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The zodiac circle has twelve signs beginning with Aries and concluding with Pisces. Each sign has traits that set it apart from the others These twelve signs are covered by four elements, fire, earth, air and water. The element of fire is associated with the signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. People born under this sign are fiery, but they are also very creative, energetic, and are often larger than life. They have great ideas, but often do not follow them through. On the dark side they can be bossy and domineering, egotistical and selfish. The element of earth is associated with the signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.. People born under this elements are very down to earth and dependable. They are practical, tend to be conservative, as they dislike risks. They are the planners and builders of the zodiac. They are often very materialistic, and this can manifest iteself in greed. They are very reliable, and you can be sure that they will be there for you, when you most need someone. They love fine food and drinks. Despite the fact that they have their feet on the ground, they can overlook the feelings of others, the end result is often more important, than how they play the game. The element of air is associated with Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. They are the intellectuals of the zodiac, they are capable of great powers of reasoning. They love to probe and think, and work out new solutions. They have a natural curiosity, that allows them to work on the big picture, and analyse, but balance is important to them.They really are out to change the world, they are natural humanitarians. They can blow an icy draught if you upset them, but in general they are optimistic and very fair. The element of water is associated with the Signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. As the element suggests it is fluid, and they do run deep.They are deeply intuitive, and nurture, but their actions are very much rooted in .mon sense. These terms can easily apply to an individual’s emotions, which are exactly the realm in which Water exerts its influence. They are artisitic, and revere beauty, and are very helpful. The dark side is that they are brooders, because they think so deeply and they can suffer from mood swings. ARIES – MARCH 21 – APRIL 20 Aries are the first sign of the zodiac and lead people, they want victory, and the word defeat does not exist in their vacabulary. They’re are fearless and intrepid and will go places that others will not even dream of. They are vital people with a great stamina, and are fiercely .petitive. Whilst they are great starters of projects, they often do not finish the job, as they have gone on to something new. Their symbol is a ram and they do tend to ram things home, may wish they were more meek, but they do get things done. TAURUS – APRIL 21 – MAY 21 The symbol here is the bull, and they plod towards their goal. Unlike Arians who are interested in the game for itself, the Taurians are materialistic, and they are interested in rewards. They are hard working people who like a sense of balance in their life. The good news is that they are sensual and tactile, and will their tenacity with all the good things in life like home .forts. They do tend to work hard to actually .plete the tasks they have started, however long it takes. They do not have the slow fuse temper tantrums that are associated with the fire signs, but they have a short enough fuse, however, there sense of equilibrium, will bring them back down to earth. GEMINI – MAY 22 – JUNE 21 Geminis are represented by the "twins", and they are capable of seeing both sides of a situation. They are great team players rather than leaders, and they are thinkers as well. They love to talk and .municate their ideas, but they do also make great listeners’. Despite the fact that they have a tendency to collect information, they tend to be very bright, and are often regarded as the life of the party. Like the Arians though they often do not follow through on projects, as their thinking have taken them on towards other things. CANCER – JUNE 22 – JULY 22 Cancerians are the "nurturers", they love their family and home life.They love .munal activities and tend to want to have large families. They are very open, as well as valuing traditions. However, like their mascot the crab, they can retreat into their shell, and it can be difficult to get to join in again. They can be vindictive and like a crab nip, however, they will protect their home either in the pysical sense, or their home in the shell. They are emotional and can and do cry buckets. They do tend to retreat rather than be confrontational. LEO – JULY 23 -AUGUST 21 They are enthusiastic and strive to succeed. Their symbol is the lion and they regard themselves as kings of the universe. They are intensely loyal, but like the lion they have a fierce sense of pride. They may be wonderfully romantic. Like the fire element they are fearless, and courageous, but they do temper this with a sense of dignity. Leo’s nearly always have a sense of charm, and have most folks eating out of their hands. They make sought after friends, and tend to love their children fiercely. Despite being born under a fire sign, they are well loved and also respected. VIRGO – AUGUST 22 – SEPTEMBER 23 Virgos are thinkers who love to go into things in great detail. They have a need to get to the bottom of things. They love to help people, but like to fill their lives with what is important to them. These means that they can be hypercritical. They are very efficient and do carry things to their very logical conclusion. They love balance in their life and in their relationships, but they do pay exacting attention to all details. They tend to get things right most of the time, because they look at the logistics of a situation. LIBRA – SEPTEMBER 24 – OCTOBER 23 Librans like to interact and understand people, they are not natural loners. Their home and marriage is very important to them. Their symbol is the scale and they love balance, however they are capable of taking onboard conflicting views, they want to understand everyone’s point of view. They are the peacemakers, they intensely dislike conflict, and go to great lengths to keep relationships harmonious. They love art and like their world to be chic. They are wonderful ommunicators, are discreet and very diplomatic in keeping with their dislike of confrontaions. SCORPIO – OCTOBER 24 – NOVEMBER 22 The first trait of Scorpions is that they are intensively focused. They are very aware, intuitive, and can nearly always get to the bottom of what makes people tick. However, they have tremendous ambition and are determined to succeed. They need to be the controlling force in their destiny, and they are adept at moving things forward. They do not lose often as they make things happen, and are extremely stubborn. The dark side of this is that they can be domineering and secretive and they certainly do not suffer fools gladly. SAGITTARIUS – NOVEMBER 23 – DECEMBER 22 Another fire sign, with the symbol of the archer. Like fire they can spread in surprising directions, they love action, and will crave adventure. They can talk or the world but can leave hurt feelings in their wake as they do not always consider the full impact of what they are saying on others. They can drop themselves in it, up to the don’t make waves stage. They certainly want to live life to the full. They will take on board views that do not agree with their own, but prefer people to be .pliant with thier wishes. They do not like to feel free and get impatient when constrained. CAPRICORN – DECEMBER 23 – JANUARY 20 The people born under the sign of Capricorn are realistists, they look at life from an overall perspective. They will stubbornly pursue their goals no matter how long it takes. They are determined and tenacious achievers. They tend to be conservative and as they reach their goals they tend not to make rash desicions. Because they take the long term view they are very patient. They take their work very seriously and are natural born usinessmen .Their downside is that they do not always look as though they enjoy their success, but they are driven and in a quiet way they will reap their rewards. AQUARIUS – JANUARY 21 – FEBRUARY 19 Aquarians have an inventive mind, and they love to project their energies into improving the world. They are often highly intelligent and .e up with ideas to get things done in a better way. They are gregarious and love travel. They are happy to share and give, but they do have a tendency to want to do that on their own terms. Aquarius is the eleventh Sign of the Zodiac, and Aquarians are the perfect representatives for the Age of Aquarius. Those born under this Sign have the social conscience needed to carry us into the new millennium. These folks are humanitarian, philanthropic and keenly interested in making the world a better place. Personal space and freedom is important to them, and they do feel constrained if you try and make them give what they do not want to give, or in another way. They love the .panionship of their friends, who often have to overlook a slightly oddball outlook on life. PISCES – FEBRUARY 20- MARCH 20 Piscians have a real empathy with the sufferings of others’ and really do tend to look at the world through a rozy glow. They are dreamers who are very creative and often excel in the arts. They are very sensitive, and are attuned to others’, which makes them very .passionate. They tend to have a deep romantic streak and will go out of their way to be receptive to their partners needs. They are often gentle and can be very reserved, they also have a tendency to live in their own world. However, they are very often totally selfless, and do consider other people before themselves. Whilst they are loving giving and caring, their natures can be taken advantages of, as they often do not take time to defend themselves. Sign Aries Quality Cardinal Element Fire Sign Taurus Quality Fixed Element Earth Sign Gemini Quality Mutable Element Air Sign Cancer Quality Cardinal Element Water Sign Leo Quality Fixed Element Fire Sign Virgo Quality Mutable Element Earth Sign Libra Quality Cardinal Element Air Sign Scorpio Quality Fixed Element Water Sign Sagittarius Quality Mutable Element Fire Sign Capricorn Quality Cardinal Element Earth Sign Aquarius Quality Fixed Element Air Sign Pisces Quality Mutable Element Water There are three types of signs, the cardinal, fixed, and mutable. Generally people don’t bob along easily together, when they have the same qualities, perhaps because they are too alike. Those in polarity to you have relationships which are more .plementary.The Cardinal signs are driven, by motivation and ideas. However, their follow through skills are often neglected, they want to move on to other challenges. The Fixed Signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. This group have great follow through qualities, they are dogged and stable, and will see projects through to .pletion. Their .mon characteristics include determination and persistence; they are stable and self-reliant. On a team, Fixed Signs are the people who keep a project going and see it through to the end, but they can also be stubborn and inflexible. The Fixed Houses are Second, Fifth, Eighth and Eleventh; if a chart has a number of Planets in these Houses, the chart is weighted toward Fixed energy. The Mutable Signs are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. These four Signs are the flexible members of the Zodiac, happy to fill an assigned role. Their .mon characteristics include adaptability and changeability; they are flexible and versatile. On a team, Mutable Signs adapt easily to changing conditions, and they don’t have a particular agenda. They can, however, be wishy-washy or inconsistent. The Mutable Houses are Third, Sixth, Ninth and Twelfth; if a chart has a number of Planets in these Houses, the chart is weighted toward Mutable energy. Many people don’t realize how important the Elements and Qualities can be in true Astrology. It’s the .bination of Elements and Qualities that makes the Signs what they are; they .bine in twelve distinct ways, one for each Sign. 相关的主题文章: