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Travel-and-Leisure Travelling through Tuscany can be a very stressful experience, in spite of what all romantic books and guides tell you, if you do not know where to find that great spot or restaurant or museum you are looking for. The first thing to do when planning a trip to Tuscany is to plan what are the things youwould like to do when you are there. Are you looking for relax and just a hint of culture among strolls? Or would you like a full immersion in Tuscany’s cultural heritage? Or would you like something in the middle? It is important to know this because from here you will be able to choose the type of ac.modation you want to be in. There are some villas which give you the true Tuscan country experience with 360 degrees breathtaking views, gardens that allow you to spend a whole week with bare feet, far from any other man-made landmark. Then there are villas at one mile from the nearest town, where you can still enjoy lots of privacy, but at the same time allow you to enjoy quick trips to nearby intersting spots. What is the size of your group? Is it a large size group? Couple? Villas for large groups are .mon in Tuscany, but you have to get the budget right! At times very large villas can be too expensive, so the best thing is to rent a farmhouse .posed of separate apartments in Tuscany. Lots of privacy for a small price!!! After you have picked your lodging in Tuscany, plan a route towards the nearby cities. The good thing about Tuscany is that it has plenty of small towns within one hour from almost any location, so you will be able to enjoy different kinds of food and wines in just one week’s time. Do not worry about the activities to do in Tuscany. Almost all owners can speak decent English and they are the best source of information on how to spend your holiday in Tuscany and have fun. They will tell you what to do, whether you want to hide, hike, horseback ride, go hot air balloning, taste wine, participate to cultural tours, cooking courses, concerts, or anything you like! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: