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Ang Lee watched the new film 11 minutes, half an hour can not say [Abstract] Tencent entertainment ahead of watching the new film, "Billy ·, the war in the middle of the war," the minutes of the fragment of the! 4K! 120 frames! 3D! Terrible, Ang Lee can actually do this point, it can be made into a movie like this. "No war" half Chinese notice director Ang Lee’s new film "Billy · Lynn’s midfield war" (the Chen Yuan stills Tencent entertainment Zhuangao) in September 9th, the Amsterdam IBC2016 conference, an invigorating autumn climate, a large tent, the gap of the RAI convention center of each building are packed. You ask me IBC2016 conference is Senmo? It is not important. It is important that lianlai this year. What are you doing? First, for his outstanding contribution to the exploration of audio-visual technology award of international honor, is the highest award of the IBC conference. It sounds very high-end, but with Aosikabi is pale into insignificance by comparison, after all, IBC is a business of film and television industry equipment exhibition, is not the leader film festival. Li Anliang IBC2016 conference but this is not important, it is important that, with 120 of his, 4K, 3D version of "Billy ·, the battle of midfield," the minutes to come to the! First cleaning dyslexia: 4K, 3D we are no stranger — of course, this is true of 3D 3D, is to use 3D camera specially shot, and the upgraded equipment, is the film "Afanda", than the more senior! The 120 frame is a picture of a frame in a second, the traditional film is a second of 24 frames, that is, Billy · the battle of midfield in the second picture of the amount of information is the traditional 24 frames of the film 5 times! It’s not so shocking, so explain it, every second frames more, which means the picture Caton and less jitter. People playing games are very familiar with, a 60 frames per second of the game, don’t feel too Caton and jitter. But "Billy · Lynn’s midfield war" is 2 times a great game! "Billy · Lynn’s midfield war" Studio Photos, look at the camera, there is no complicated IBC Congress put the fragments, is held in the United States of American radio and television broadcasting Practitioners Association Exhibition (NAB Show) pass one, said various professionals highly praised after stimulation of Cameron home speed with 60 frames to the "Afanda 2"! When the news came out, the movie you all excited ah, but later learned that such a high standard screen, need high standard equipment to put some frustration, but did not expect so luck is coming to the show, IBC conference specially installed above the various specifications of the cinema show show the equipment used to play, challenge the limits of human eye identification video! So how clear is it?! And let’s start from the beginning. "Billy · the war in the middle of the Lynn" poster – – – I was 120 frames, 4K, 3D flash blind eye split line!相关的主题文章: