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Chen "eye" online free technical performance moved the audience Jia Ling Chen Chen Chen heart fun comedy stage interpretation of Sina entertainment news on Saturday night, a large variety of sports comedy comedy "Nemo" on time in the Zhejiang TV broadcast [micro-blog], and ushered in the first artist finale. Chen [micro-blog] to defend the homeland, and brave horse bandits fight scene copy from rolia. His eye technology online, and ultimately did not qualify for controversy. Chen with the color of the performance, the bursting of the sense of joy, and full of creative drama, was friends behind the result is not important, important is the process, Chen acting for the stage comedy online too". Chen’s interpretation of drama performance full of tension in this program, escort team captain Chen and wealthy daughter of Jia Ling [micro-blog], hand in hand and touching love story in the lead. He was wearing a white coat Chen a dark waistcoat, in full dress then played a suction eye of numerous. In order to develop the guard, Chen he kept groping down seconds in corn, grain will be eager for most incisive performance of the heart. Subsequently, Chen did not want to be seen through the heart of the brother, the expression changed dull, the two different manifestations of the contrast of joy, he is the rhythm of the rhythm of the control is in place. With the development of the story, Chen also understands the emotions of the audience, he will be in the "kiss" skillfully to burp to reverse the scene, make people laugh again and again. From the beginning to now show, "meaty CP" popularity is very high, the topic heat Chen on rising continuously, performing video for many media people forwarded praise, his stage full of tension. Chen "eye" online free technical performance moved the audience in the adaptation process, Chen Jia Ling perfectly the tragic story in the form of a comedy show, laugh with tears in the interpretation of impressive. Chen eventually kill the horse bandits, from the beginning of the fierce eyes firmly, eventually slowly fell to his knees in despair and sadness, stacking into performances shocked the audience. Finally, Jia Ling married in the scene background, Chen shouted "come" and "I marry you", the audience zhichuo tears won the applause, thought-provoking. Although the final Jia Ling Chen three ranked by total votes, but the audience have behind, said Chen to sit up and take notice, "Chen three stage everybody be obvious to people, and Jia Ling Peihemoqi, to see when the tears ran directly". In the comedy of the total mobilization, Chen he found the right way to open, humor and warmth coexist. Chen used freely acting, successful cross-border fun comedy stage, and Jia Ling Biao play the same stage brought a classic comedy for the audience. Whether it is the handsome anchor Ouyang Zhu, or subvert the classic Jack, was moved by escort captain Chen seriously for the stage performances, silently dedication, harvest countless praise. (commissioning editor: Sammi-H)相关的主题文章: