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Apple: the damaged iPhone can also exchange old Sohu technology JINGWAH Times News (reporter Gu Xiaoyu) the reporter learned yesterday, the Apple Corp to upgrade iPhone scrappage schemes available to consumers, display, camera or Home key damaged iPhone tm. Prior to this, the hardware damaged iPhone can not participate in the official old exchange activities. Last year, Apple launched an old change service program that allowed users to discount the old iPhone to buy new iPhone, but the program has not been available for display, camera or Home key damaged iPhone since its launch. But starting this week, the upgraded program will allow Apple retail stores to give the old iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6Plus an integral update for these components. Apple official shows, upgrade to buy new iPhone has two operating modes: one is to bring the user to the iPhone AppleStore retail stores, the scene can be offset through incentives to buy new iPhone; the other is the online assessment, valuation and old iPhone through online, then post the old iPhone and by bank transfer the way to get cash, while accepting online recycling old iPhone is the official apple and second-hand recycling partners love Feng faction, is responsible for recycling of used Foxconn’s iPhone subsidiary. Chaoyang joy Apple retail store customer service also confirmed that, as long as can the normal boot screen or damaged iPhone camera can get the store TM, store staff will discount according to the recency and damage of the old mobile phone.

苹果官方:损坏的iPhone也能旧换新-搜狐科技  京华时报讯(记者古晓宇)昨天记者了解到,苹果公司重新升级了iPhone以旧换新计划,消费者可用显示屏、摄像头或Home键受损的iPhone以旧换新。而此前,有硬件损坏的iPhone不能参与官方的旧换新活动。   去年,苹果上线了以旧换新服务计划,允许用户将旧款iPhone折价以购买新款iPhone,但这项计划自推出以来一直都不适用于显示屏、摄像头或Home键损坏的iPhone。但从本周开始,升级后的计划将允许苹果零售店为这些部件合理损坏的 iPhone 5s、iPhone 6和iPhone 6Plus给予以旧换新积分。   苹果官方说明显示,升级换购新iPhone有两种操作方式:一种是用户带上iPhone前往AppleStore零售店,现场即可通过折抵优惠来购买新iPhone;另一种是在线评估,通过在线的方式与旧iPhone估价,然后邮递旧iPhone并通过银行转账的方式获得现金,而受理在线回收旧iPhone的正是与苹果官方二手回收合作伙伴爱锋派,是富士康旗下专门负责回收二手iPhone的子公司。   朝阳大悦城苹果零售店的客服也证实,只要还能正常开机,屏幕或者摄像头损坏的iPhone都可以拿到店中以旧换新,店内工作人员会根据旧手机的新旧程度和损坏情况进行折价。相关的主题文章: