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Lineker retired Brazil rookie Mendes Pittsburgh and Brazil rookie Mendes Brandt showdown showdown with Brent UFC China hearing was scheduled to be held in Beijing February 22nd UFC Fight Night 83 in Pittsburgh against Cody and Brandt (Cody Garbrandt) – John Lineker (John Lineker) due to suffering from dengue fever and retire at night will replace him Augusto is a Brazilian – Mendes (Augusto Mendes). At present, with Brent record of 7 wins, 6 KO opponents win. He at last year’s UFC debut KO defeated Marcus (Marcus Brimage), Bree major in UFC189 after the unanimous decision over Henry (Henry Briones) – Bree aoansi, but has not yet entered the official UFC rankings. Augusto Mendes currently holds 5 battle victory record and occupation, including 1 KO, 4 times to the opponent win, end rate is 100%. He was signed to UFC after the original plan in January this year against Charles – Rosa (Charles Rosa), but due to a rib injury and give up. This time he was against the emergency arrangements with Brent, it will also be his octagon debut. UFC Fight Night 83 will be in Beijing to be held in Pittsburgh in February 22nd, the main headline game that night will be Donald – Seroni (Donald Cerrone) VS Alex – Oliveira (Alex Oliveira) welterweight against United, the main event is Derek Bernson (Derek Brunson VS), Ann Carneiro (Roan Carneiro). The order against. (UFC China Montana) visit UFC to see more information, video content

莱因克尔退赛 巴西新秀门德斯匹兹堡对决加布兰特 巴西新秀门德斯将对决加布兰特   UFC中国讯 原定在北京时间2月22日于匹兹堡举行的UFC Fight Night 83中对阵科迪-加布兰特(Cody Garbrandt)的约翰-莱因克尔(John Lineker)由于患上了登革热而退赛,在当晚取代他的将是巴西人奥古斯托-门德斯(Augusto Mendes)。   加布兰特目前战绩为7战全胜,其中6次KO对手获胜。他在去年的UFC首秀中KO击败了马库斯-布里梅杰(Marcus Brimage),之后在UFC189中一致判定击败了亨利-布里奥纳斯(Henry Briones),不过尚未进入UFC官方排名榜。   奥古斯托-门德斯目前保持着5战全胜的职业战绩,并且其中1次KO,4次降服对手获胜,终结率为100%。他在被UFC签下后原计划于今年1月对阵查尔斯-罗萨(Charles Rosa),但由于肋部受伤而作罢。本次他被紧急安排对阵加布兰特,这同时也将是他的八角笼首秀。   UFC Fight Night 83将于北京时间2月22日在匹兹堡举行,当晚的头条主赛将是唐纳德-塞罗尼(Donald Cerrone) VS 亚历克斯-奥利维拉(Alex Oliveira)的次中量级对阵,联合主赛则是德瑞克-伯恩森(Derek Brunson) vs 罗安-卡内罗(Roan Carneiro)的中量级对阵。(UFC中国 大拿)   访问UFC查看更多资讯、视频内容相关的主题文章: