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Or covertly "contract" as early as the training department – View – Chen, together with others, people.com.cn contracted Department of traditional Chinese medicine Beijing Shengfeng Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, and at the children’s Hospital Organization Yituo to attract foreign patients to see a doctor, the unemployed, posing as a doctor issued fake medicine, defrauding 40 patients medical expenses totaling 21 yuan. The reporter learned yesterday, Xicheng court to fraud and sentenced Chen was sentenced to 1 years imprisonment for 1 months and fined 2000 yuan. (the "JINGWAH times" in August 23rd) has been able to succeed Yituo fraud, is largely due to the chaos after contracting department. Cheat from this case the hospital contracted Yituo, is undoubtedly the biggest accomplice. Since not only Yituo fraud headache medicine head blow Yituo department behind and thus also for the Contracting Department, "the skin does not exist", "Yituo fraud maojiangyanfu", is indeed expected. However, if the contractor jailed for that department, no parasitic Yituo fraud, is optimistic. Simple as the source of the Contracting Department chaos, is not necessarily fair. In fact, the "contract" of this thing, not to carry natural sin. On the one hand, this means that the resource is expected to revitalize and maximize its benefits, on the other hand, the market mechanism is also expected to recruit the most appropriate management and operation personnel. Although the hospital is not a pure sense of the economy, but also with the company’s positioning and business objectives vary widely. However, the hospital as a complex system, also need to have a good operating mechanism, in order to ensure its efficient and orderly operation. In this sense, the hospital operation also needs to comply with the basic economic law, and learn from the advanced experience of enterprise management. Is the so-called industry specializing in surgery, the hospital between different departments, whether professional or attribute, operation mechanism, in fact there is a great difference, so, to the hospital all the departments with the unified management mode in place, is not practical. At this time, the use of differentiated management of different departments, and to give more autonomy, naturally it is not necessary. However, the operation of the hospital departments need to respect the characteristics of its specialty, but it does not mean that the business can be used in the contract system. It is not difficult to imagine, "contract system" is a kind of cooperation mode, but after all is based on the profit, have the resources and profit by resource outsourcing, with the resources of the business to earn more profits. When such a mechanism is introduced into the medical institutions, how to recover the cost, profit, will become the top priority of the contractor of the hospital medical service, the profit trend was further enlarged, it is inevitable. In order to achieve profitability, are contracted out of the medical department can not comply with the basic standards and principles of medical service, will in order to save costs, the use of substandard equipment, and will not in order to expand the profit in charges under or over the implementation of diagnosis and treatment of patients, contracting Department behind medical chaos is actually far more than Yituo fraud. But in reality, in addition to the name of the contract and the existence of external contracting agreement, hospital departments are "internal" contracting phenomenon is actually the same相关的主题文章: