Fruit market carton plus 50 yuan of fruit boxes accounted for $7.6-beef怎么读�

The fruit market in the cement carton 50 yuan fruit boxes accounted for 7.6 yuan original title: Xi’an Yurun market carton cement 50 yuan fruit cartons accounted for 7.6 yuan in October, it is the season of fruits and fragrance. However, when buying fruit, you have to polish your eyes. Because, do not pay attention to, will spend a lot of money to buy a pile of cement block back. When the reporter arrived at the Xi’an city of Beijiao Yurun agricultural products global procurement center, a fruit vendor is crying loudly. Vendor: "good, two block three." Vendors said the mountain as the cantaloupe is just to the goods this morning, especially fresh. Reporter: "how heavy is this box?" Vendors: Eighteen pounds (about)." These vendors said, melon are packed after, only from the local Gansu sent the goods. Vendors: 50." Reporter: This is 11 kg?" Vendor: "well, 22 pounds." Reporters paid 50 yuan in cash. A total of 22 pounds, how heavy is this box? Reporters once again carried out complex scales. The insider: "after we put the melon out, see the box weighs approximately three pounds 32, a box of why so heavy, we take it apart and see what is the secret." The results were shocking. Insiders: "after the opening, we see a part of the middle is added cement." Not only the bottom of the box, but also the side of the box with a cement block. "City Express" all media reporter saw, cement blocks all hidden in the corrugated, should be added when making the box. If it is not disassembled, ordinary consumers simply can not find the secret. Three pounds 32 weight, mean $50 cash to buy cantaloupe reporter, 7.6 yuan to buy such a piece of paper box with cement. Then, reporters once again found the street. Reporter: "do you know how heavy the box is?" Vendor: "three pounds 32, the whole market is this." Speaking of fruit origin with this approach the cement box, the street also said very helpless. Vendors: have costs, equivalent to two block five to sell you." Vendors said, with cement box fruit, is very common in Yurun agricultural products global procurement center. Vendors: everyone is this, every year is this." If the vendors said, fruit box and cement are common? City express all media reporter conducted an investigation. Reporter: do you have to buy a box?" Vendor: "well." Reporter: "box multiple?" Vendor: "more than two pounds." Reporter: "add cement?" Vendor: "added." Editor: Li Peng相关的主题文章: