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The typhoon caused Zhejiang, sudden landslides 3 missing persons were killed – Sohu news Wencheng sudden mudslides, rescue personnel in the rescue of Hu Fangmei photo Beijing, Wenzhou in September 29,   (reporter Li Tingting Li Qianqian) on September 28th at 18:10 PM, Wencheng County of Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, Shuang GUI Xiang Baofeng Cun Dui of three landslides, resulting in 6 among the residents was real destroyed, 6 people missing. After more than a dozen hours of intense search and rescue, 29 on the afternoon of the search and rescue of the missing persons of 3, confirmed that no signs of life. ? after the incident, Wencheng County immediately organized public security, armed police, led fire, civil affairs, health, transportation, electricity, roads, ports, and militia emergency detachments? Shanxi, Ju Yu and other surrounding township cadres were more than 100 rescue workers rushed to the scene of intense search and rescue. At the same time, also set up a search and rescue, repair, medical, resettlement and other special working group, go all out to carry out rescue work. Due to road collapse blocked the village road, the rescue team nearly 4 hours of hiking 20 kilometers across 16 landslides point has arrived at the scene to carry out rescue work, and immediately. The rain rescue team turns into search uninterrupted, not digging machine operations, search and rescue team members on hand a little bit plane. Currently, the rescue work is still in progress. This year the seventeenth typhoon "catfish" on September 28th at 4:40 in the coastal areas of Huian and Fujian County of Quanzhou province. Affected by the heavy rain, Wencheng county. As of 17 pm on September 29th, Wencheng County affected population of 168 thousand and 700 people, 78 houses collapsed, the transfer of population 28 thousand and 756 people, the direct economic loss of 818 million 100 thousand yuan.相关的主题文章: