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Fashion-Style Although most of us look at mens gold necklaces and other accessories as modern day counterparts to fashion and trends, it has a fascinating evolutionary history. Gold jewelry in ancient times was usually a symbol of wealth and status, and you will find depictions of the mightiest male royals and even gods draped in gold necklaces and other assorted jewelry. It was also used as a form of currency and display of artistic talent and workmanship as well. Let us take a quick glimpse into two very regal and rich illustrious civilizations that prized these mens jewelry in their eras. Ancient India: One of the biggest displays of wealth through the form of mens jewelry is notably during the era of the Indian maharajas and Mughal emperors. Since the country was so rich in precious gems, the maharajas adorned themselves with many stunning pieces of jewelry such as necklaces, rings, and turban accessories and even traded gems to buy gold and use it for such items. In fact, a lot of the gold produced in other parts of the world during the time was sent to India, on demand from these royals. Their extraordinary richness was definitely evident in the amount of jewelry these historic men wore! Ancient Egypt: Lets take a look at another civilization that has fascinated us all and greatly favored gold jewelry. Gold in ancient Egypt was considered almost sacred and believed to have magical and religious connotations since it was considered a holder of the power of the Sun God, thanks to its unique shine and color. It was favored by the poor and the wealthy. Men and women both valued and wore jewelry during the era; you will often find depictions of the ancient Egyptians with different accessories such as necklaces, rings, bracelets, anklets, head pieces, and amulets. The pharaohs, who were the rulers, often wore intricate gold amulets and neckpieces as part of their clothing. In fact, they prized their jewelry so much that the kings were even buried with their pieces of gold and other precious ornaments. Nowadays, of course you dont have to be born a royal or born into a notable lineage to have or wear attractive and valuable mens gold necklaces. Mens gold jewelry was favored by many in the ancient times and has continued to remain a valued jewelry item presently. It is super convenient to find them today. You can visit jewelry stores or search easily even more over the Internet and look for reliable jewelry retailers who will sell you a huge variety of high quality necklaces with some of the best designs at prices you can afford. So the next time you decide to don one of these accessories, remember you have had a very illustrious company in the past! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: