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Xi Jinping met with Vietnamese Prime Minister Ruan Chunfu on the South China Sea, said the words – Sohu Military Channel figure for Chinese President September 13th, met with Vietnamese Prime Minister at the Great Hall of the people in Beijing, China, in. China News Agency reporters Mao Jianjun and Chinese President Xi Jinping, 13, in the Great Hall of the people met with Vietnamese Prime Minister, Mr. Xi Jinping welcomed the prime minister Ruan Chunfu’s visit to China, to congratulate the Viet Cong twelve and Vietnam Congress created a new leadership team. Xi Jinping pointed out that China and Vietnam adhere to the leadership of the Communist Party and the socialist system, which is our greatest common strategic interests. Current Sino Vietnamese relations to maintain a good momentum of development. I hope the two sides cooperate closely, continue to maintain high-level exchanges, promote strategic docking, deepen mutually beneficial cooperation, strengthen cultural exchanges, promote the comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership to a new level, to the people of the two countries to bring more tangible benefits. Xi Jinping stressed that China and Vietnam should work together to implement the consensus between the two parties of the two countries, adhere to high-level strategic communication to lead the development of bilateral relations. The two sides should adhere to the spirit of mutual benefit and win-win cooperation in various fields. We should give full play to the role of co-ordination between China and Vietnam bilateral cooperation Steering Committee, to promote the "The Belt and Road" and "two corridors and one ring" development strategy of docking, to create a new platform for cooperation to promote infrastructure capacity, key cooperation projects and cross-border economic cooperation zone. The two sides should adhere to the well-being for the people, do more practical work, to build a strong public support for the relationship between China and Vietnam, consolidate the social basis of bilateral relations. The two sides should adhere to the bilateral consultations to properly handle the South China Sea issue. The common interests of China and Vietnam are far greater than differences. The two sides are fully capable of effectively controlling differences through friendly consultations, promote maritime cooperation. The two sides should make good use of the existing government boundary negotiation consultation mechanism, and actively promote the North Bay Estuary to examine the follow-up work, promote the South China Sea more waters joint development has made substantial progress as soon as possible, the sea challenges into opportunities for cooperation. Ruan Chunfu said that the two countries are friendly neighbors linked mountains and rivers. To inherit and carry forward the traditional friendship between the leaders of the two countries, such as president Hu Zhiming and President Mao Zedong, is not only in the long-term and fundamental interests of our two countries, but also conducive to regional peace and prosperity. Just remember and thank the party and the government pay Chinese in Vietnam national liberation and socialist construction in the support and help, and always will be the priority position in its foreign relations with China, hoping to enhance political mutual trust and promote pragmatic cooperation, effective control differences, promote stable and healthy development of the traditional friendship and comprehensive strategy in the partner. Yang Jiechi attended the meeting.相关的主题文章: