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Business Leadership qualities are essential to every business. A leader is defined as an individual that can influence a group of people. In order for an individual to grow in a business, they have to have the right attitude and determination to succeed. With the right attitude, you can go further and progress in rank within your business from a junior to a senior level, in a role that could ultimately give you more authority and status within the company. So the discussion topic for today is: Are we looking for the right qualities in our leaders? Continue reading this article to find out more. Have you ever come across a Visionary Leader? There has been a few from history, including Mahatma Gandhi whose vision was peace and harmony. A good leader should be able to plan for the future, have a business vision and then a business plan to achieve that vision. Most visionary leaders can provide a good description of where they see themselves in 5 years time along with a clear map of how they aim to get there. Therefore, if you have the right attitude and determination, then your employer will definitely coach and train you to succeed. Willingness to listen, good communication and gracefulness are the key leadership qualities that should be adopted. This kind of style signals willingness to listen rather than just being forceful with the "my way or the highway" kind of attitude which is not appreciated at all in the corporate world. You have to be adoptable to change and be willing to adopt other people’s ideas and merge them into what you had planned to produce a more efficient plan of how to achieve certain KPIs. Being a good visionary leader is an art. So if we go back to the question of "are we looking for the right qualities in our leader?", the answer is we’re definitely getting closer to getting the right profile in our mind. I mean we can get a good idea of this profile by looking at the people around us and identifying the kinds of skill set they have and tying that in with what’s actually missing. If we take a look at some the greatest leaders ever known in History, they include Martin Luthor King, Winston Churchill and even Mahatma Gandhi. They were all exceptional leaders of their time and were able to successfully run appraisals and monthly meetings to address issues on hand by managing their time effectively across the board. By taking 5 minutes to ascertain and think about where you would like your business to be over the next decade, jot down a few ideas on the kinds of person you would like to join your company in order to make that vision a reality. Would you like a sharp and aggressive person who has a high level of business planning skills, decision making ability and a good level of financial awareness to make the right decisions under the given circumstances? Maybe a more down to earth, whole hearted approach is better for your company, especially somebody with a personality that will shine because they are easily approachable and know how to listen to other people’s views and make everyone feel wanted and apart of the business, working towards achieving the same goals in a uniformed manner. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: