Kardashian hijacked is a self Suspected to improve the ratings hype-helmet怎么读

Kardashian hijacked is a self? Kardashian is suspected of speculation Taiwan media reported improved ratings, Kim Kardashian days ago to attend the Paris fashion week, how was in place by posing as police bandit gunmen kidnapped, imprisoned and tied the bathroom. Although the news shocked the entertainment circle, but at the same time also appears another sound, there are suspicions that all things are Kardashian self, only for the purpose of improving the reality show ratings! Kim Kardashian gunmen robbed the news now also broke many conspiracy theories, the media circle editor to accept foreign media interview, pointed out that "the whole event seems like her hand making." Because of the reality show ratings continue to decline in recent years, being robbed more occurred in a new episode aired before the United States media that Kim Kardashian is a reality show featuring her, the topic and the lens, only to help her career. In addition, the card has also been posted on the Internet every time he was shot, the bodyguard Pascal Duvier always into the mirror. But the robbery that night, she had no bodyguards to accompany? Especially the hotel as well as the value of the 350 million jewels, which makes writing Kim Kardashian biography broke the book of Smith (Sean Smith) is also called "how will no doubt, bodyguard?" For questioned why not around a bodyguard, Kim Kardashian also only casually said, when he is protecting his sister to the nightclub, which was not around. But Smith believes that gold is not only one side of the bodyguards wearing a brush, I wonder how she would only put a different night. But the next day, the bodyguard Pascal Duvier and Kim Kardashian to take away, seemingly does not need to be responsible for this matter, let a person feel strange atmosphere. But to be questioned, Kim Kardashian reality show shooting team also denied the presence, and that no harm was received for her comfort.相关的主题文章: