Henan, Anyang police accused of illegally frozen 40 million yuan to recover the parties for 5 years -matlab 等高线�

Henan, Anyang police accused of illegally frozen 40 million yuan to recover the parties for no avail in the past 5 years – Anyang police issued a letter of freezing. The 48 year old Li Hongtao and 42 year old Han Hua, a publishing business in Beijing, a project in Henan, Anyang, two people have no intersection, but two people but also for 5 years by the Anyang Municipal Public Security Bureau (hereinafter referred to as the Anyang high tech Zone Branch of high-tech branch) 40 million Yuan "freeze and thaw" everywhere. According to the two person, this is their money, but because of fund-raising fraud and the police illegal freeze, the recovery of 5 years without fruit. According to the reporter, at present, the Anyang Municipal Committee of politics and law, Anyang City Intermediate People’s Court (hereinafter referred to as the Anyang intermediate people’s court) and other relevant departments have been involved in the investigation. – the 40 million was "frozen" because of fund-raising case mentioned this 40 million yuan, but also from 2013 in Anyang together with fund-raising fraud. Yang Jian was Henan Hengkang Investment Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as the company’s actual controller, John Hancock) in 2013, which found guilty of financial fraud by the Anyang intermediate people’s court sentenced to death with reprieve. Yang Jian refused to accept the appeal, October 22, 2014, the Henan Provincial Higher People’s Court (hereinafter referred to as the Henan High Court of final appeal upheld the ruling). The verdict showed that Hancock company was incorporated in November 24, 2010, engaged in real estate development. At that time, the government has not yet started the process of land expropriation cases, Yang Jianni construction of a residential area, and foreign funds, in addition to the depositors 3 points per month, also promised to raise the agent returns as high as 15%. From February 25, 2011 to September 30, 2011, in just 7 months, John Hancock company to absorb public funds 2 billion yuan, involving 2816 people. In the subsequent pay interest of 541 million yuan, 47 yuan after the return of funds, to the incident, Yang Jianshang owe the public funds of 100 million yuan in 1.9. In October 2011, by the masses, John Hancock’s illegal fund-raising incident. In November 18, 2011, Yang Jian was arrested. In the case of investigation, Anyang high tech Public Security Bureau found Yang Jian had entered the name of 40 million yuan Anyang businessman Pei Zhigang. April 10, 2012, the police issued a letter on the verification of frozen account Pei Zhigang, will still be in the name of 40 million yuan frozen in the name of Pei Zhigang. The survey – frozen money otherwise "master" Han Hua, but Li Hongtao believes that this 40 million yuan of funds with Yang Jian fund-raising case are not related, but they all belong to. Han Hua told reporters, in August 2010, he heard that Yang Jian is looking for cooperation projects, to Anyang vibrator factory where the old 30 acres to build residential areas. Han Hua see the Anyang municipal government in July 30, 2010 approved, said Anyang vibrator old factory plots of industrial land adjustment for residential land. Han Hua told the news to Li Hongtao, happened to be doing business in Beijing in the publication of the investment in the home of Li Hongtao, they promised. The two men then entered into a collaboration with Yang Jian, jointly funded by the two sides, from the Pei Zhigang controlled Henan Hengxin – Ling相关的主题文章: