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2017 new video Sohu strategy: the new "Horizon view" made "entertainment" – Sohu Sohu entertainment video homemade drama "forensic" Qin Ming   Sohu entertainment news on November 8th, to "outsmart the integration" as the theme of the 2017 Sohu WORLD conference held in Beijing, the Sohu launched a new strategic layout of video of the year at the meeting, to all video platform from the media and to strengthen copyright, self-made, with a new "Horizon view" and "entertainment" platform to build more younger, high-quality and diversified content and marketing pattern, leading the video the latest change. The Sohu’s chairman of the board, CEO and video Sohu CEO Zhang Zhaoyang said, "the Internet entered its twenty-second year, let me feel excited about, is to make good products and services, bring value to thousands on thousands of users. Sohu is turning to engineers and product companies, is committed to creating value for users from information and entertainment. Information, Sohu news client for two years to iterate 7 times, the integration of editing stream, recommended flow, channel settings, search scenarios and the latest launch of fox friends and other social experience features. In entertainment, the Sohu video "click to watch" Wu Xin the monster killer [], "he has eyes" [], click on the "Assassin biography" [], click to watch the "dear princess disease" [] and click on the watch being hit "forensic Qin Ming" [Click To Watch], attract the mass of users. Swim is a Sohu group for Internet users to do another effort, we decided to shoot the eight dragon network drama. Sogou is an important contribution to the Chinese Internet in the field of machine intelligence. VR and other cutting-edge areas is also the focus of Sohu investment, while the fox is our friends in the social network to start again." " " posters Wu Xin the monster killer; he said, "cross between APP content calls is the advantage of the group Sohu, Sohu video from the media content is harmonious embedded news client, pictures, video and broadcast are convenient for the user to sail in the scene. Sohu group wide business, news, video, Sogou, games, live…… Comprehensive information users to grasp, making big data advertising system of Sohu can do what." Boutique homemade explosion continued to lead the industry video Sohu since 2014 opened a homemade first year and into a landmark, the network homemade input and upgrade to the same height and with the first TV open beyond the road, which made in a single set playback output, cost and impact on the industry, and even beyond the traditional TV par. At present, the drama market blowout, began to become the main battlefield. Video Sohu launched this year "," forensic Qin Ming "dear princess," and last year’s disease, "", "Wu Xin the monster killer he comes, please close your eyes" and many other homemade, from the quality of the reputation created a new industry standard, to represent the domestic network drama made the highest quality and the highest level, much netizens. In 2017, Sohu will continue to build homemade video conscience, adhere to the first boutique homemade platform positioning, to create a phenomenal homemade network drama, to strengthen the "network" of young people. "Pancake man" poster   among them, net born comedy, Sohu相关的主题文章: