Bar! Over 30 years, Wu Xin not only thin, still trying to counter attack into trendy coffee (video) 法拉利599gto

Bar! Over 30 years, Wu Xin not only thin, still trying to counter attack into the fashionable coffee from Wu Xin into a happy family now, always feel that she is really not much sense of presence, and so many years, hosting ability seems to have no too big. Her situation is also quite embarrassing, there was Sheenah before the Shen Mengchen. For so many years, that led the work is not necessarily their best at the Wu Xin, finally decided this year to take advantage of his face value advantage, slimming change style, try a new set. Speaking of Wu Xin, we think of the estimate is her small thick legs, before she wrote her thick legs. The crude and leg type O and her all she felt very cute, we cannot read the other to find a stylish sign upon Wu Xin for many years, bloggers have always felt pity this color value". This year, Wu Xin finally open. Micro-blog opens her, her style became such as Wu Xin became fashionable, is really not stop calling us. But the change in the United States is not a matter of two days a day, need to change also need to adhere to. To lose weight, began to try a new hairstyle, began to try new dress styles, have transformed himself a Wu Xin, seems to have been from the "ugly duckling" counter attack has become a fashionable cafe. What did she do? [] is the only way which must be passed to lose weight thin skinny fashion, in Yan value is justice, beauty lap times, Wu Xin’s body lies in her leg loss. The legs are too thick, and not straight, some O type, and love the lovely girl style Wu Xin has been like the eight standing posture, so has been giving people the feeling is thick and very curved. But from the nearest passers-by to take or the airport PS street view, the side of Wu Xin’s legs seem to have lost a passer-by shooting photos, Wu Xin lost a lot of leg Airport Photos, legs look very well at the beginning of the month to participate in the activities of the PS photos, legs too. The light body is really fancy, thin bloggers have always felt that Wu Xin wasn’t what the sense of presence in the camp stage, in addition to host the skill is not enough, it is not confident, although the yen value is very beautiful, but the figure should have been her pain and not confident, hope after the thin Xin Xin can more confident. [don’t stop trying new hairstyle, maximum magnification advantages] not choose hair immediately becomes ten years old, from Bobo head Song Jia and Guli Nazha switched to ultra short hair, although the facial features perfectly fine, but it seems to have hold this new hair cut short hair Gao Yuanyuan, does not seem to have a sense of hair and shoulder so girls and women star than the figure, Wu Xin did not have much advantage, but her style is mixed color advantage although this value is # Yan did not let her get much sense of # in camp. Such a beautiful natural need for unlimited expansion, so Wu Xin has been trying a variety of hair color, hoping to enlarge the advantages of their own facial features, and can increase their popularity. The original Wu Xin’s hair is so normal and shoulder hair, no bangs, did not even look on, let alone is fashionable in June for a haircut, 7, August and took this hairstyle magazines, but relatively, this one seems not down相关的主题文章: