Marco Polo is the emperor agents often classified missions-mine_清翼

Marco Poro is the "emperor agents" often classified missions to Marco Polo Author: Li Aiping 12 13, Chinese history experts, cultural relics department of Inner Mongolia Autonomous District Cultural director Wang Dafang told reporters, according to historical records, 700 years ago, the Italian traveler Marco Polo, in the Pope’s life, from the yuan Dynasty to all, by Khan Khan. In the Yuan Dynasty for 17 years, mark, emperor called Baltic agents, Kublai is often sent to classified missions over the empire. According to Wang Dafang said, in 1271, 17 year old Marco Polo followed his father, uncle with the Pope of Rome’s letters and gifts, starting from Venice, which lasted 3 and a half years, arrived in 1275 is located in this grassland in Yuan Dynasty — all summer. Wang Dafang said that Marco Poro had learned Mongolian etiquette in a very short time, and mastered four kinds of characters. When Kublai found that he has the ability, specially sent him to leave on six months’ rancid chapter (now in Yunnan province), to deal with an important state. After returning to Italy in 1295, the mark and the Baltic dictation, writer Lou Tischa record, eventually formed the "Marco Polo", aroused, yearning for the east Europeans warm, open up new routes to have a huge impact. The summer on the boom, Marco Polo left a deep impression. The reporter learned from the the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Department of culture, Marco Poro in his 17 years, very capable, so Kublai sends him to perform secret missions over the empire. He has been to Xinjiang today, Gansu, Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Sichuan, Yunnan, Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian, Beijing and other places, also served in Vietnam and Burma, sumatra.

马可・波罗是“元帝特工” 常执行机密任务 马可.波罗   作者:李爱平   12月13日,中国元史专家、内蒙古自治区文化厅文物处处长王大方接受记者采访时称,根据历史文献记载,700多年前,意大利旅行家马可・波罗 奉罗马教皇之命,从威尼斯来到元朝上都,受到元世祖忽必烈的接见。在元朝供职的17年间,马可・波罗堪称元帝特工,常被忽必烈派到帝国各地执行机密任务。   据王大方介绍说,1271年,17岁的马可・波罗跟随父亲、叔父带着罗马教皇的书信和礼品,从威尼斯出发,历时3年半,于1275年抵达位于今正蓝旗草原元朝夏都――上都。   王大方说,马可・波罗在上都用很短的时间就学会了蒙古人的礼仪举止,并且精通四种文字。当忽必烈发现他有这样的本领后,就特意派遣他到离上都六个月路程的哈喇章(今云南省),去处理一件重要国务。   1295年回到意大利之后,经马可・波罗口述,作家鲁梯思谦笔录,最终形成了《马可・波罗游记》,激起欧洲人对东方的热烈向往,对以后新航线的开辟产生巨大影响。元朝夏都上都的繁华给马可・波罗留下了很深的印象。   记者从内蒙古自治区文化厅了解到,马可・波罗在供职的17年中,表现得非常能干,所以忽必烈常派他到帝国各地执行机密任务。他先后到过今新疆、甘肃、内蒙古、山西、陕西、四川、云南、山东、江苏、浙江、福建、北京等地,还出使过越南、缅甸、苏门答腊。相关的主题文章: