Hangzhou Commission for Discipline Inspection, exposure of the four winds cover breaking news confer-下北glory days

Hangzhou discipline exposure four winds: camouflage spots Conference – Sohu news news February 19th xinhuanet.com tourism, Hangzhou City Commission for discipline inspection before binding to investigate the four winds problem typical case data and the formation of the research report, point out the different forms of the "four winds" cover up, and that once found, will be severely punished. A distraction: WeChat red, Alipay has become illegal gifts new artifact of some illegal gifts behavior on "Internet +" express, the use of WeChat, Alipay logistics express envelopes, transfers, etc. electronic prepaid coupons received gifts of gold, gifts etc.. VIP launched a variety of electronic stored part of the electricity supplier to buy gifts on its website any card, as long as the recipient by telephone, network, depending on the account and password you can get the corresponding gifts, generally priced at two thousand or three thousand yuan, or even tens of thousands of yuan, some also provide private customized services. Cover two: public funds transferred to the local remote survey found that some public funds transferred to the corporate cafeteria or personal home, cost for affiliated enterprises or service management object to pay. Some villages (SOCIAL) transfer the hospitality accounts to project projects or special funds to reimburse; some from high-grade luxury hotels transferred to remote secluded farmhouse, unit canteens, training centers. According to the Hangzhou Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection bulletin, Xiaoshan district environmental protection Linpu staff Xi Moumou, Moumou 5 people and high tower town staff under the supervision of the Xiemou and others serve dinner. They have no choice to elude observations Hotel, near, but quietly went to a distance of 60 km from Hangzhou Fuyang leisure farm meal. Three: camouflage disguise illegal enjoy found limousine "personalized" service of the Hangzhou City Commission for Discipline Inspection, some units with a deck or a fake license plate hidden identity with the public bus, business card, private exchange card or private listing; others in violation of "personalized" enjoy limousine service; there are still some "both eat" phenomenon, license sit down, take money, car fuel, maintenance, Luqiao fee and other expenses, to fuel card to the unit for reimbursement. Four: to cover up holiday duty allowance issued in the name "rot" according to reports, some units with "holiday duty" subsidy "overtime meal subsidy" name, the average per capita payment; some will reward funds compiled into "special service fees" and other subjects, or in the yearly budget through the budget adjustment or additional to solve some; falsifying work, activities, check names spamming bonus. Cover five: public funds to study for two stroke single some units to organize the party day activities "to accept the education of revolutionary tradition", detour out of "red tourism"; the name of some learning, study, training, research and other guise, often by the meeting of public funds tourism "and" Tourism middle spots Conference; some public funds delegations arbitrarily change the route and change the itinerary, prolong the residence time of the territory, around the play area, often prepared two stroke single, one for reimbursement, one is the actual travel expenses, but in public funds. According to the Hangzhou Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection bulletin, Hangzhou Xiaoshan District Employment Management Service Director Zhang Moumou, using public funds to commemorate the "71" in the name, points.

杭州纪委曝光“四风”障眼法:旅游中插播会议-搜狐新闻  新华网2月19日消息,杭州市纪委日前结合查处“四风”问题典型案例和数据形成调研报告,点破形式各异的“四风”障眼法,并表示一旦发现,将严肃查处。   障眼法一:微信红包、支付宝成违规送礼“新神器”   一些违规送礼行为搭上“互联网+”的快车,利用微信红包、物流快递、支付宝转账、电子充值点券等方式收送礼金、礼品等。部分电商推出多款可在其网站任意购买礼品的VIP电子储值卡,收礼者只要通过电话、网络,凭账号、密码就可获得相应礼品,一般售价在两三千元,甚至上万元,有的还提供“私人定制”服务。   障眼法二:公款吃喝本地转移到异地   调查发现,部分公款吃喝转移到企业食堂或个人家中,开销让下属企事业单位或服务管理对象买单。有的村(社)把招待账目转移到项目工程或专项资金中去报销;有的由高档豪华饭店转移到偏僻隐蔽的农家乐、单位食堂、培训中心。   据杭州市纪委通报,萧山区临浦环保所工作人员奚某某、高某某等5人及楼塔镇工作人员谢某等人接受监管服务对象宴请。为避人耳目,他们没有选择附近的大饭店,而是悄悄跑到距离杭州60公里外的富阳一休闲农庄用餐。   障眼法三:变相违规享受专人专车“个性化”服务   杭州市纪委调查发现,有的单位用套牌或假车牌隐藏公车身份,公务用公牌,私用换私牌或不挂牌;有的则变相违规享受专人专车“个性化”服务;有的还存在“两头吃”现象,车照坐、钱照拿,私家车的燃油、维修、路桥费等支出,以加油卡方式到单位报账。   障眼法四:以节假日值班补助名义发“腐利”   据介绍,有的单位以“节假日值班补助”“加班误餐补贴”等名义,按人头平均发放;有的将考核奖励经费编制进“专项业务费”等其他科目,或在年度预算执行中通过预算调整或追加解决;有的虚列各种工作、活动、检查考核等名目滥发奖金。   障眼法五:公款考察准备两份行程单   有的单位以“组织党日活动”“接受革命传统教育”之名,舍近求远搞“红色旅游”;有的打着学习、考察、培训、调研等幌子,往往“公款旅游顺带开会”“旅游中间插播会议”;有的则公款考察团组擅自变更路线和更改行程,延长境内停留时间,绕道景区游玩,往往事先准备两份行程单,一份用来报账,一份是实际行程,但费用全在公款中列支。   据杭州市纪委通报,杭州萧山区就业管理服务处原主任张某某,使用公款以纪念“七一”的名义,分两批组织该单位工作人员共49人,赴舟山朱家尖景区旅游,每批行程安排两天,总计花费人民币42672元。   障眼法六:分批次、小规模、多地点操办形式上“合乎标准”宴会   有干部为规避“大操大办”之嫌,以孩子满月宴、升学宴、上梁酒、新婚宴等民俗为由,对宴会人数、桌数进行微调,分批次、小规模、多地点操办,搞形式上的“合乎标准”。相关的主题文章: