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Colorful Jinli Street ditch, in the end who wet the body, who is obsessed with the situation – Sohu travel cool in August where to go, Wuhan colorful ditch Jinli Street! Summer, a friend asked me, I answer. Jinli Street Valley mountain water landscape, where self not lack of scenery. When I was young, I always wanted a beautiful, romantic date. Don’t go far away, how to appease the restless heart? Wuhan Jinli Street Valley, an area of 10 square kilometers, the national 4A level scenic area, located in Huangpi Cai Dian, sitting on a lot of Tujia copycat. The natural scenery, Miao style soil, Lou lake, Huaxi Long Beach, be tempted? The saying goes, while Saturday, Sunday, I go to the Pathfinder! Early in the morning, the population of Tujia men and women welcome ceremony, the guests feel good oh! Tujia cheerful dance, they spin, from time to time to shout out of the mountain. People are going to take me to make beauty, handsome, handsome smile a little ruffian ruffian, but there is a saying what to say: not bad men, women do not love. Dude, your peach blossom, not too much but can not miss the beauty of Dai Wangshu’s "Rain Lane" holding an umbrella beauty, charming smile Tujia girl to follow my line of sight, boating on the lake, the lake a lake. Long falls down, splashing water is like jade beads, not only bring cool, and singing to the romantic Wonderland Qiongshan Xiushui, another day tour line length of 12 kilometers, the size of the series 48 scenic spots, cool paradise, as Lotus Square there is a fire, you can use to hold curiosity, tell your answer as if into a the Magic Kingdom Diaojiaolou moonlight bridge, boasting, wind full of friendship walking path along the cliff, into the mountains from here, has been around the water and spring stone upper, suddenly there is a cool feeling and you look at the scenery on the bridge, I see you in the distant mountain long water may not suit sadness sucking fish, put down the bottle The fish, just like children gathered, will be fighting for a bottle of loyalty and filial piety palace. Walk from the Jinli Street Lake moon bridge (also called Shang Yuehu), oh, the moonlight is my bridge bridge above, there is a beautiful story, legend of the mother infant born that night, big winds, heavy rain, the river is long, the midwife can not cross the river, danger of the occasion, the local villagers take from the house board up a temporary wooden bridge, the midwife arrived, Mrs. Tian Qin Shi gave birth to the moon. In order to thank the local folks, Tianzhang and Wang Zhongxiao funded the construction of this rain bridges, named moonlight bridge. Sixteen years later, the moon fell in love with Han young, married, marriage in the first Chinese local soil. A palace here is the interpretation of the filial piety and a beautiful opening repertoire sentimental simplicity, vividly interpretation of a young male ditch相关的主题文章: