increase. I have deliberately listed each area of importance. PASSING STAGE 1 OF THE RAF OFFICER OASC Appearance and bearing – This speaks for itself. Whilst at the OASC you are being watched all of the time so it is important that you conduct yourself in the correct manner. This means always looking smart, formal and speaking maturely. Engage in conversation with the other candidates but do not mess around and draw unnecessary attention to yourself! During the interview sit up right in the interview chair, speak clearly, logically and concisely. Tip – During the first evening, go to officer’s mess for a drink with the other candidates. Whilst I advise against having too much alcohol, one drink will do you no harm. Being able to socialise is all part and parcel of RAF life. Those people who sit in their room studying and cramming for the following days assessments might just fail the entire OASC! Your prep work should have been done well before you attend the OASC. Manners – Be polite and courteous at all times. Be confident but do not cross the line of cockiness or arrogance! Speech and power of expression – Be a fluent speaker. Be able to speak coherently, concisely, audibly and logically. Activities and interests – Have plenty. Be rounded. Don’t just be into fitness but have other interests too. If you are a volunteer for the ATC or you play a musical instrument then this will work in your favour. Academic level / potential – Speaks for itself! Physical level /potential – Be all round fit. Be able to achieve a good score on the bleep test and have a good level of stamina and strength. Awareness – Know what’s going on around you. Be up to date with current affairs and be aware of the life within the RAF and what it entails. Live and breathe the RAF whilst you are going through selection. Motivation – This can make up for other areas that you are weak in. If you are highly motivated to join the RAF as an Officer then this will shine through during selection. If you really want this then tell them so! TIPS FOR PASSING THE PART 2 OASC – MEETING THE CORE .PETENCIES During Part 2 OASC you will be assessed against the 5 leadership .petencies as discussed previously. It is essential that you can meet each of these in order to have any chance of progressing through to the next stage. Confidence and Resilience – be strong and stand by your decisions. Don’t .e across over confident but have an air of ability and sureness about you. The RAF wants to employ confident people. Oral .munication – see the note previously that relates to the BARs and aim for 3’s and 4’s. Influence – have the power to influence others. If you have a good plan or ideas then sell it to the other in the group. Don’t just sit back and go with the flow if you believe it is wrong. As an RAF Officer you will need to influence your team in order to lead them effectively. Be confident in your ideas but DO NOT bully people. Problem solving – think on your feet. This can only .e with experience. Try to think ‘out of the box’ and look at the end goal/aim. Teamwork – have the ability to work with others. The above key .petency areas are how the RAF will assess you; therefore, it is vital that you attempt to demonstrate them at every opportunity. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: