Indian law on the purchase of 36 aircraft signing up to 7 billion 800 million euros-utc行家

Printing method will purchase 36 aircraft contract amounting to 7 billion 800 million euros – Beijing, Beijing, September 22, according to foreign media reports 21 days, give up India deposit in France, India and France finally buy 36 Rafale fighter (Rafale) to reach an agreement, the two sides to 7 billion 878 million euro turnover. According to the agreement, France must start the first Rafale fighter in 36 months after signing the contract, and in 66 months over all fighters to India, but India must pay 15% of the total price in the first batch of aircraft at the time of delivery. In 2012 India decided to buy Rafale fighters, but could not agree on the price, the purchase quantity from 126 down to 36; in April last year, India’s prime minister Modi’s visit to France, India officially announced to purchase 36 Rafale fighters, but the two sides because of security deposit and other details could not agree, India once announced to give up however, the French President Hollande visit India in January this year, India once again decided to purchase wind jets. But the two sides for details of security deposit, the feedback way can not reach a consensus, after 9 months, India’s defense ministry has finally approved the procurement case, and is expected by the India defense minister Barica (Manohar Parikkar) and French defense minister Le Adrian (Jean-Yves Le Drian) signed. Reported that the two sides reached a consensus and the main reason for signing the contract, it is finally given up in France to ask India to advance the deposit, which makes India under 134 million euros (about NT $4 billion 700 million). According to the printing of the two sides agreed that India paid 7 billion 878 million euros, including 36 Rafale fighters, purchasing weapons configuration and related logistics maintenance and supplementary materials.相关的主题文章: